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Okay, so I noticed a lot of authors tend to put some stuff up here. Let me just say that I've had this story all typed out except for this chapter when I started posting on Wattpad, so I didn't exactly know what to do. I'm sorry about that.

Secondly, I'm sorry for not fully expressing my gratitude. I LOVE ALL OF YOU GUYS SO FREAKING MUCH!!! Seriously, most of you are authors yourselves out there, I'm guessing, so you know how much it means to have support on your stories.

Thirdly, I know this chapter is incredibly late. Two weeks is not a good time gap between chapters, and I'm also sorry about that. I tried to make this as long as I could, but I was incredibly tired while I was typing it.

All in all, THANKS TO ANYONE READING MY STORY!!! Message me, or fan, or anything else you Wattpad-ers do on here. (I'm still really new.) Thank you!



"Hello? Earth to Eva?" Cassie snapped her fingers in front of my face, bringing me out of my daydreaming about last night and back to the hospital room.


"What were you thinking about? You're never this distracted, " Elena wondered, raising an eyebrow. "Or did something happen that your all focused on?" she taunted.

"You're stupid, " I scoffed. "No, nothing happened."

"You call that nothing?" Seth interrupted, smirking.

"Shut up!" A fine pink blush blossomed on my cheeks.

"So something did happen?" Cassie pressed.

"Why are all of you focusing on my love life?!" I threw my hands in the air to show them how frustrated I was.

"You mean lack of love life. That's the problem." I sent daggers towards my Cuban friend.

"I have a love life!"

"No you don't, " Cassie put in.

"Yes, I do."

"What?" my besties chorused.

"We're going out, are we not?" I gestured between Seth and myself. "We kiss and stuff. How do you not consider that a love life?"

"So you love him now?" I snapped my head to Colton, scowling viciously.

"No, " I said quietly, deadly; I gave him my look that warned him to shut up.

"So…" Cody dragged out after a minute straight of tense silence. "What happened?"

"Nothing!" I yelled, exasperated.

"Eva, may I speak to you in the hall for a minute, please?" Seth asked. I raised my eyebrows at him critically.


"I would like to discuss something with you, if you don't mind."

"Why are you being so formal about it?"

"I would appreciate it if we were able to handle this in a very calm, businesslike matter. After you, " he gestured towards the door.

I hesitantly rose from my seat, walking to the hall cautiously; watching Seth like a mouse watches an owl. Carefully, guarded.

"What do you want?" I asked, leaning against the white, sterilized wall outside of Cassie's room.

"My feelings are hurt that what we did last night…meant very little to you."


Seth looked up and down the hallway. "I think this would be better discussed in our room, " he decided, though the hallway was glaringly empty. You could literally hear a pin drop; at this point I was positive the other four were trying to listen in on our conversation. Well, more like two were trying to hear us, but the other two were quietly telling them what was happening. That's why I crept up to the door, trying to make my footsteps as soundless as possible. When I got right up next to the closed door, I whipped it open and yelled, "Eavesdropping is not nice!"

I heard the door hitting something, then something else. Two bodies fell on the floor and simultaneous "Oww…"'s were groaned.

"Why can't we just discuss it here?" I pressed, turning back to Seth. I really wanted to know what he was thinking. I tried to see, but he was blocking me. Stupid vampire boyfriend.

"Trust me, our room would be better."

He put his arm under my knees, the other around my shoulders. He held his arms there for a second, letting me know he was about to pick me up. I wrapped my own arms around his neck in confirmation.

Easily, he lifted me up as if I weighed no more than a feather. We arrived in our room in under a second, the familiar thin black curtains over the windows giving the vampire prince a sexy, eerie kind of glow. The sun was really bright, so we could see perfectly fine.

He laid me down on the bed, then put a hand on my shoulder, telling me to stay down. I nodded in agreement, knowing that if I didn't I would be Seth-squish. He put one hand on the bed, then vaulted his body over me, landing heavily and making the mattress bounce with his sudden, forced weight.

He propped himself up against the headboard, spreading his legs. I didn't complain as he wrapped an arm around my waist, the other under my legs, and lifted me over his leg, settling me into the V he made. In fact, I leaned back against his bare, hard chest a little bit too willingly, now that I look back on it. His arms came to the front of my stomach, loosely clasping together. My head rested against his shoulder. We sat for about two minutes in silence.

"So what's this about?" I murmured, not wanting to disturb the peaceful air.

"I felt like what I did last night was a dick move, " he breathed into my ear. I barely held back a shiver. "I knew I shouldn't have taken it so far. I just…felt like the time was right. I have no idea why; I was being an idiot. I wanted to make it up to you."

"How's that?"

"Showing you that I'm not a pushy bastard, first of all, " he chuckled quietly. I laughed softly with him, noting how soft and gentle he was being with me; and how much I liked it. "Then I wanted to make sure I know you well enough. I'm not one of those guys that cares whether you have a zit or not, Angel." I tensed up a little bit at that. He knew it was a touchy subject. He rubbed my shoulders a little before I calmed down. "I care if I know all your favorites and what makes you happy."

"That's nice, " I whispered.

"Mhmm, " he agreed. "What's your favorite appetizer?"

"Cheese sticks. My mom used to say I have a big ball of cheese in my stomach." He snickered, playfully rubbing my stomach. I swatted his hands away.

"Favorite healthy food?"

"Any kind of pasta. Lasagna maybe."

"Sweet food?"

"Probably ice cream."


"Chocolate, " we said at the same time. I looked up at him, smiling widely.

"Vacation spot?"

"I've always wanted to visit Italy the most."

"Very romantic, " he teased.

"Shut up!" I laughed. "They have a lot of interesting museums and culture there."

"Including all the roses and gondola rides." I rolled my eyes at him. He flicked my nose in return.

"Roses happen to be a very nice flower, " I defended.

"Your favorite?"

"Maybe." He chuckled again.

"Gemstone?" I laid my head back on his shoulder, turning my head towards his neck.


I felt him shiver a bit as I blinked, my- not to sound cocky or anything- incredibly long eyelashes barely brushing against his skin.

"Sensitive?" I taunted, fluttering my lashes obnoxiously.

"Stop it!" he laughed, turning his head to the side.

"Ha! So that's why you're always kissing me! You didn't want me to find your weak spot!" I shouted victoriously, turning to him. I threw my fists in the air. "Victory is mine today!"

I didn't even feel him. I hadn't even registered he'd moved. Next thing I knew, my raised hands were being restricted above my head, my back flat on the mattress, and Seth pinning me down. He held his body very carefully, making sure I could feel every part of him, but keeping all of his weight off of me at the same time. If he wanted it to make me feel like he was dominant over me, it was working just as he wanted it to.

"Haven't you learned anything, silly girl?" he whispered huskily. "Victory is always mine."

"Not today, " I breathed, my breath stirring his bangs. I thanked god for the cherry gum I had popped in.

"Oh, really now?" he questioned, his cool, sweet breath smelling and feeling anything but bad. I closed my eyes, relaxing under him. "I can change that very, very easily."

"You think so?" I retorted breathlessly. What was this guy doing to me that had me so defenseless?

He stared at me for a total of…over three seconds. I tried counting, but his eyes…

Suddenly, his lips crashed onto mine. I gasped. He was being so formal to catch me off guard! By the smirk on his mouth, I could tell that had been his plan all along, and he was pleased it had worked like he'd planned fluently.

His hands boldly ran up and down my body, from the sides of my chest down to as far of my thigh as he could reach. His mouth caressed the underside of my chin, softly sucking on it. The quiet groan that emitted from my mouth was impossible to hold back.

"Had enough?" he whispered to me. Damn it, he knew that either answer I gave could mean two things. One, if I said no, then that would mean I was enjoying what he was doing(which was true, but he didn't need to know that). If I said yes, he would think that he was able to twist me around his finger(which was only half-true).

"Smart, very smart, " he muttered, reading my mind. "Smarter than what you should be right now."

Possessively, he kissed my m

e repeated. "I have them."

"And what would they be?"

"Mine, " he smirked.

I scowled at him, very un-amused.

"Come on, " he urged, lightly tugging my body. I didn't budge. I stood with my arms crossed and my eyebrows raised.

"No, " I responded stubbornly. "If I don't get to keep secrets, neither do you." He looked at me incredelously, and I wondered if he knew I loved him. No I told myself. Impossible. I'd been so careful.

"So we're doing this the hard way, huh?" he sighed.

"Is there any other way with us?" I joked. He smiled, shaking his head no. Sometimes our stubbornness was really funny.

"Your choice, " he suddenly whispered sexily, his breath fanning across my face as it had just an hour earlier. Still, my muscles locked up again, my breathing hitching.

He picked my up effortlessly, watching my face the whole time. I stared back at him, like a prey does with a predator: absorbed and engrossed. I was faintly aware of him climbing the steps, then silky sheets met my bare back.

My ridiculous outfit today, sadly, included a skirt. I'm not saying there was anything wrong with skirts, they are just definitely not for me. Seth seemed to think differently, seeing as he refused to let me eat breakfast without promising to wear a skirt today. So I was clad in a black mini-skirt and red camisole that had fancy black strings crisscrossing on the sides of it, revealing some of my skin. There was a little bow in front, right between my breasts. Black lace decorated the top and bottom of the top; in the back, the material made a dangerous dip, leaving the skin on my back easy to see; the front was a sexy heart neck. All I accepted to wear for jewelry were tiny black onyx earrings that had felt like weights when I'd first put them on. I was getting used to them, though. I felt very revealed, but Seth's eyes had jumped when he saw me.

I noticed, as my boyfriend hovered over me, that Seth hadn't bothered with a shirt, so his sculpted torso was still in full view. His eyes held nothing but love and passion and gentleness. He really was the guy of my dreams, literally.

He started at the top. His hands played with my blonde locks. "So beautiful, " he whispered in my ear. "So sexy right now…" he continued to compliment me softly, his lips travelling to different parts of my face: my forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, eyelids, lips, everything. While I was distracted, he pinned my hands above my head. He is dominant my body admitted. Do as he says; trust him.

His lips moved on to my neck, kissing and licking and sucking all over, giving me at least four hickeys. I didn't care, though, as he trailed his tongue along the underside of my chin, thankfully my only weak spot. He sucked a little on it, making my eyes close in bliss. "Seth, " I breathed.

"Again, " he commanded, one of his hands tilting my head back for a better angle. He sucked harder.

"Seth, " I groaned, feeling tortured. My body was torn, my head telling me to protect itself but my heart telling me to just let it happen. Seth seemed to think about something for a minute, then lifted his head.

"Does this remind you of anything?" he whispered. My eyes widened in realization.

"That time in the kitchen…"

He nodded. "Your first time isn't going to be like this, though. It's going to be more special than this. I'm stopping there."

I nodded, leaning up and kissing him. "Thank you."

His lips continued their kissing, trailing to my ear.

"I love you, " he whispered sensually, his hands rubbing my sides; I felt his fingers slip in between the strings, massaging my skin.

"I love you, too, " I responded automatically.

"That's good, " Seth smirked. My cheeks reddened, and my eyes widened. "So, you busy tomorrow?" he asked before I could say anything.

"No, what I meant was-"

"Don't even try that, " he said sternly. "So, you busy tomorrow?" he repeated.


He pulled out the ring he had given me way back when, the one I had heartlessly handed back to him at the ball, the one that he had specifically for me. He slipped the onyx engagement ring on my left ring finger, asking casually, "Wanna get married?"

I just stared dumbly at him. I opened my mouth to say something, but I really wasn't sure what to say after he tells me something so stupid! So I just sat there, my mouth opening and closing like a deranged fish. Was he really that stupid? You can't get married in less than 24 hours since you propose to someone!

"W-We can't get married tomorrow!" I blubbered. "It's impossible!"

"Sure we can, " he responded easily. "Everything's planned out."

"What? And when was I going to be informed of this?! Maybe I want to…I don't know…plan my own wedding!" Seriously, is he drunk or something? He didn't smell like alcohol though…

"Are you drunk?" I asked, just to make sure.

He chuckled. "Only off of you."

"Corny, " I laughed.

He tried to slip the ring on my finger, but I raised my eyebrows at him. "What?" he asked, catching my look.

"I though vampires were traditional, " I teased. "Aren't you going to get down on one knee?"

"Right, " he snickered. One of his knees dropped off of the bed as he kneeled. "Eva Anderson, my Angel, my one and only, " he whispered, staring into my eyes. I could felt the mood become significantly more serious. My heart started thumping: thump, thump thump. My eyes widened as I realized what was actually happening. I, Eva Anderson, was being proposed to. "Make me the happiest man alive. Marry me, bear my children, and grow old with me. I promise, I will do anything in my power to keep a smile on your face. I'll kiss away your tears. I'll sooth you when you're angry. I'll comfort you when you're lonely. I love you, Angel. Please, please marry me?"

I don't know exactly how it happened. I think I had tears in my eyes. I think this was the happiest moment of my life. And I think I said yes. Before I could make sure my head was moving up and down, though, Seth was up and kissing me more passionately than I thought possible, and he was slipping that beautiful ring onto my finger, where, I finally admit, it belonged.

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