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Hey, I just wanna say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH TO ANYONE WHO SUPPORTS THIS STORY!!!! Seriously, it means sooo much to me. I want to specifically thank anyone who has voted on this story or commented it or fanned me! That is seriously awesome. Not much else to say... On to the chapter.

P.S. This is a serious filler chapter. The worst that I've written, I think, quite honestly, but I wanted to post for you guys. Enjoy as best as you can! Thank you!

- windxdancer


"So, what now?" I mumbled hours later. I had no idea where the time had gone; all we had done all afternoon was kiss it seemed. All I knew was that it was that beautiful time of day/night where you couldn't tell the difference. It my favorite part, because it seemed like everything just came together in one, spectacular scene. On the horizon, you could still see a sliver of the sun, and the sky turned from orange, to yellow, to pink, and then darker and darker until it was navy blue. Small, brave stars were twinkling when you tilted your head vertically up, and the moon was slowly fading into view. Day and night, light and dark, coming together.

"Mmm, " he hummed happily. "I don't know."

We were lying down on the bed; my arm was around his waist and my head on his chest. He was lying on his back, his arm around my shoulders and playing with my long blonde hair. I set my chin on him, staring at his face.

"So I'm supposed to be your queen, huh?" I smiled. He nodded. "What if I don't want to be queen, Seth? I'm a human. I don't want so much control over another species. Besides, your mom is a great queen. And she's young. Why do I have to worry about this?"

"My mom isn't going to be around forever, sweetheart. And you'll change, so you will be a vampire."

"How does a vampire die?"

"They can request death, " he explained. "That's what a lot of vampires do. They just feel that they've done their time, and that's that. The vampire realm is so much bigger than Earth; we can support trillions of vampires at one time and still have room left over."

"How can you control so many?!" I gapped. "We have leaders for every country! Not a whole race!"

"Humans are rash, " he explained, rubbing my shoulders affectionately. "Vampires can think more about the whole picture, not just what they want to think about. Most people are quite content with our family; only a few rebels every now and again. You won't have much to worry about. Your job isn't going to put pressure on you or anything. I can make sure of that. Can't have my girl all tense every night, can I?" he teased. I smacked his chest lightly.

"What will my job be?"

"Well, pretty much any kind of problem involving education, children, mothering, anything like that. We are old-fashioned, so you would be handling the women's work. I, on the other hand, would handle the wars we fight, economical problems, rebels, terrorists, trespassers…"

"Ugh, I can't believe how sexist you are!"

He chuckled. Oh my gosh, he was having fun! I gave him my famous glare. "Now, now, " he teased. "Watch that feisty little temper of yours. Or else I'll just have to show you who's boss in this relationship."

"Me, obviously."

"You think so?"

"Oh yeah. Definitely."

"Hmm, maybe I'll just have to borrow your handcuffs."

"Oh my gosh, let it go!"

He snickered.

"Why did you want to get me here so fast?" I wondered, gesturing around the outside room and efficiently changing the subject. "You didn't follow the ten minutes rule, anyways."

He nodded towards my hand. "To get that ring on your finger as soon as possible." I rolled my eyes playfully, a small smile lighting up my face. "There it is, " he grinned, brushing his thumb across my lips.

"Well, we still aren't getting married tomorrow, " I stated. "Should we still tell everyone?"

"Everyone already knows, " he mumbled, relaxing and lolling his head back onto the pillows. "My mom and dad are ecstatic." When he saw my confused look, he tapped his head. I nodded in realization. Jeez, I still wasn't really used to all of this vampire stuff.

ircles. I shivered involuntarily.

"Like, what?" I asked slowly, attempting to catch my breath.

"Well, I really liked that, first of all, " he hinted devilishly. I furrowed my eyebrows, cocking my head to the side.


"What did you think of that maid outfit, again?" Oh. As you wish, master. The words seemed to haunt me, now. I'm such a blonde sometimes.


"Hey, hey. Ten days, remember?"

"Today is already tacked on. So, technically, I can still do whatever I want today."

Seth frowned, clearly not happy with my logic.

"I love you, Prince Seth Valdez, " I said, except…I didn't say it. My mouth moved on it's own accord. Ah, hell no! Damn you, Seth! "As you wish, master, " I whispered unwillingly.

"Thank you, " Seth smirked.

"Ha-ha, so funny, " I sneered sarcastically. "If you force me to do and say things, then why do I have to listen to you those ten days?"

"Well, first of all, you promised. Your body will do it with or without your consent. Secondly, it really is a lot better when you do it willingly."

A soft breeze stirred the curtains, sliding over my skin. I shivered, seeing as there was a lot of it. "Come on, " I tugged his hands off of me, sitting up so I was straddling him. "We should get back inside."

"Can't we just stay here a little longer, " he whined like a five-year-old. When I went to get up with my signature eye roll, he held onto my waist.

"Seth, come on."



"Eva." I was slightly surprised. He almost never used my name anymore. It was always Angel.



"Is everything okay? You never use my name."

He leveled his eyes at me seriously. "Eva, you're my fiancé now. You just said that you loved me. That's a big deal to me. I don't want to go back to the world of the living just yet."

"We've been here all afternoon."

"I'd keep you here forever, if I could." He patted the bed. "You can go to sleep if you're tired. I just think tonight should be special."

I stared at him. "What?" he finally asked.

"You, " I deadpanned, "have to be one of the sweetest guys I know. No, the sweetest guy I know. What other male would say that?"

Contently, I slithered under the covers, kicking the duvet off with my feet. Seth propped himself up on one elbow, opening the arm that wasn't supporting his weight. I scooted over, snuggling into his chest. He wrapped his arm around me.

"Get some sleep, " he whispered lovingly. "Have sweet dreams. And never forget that I love you." His lips were close to my head; he only had to lean down two inches to press them firmly to my forehead in a firm goodnight kiss.

As I started to move my arms to wrap around his waist, I noticed my ring sparkling. No, it would be impossible to forget.

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