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   Chapter 30 NO.30

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Uh, not much to say except I love anyone who reads this far! Nobody's Angel really isn't that popular on here, so if you like it, tell me! It means the world to me. So share, comment, vote, and anything else you wanna do! Thanks so much!



I woke up to feel something warm on my lips. They were soft and gentle. They were gone for a second, only to be replaced another moment later. They removed themselves again; I started to get annoyed. The third time they came in contact with me and left, I blearily opened my eyes, seeing Seth's face a centimeter away from mine. For a minute, I just stared at him in that moment of innocence everyone has when they just wake up, knowing nothing until everything comes back and their brain catches up. I blinked slowly once. Twice. Then I smiled.

"Hey, Angel, " Seth greeted, kissing me again.

"Hey, " I mumbled. With drowsiness still crashing into me in waves, I rolled over and closed my eyes, giving a big sigh before making my breathing even and attempting to go back to dreamland.

"Eva, " Seth started slowly, cautiously.

I made some sort of noise of attentiveness in the back of my throat, far too tired to actually face him.

"Elena and Cassie are going to be hurt." My eyes flew open.

"What? Why?" I screeched, shooting up.

"Great, you're up, " he smirked.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "You jerk, " I grumbled, ready to fall back down.

"Oh no you don't." Seth's hands gripped my arms, dragging me back up. "We have a long day."

"Why?" I yawned, rubbing my eyes.

"First day, remember?"

I was too tired to try and deny it, so I just groaned, "Shit."

He kissed me quickly but sweetly. "You swear too much. It's gonna turn that pretty mouth ugly."

"What pretty mouth? My thin, chapped lips?" I said sarcastically. His eyes darkened slightly.

"Eva, " he warned, telling me to shut up. I gave him a look, knowing it was true.

"So what are we doing today?" I asked, stretching my arms above my head until I felt my elbows crack. I could pop almost anything. Ah, loose joints from dancing. A gift with burdens, but a gift nonetheless.

"Go get dressed, and you'll see."

I groaned, but threw my legs over the edge of the bed anyways. My skirt had ridden up from yesterday, seeing as we hadn't changed. All Seth had done was take his shirt and pants off, but I had to keep everything on. My boyfriend smirked, eyeing my completely exposed leg. I scowled, yanking the material down. My stomach was now revealed, but rather that than my leg.

I got a few looks as I was walking back to the house, but then they looked away. I thought about that all the way to the closet in our room until I finally figured it out. It probably had looked like Seth and I had had sex, but... could they smell my innocence? Did my scent mix with his? Anyway, whatever change was going to happen, didn't, so it couldn't be true.

Prince was suddenly jumping up and down on my leg, yipping in excitement. I'd been neglecting him so badly! Feeling terrible, I crouched down and scratched behind his ears, kissing his nose and furiously rubbing his side at the same time. He licked me back, rolling over so I could reach his stomach. I cooed to him as I rubbed his stomach, promising to spend more time with him. He was up to my hip by now, weighing in at around 70 pounds. Yup, he was a big boy.

Feeling another presence, I looked up to see Seth leaning against the door, looking slightly annoyed at my dog. Curious, I snuck into his thoughts.

Dang dog, she hasn't even noticed me yet. I probably would've gotten to see her! She's so cute when she's mad, my little hell kitten.

"Aw, hell nah!" I protested, snapping my head up to him and standing up; Prince rolled over onto his paws, looked at Seth, and walked out. Seth jumped, slightly startled at my sudden outburst. "Pervert! What kind of guy does that? Sneaking into their girlfriend's closet to see them change? That's low, Seth."

A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he shrugged. "The kind of guy that's your fiancé and knows you can't do anything about it. If I want to, I can see you whenever I want."

"Just because I love you that doesn't mean I want you to see me, " I shot back, blushing. Sure, I loved him, and I really wouldn't mind him seeing me naked, I just knew he would take it too far. I am NOT ready to be a mother. Nu-ugh, no way.

"You know I would never pressure you into anything, Angel."

I shrugged. "Ya know, just in case."

He walked over slowly, tilting my head up. He kissed me softly, with a gentleness that I caved into and trusted completely. "I love you too much to do that."

"You know, if you really love someone you can let them go, " I teased. "What happened to that?"

He hummed happily, kissing me with slightly more force. "I'm too greedy to do that. I love you too much to let you go. You're staying right here." His hands held my waist, pressing me up against him. Surprising both of us, I instinctively arched my back, tangling my hands in his hair.

"Good, " I smirked, trying to act like I meant to do that. "Cause I'm not letting you go anytime soon, either."

"You sure you can put up with me?" he smirked back, his eyes lighting up. He definitely had a plan, but I was used to those by now.

"I've held my own this far, haven't I?"

"Very true." One of his hands teased me, playing with the material at the bottom of my skirt while the other slid up my shirt, caressing my sides. A hot boiling feeling started in the pit of my stomach; God, what was this guy doing to me?

His eyes watched me carefully, gauging my every emotion. Seeing no resistance, he inched his hand upwards, stopping momentarily at the spot my thigh met my butt. I thought he would stop, tempting me more. When I pressed against him harder, unthinkingly, encouraging him, he brought his fingers around slowly, hooking his thumb into the side of my black thong I'd been demanded to wear.

My breath was super shallow, and his eyes still refused to release my gaze. His lips were only about a centimeter away, right there…

"Eva Anderson!" two angry female voices said. I gasped, but didn't remove myself from Seth. My head slowly turned, seeing my best friends steaming. "What is this crap about you not being able to see us for ten freaking days?" Elena growled.

"I…I…Ugh…" I stuttered, still very aware of Seth's hand hovering a centimeter over my butt, his thumb still hooked in my underwear.

"T-T-T-Today, junior!" Cassie demanded, mocking me.

"S-Seth and I…ah, " I breathed, my heart stopping when said boys fingers ghosted over my bottom. My eyes widened, but stayed on the brunette and black-haired girls.

"Go ask Colton and Cody, " Seth muttered; he hadn't even looked at my friends this whole time. "We're busy." I could only slowly nod my head, my blood pumping faster at the thought of being alone with Seth again.

They grumbled to themselves, but saw how intense our situation was, so they left to find their mates.

"Now, where were we?" Seth breathed sexily into my ear, recreating the seductive mood tenfold. The boiling started up again, hotter than before this time.

"Ugh… we were just… um…ah!" I gasped as he rested his hand where he shouldn't.

"Ring any bells?" he chuckled. I didn't answer him, preferring to just stand there speechless, staring at him. How far was he going to go?

"Seth!" I gasped again, staring at him in shock. His hand retracted, but didn't leave after giving my cheek a tiny pinch.

"Answer me, Angel."

"Yeah, I remember, " I rushed, pressing myself against him again, trying to get away from his exploring fing

ed. They all glanced at me, and I jumped in while I briefly had their attention. "All of you need to step away from my fiancé." They all paid me slight more attention when they heard the word 'fiancé'. "That's right, he is my fiancé. And I am his soul mate. Now, I suggest each and every one of you steps away from him before I forcibly remove you from him. I will not tolerate any slut having any kind of sexual interaction with my man." I glared hard at every one, noticing nineteen of them had blue eyes. Wow. Contacts.

One by one, they started to melt away under my hard gaze. When one of them looked like she was second-guessing me, I made some sort of contact with Seth. Holding his hand, wrapping an arm around his waist, and finally turning his head towards me and smashing my mouth against his, giving him a hefty French kiss. When I pulled away, not one girl was within a ten foot radius of us.

"That's what I thought, " I mumbled.

"Damn." I turned my head to see Seth staring at me as if I had just beaten up a great white shark with my bare hands.


"Protective much?" I smirked, wrapping an arm around his waist and tugging him towards the mall entrance.

"Of what's mine? Yes." His response was wrapping his own arm around my shoulders, tucking me into his side.



"Please don't flirt with any store clerks today." I laughed, throwing my head back and closing my eyes in full out giggles.

"As long as you promise not to let any girl touch you today. Wait, too late." I gave him a slight dirty look.

"Hey, I was about to push them away."

"Sure, " I drawled sarcastically. "Where to?" I asked before he could argue.

"Hmm…" he smirked deviously, his wicked personality coming into play. "You'll see."

As it turned out, that meant dragging me off to any place that had clothes showing at least half of my body. I should've expected this, and I put up a fair fight, but eventually I had to comply. A deal's a deal. I honored that. Whenever we came out of a store, someone was there to take our bags out to a car. It was pretty convenient.

He surprised me, however, when he paused in front of a candy shop. I was confused as to why there was any kind of food store in a vampire mall when I remembered from way back when the guys explaining that it was a guilty pleasure. "Here?" I asked. "Really?" He took one look at my expression and nodded, walking into the store. Unable to contain my excitement, I basically dragged him the rest of the way in, hypnotized by the heavy, sickly sweet smell of chocolate.

"Ah, " I sighed, taking multiple deep breaths. "This is heaven. I must have died. But you're here, " I puzzled, turning towards my fiance. "Did we crash? Did you crash, Seth? Did we die together? I mean, that's kind of makes a good romance story like Romeo and Juliet, but I'm going to miss Elena and Cassie and Colton and even Cody a little bit…"

"Chocolate. You like chocolate. You like chocolate a lot. Got it, " Seth noted, staring at me in amusement. "Come on." He intertwined our fingers, pulling me deeper into the store.

There were so many chocolates. White, milk, and dark of course. But there was also buttermilk, pecans, almonds, caramel, M&Ms, cookies, walnuts, coconuts, oatmeal, peanut butter, practically any nut and any cookie you could think of.

The way they displayed them was unreal, too. There were chocolate fountains, balls of chocolate, bars of chocolate, strings of chocolate, ropes of chocolate, necklaces of chocolate, handcuffs of chocolate, bracelets of chocolate, bras of chocolate, rings of chocolate, people of chocolate, animals of chocolate, even the shelves made of chocolate! It was insane and oh so delicious.

"Wow, " I breathed, my eyes darting from one thing to the next.

"Open up, " Seth demanded, holding a caramel and chocolate ball in his hand. I rolled my eyes.

"Seth, that's just plain sad- Oomph, " I gasped as he shoved the piece of chocolate in my mouth. It almost tasted like Milky Way except…better. I can't describe it, it just was. Creamy and sweet and sticky…

"You were saying?" Seth teased.

I pointed to my mouth. "That's good, " I mumbled around the candy. "Really, really good."

And that is how we spent the rest of our day. Feeding each other chocolate and drinking milk whenever our mouths felt too sticky (the store clerks were well prepared for that kind of thing).

Finally, at the end of the day, with a belly full of chocolate and a whole new wardrobe full of clothes Seth had bought at home, Seth and I made our way back to his bike for the ride home. Right before we got on, though, I turned around and planted my mouth on his, wrapping my arms around his neck. It was the time of day when the sun looks like a ball of red, bleeding its light onto the Earth.

So, standing in a vampire mall parking lot, the sun spilling its blood color on us, Seth wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. In my head, I wished for the whole vampire race to come and see me kissing him, so they would know that, once again, even if Seth thought he had won the bet, I was the one who really won.

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