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"I have noticed something extremely important!" I shouted as I entered the medical room Cassie was being held prisoner in. Elena and I had gotten released after a few days, but Cassie had to stay in for at least another week. It really sucked, but Elena and I practically lived in here, so she was never lonely. Cody camped out with us, too.

"What?" Cassie wondered, always up for new news.

"It's every guy's worst nightmare for their girlfriend to be cold, right? That's why in every movie a guy gives his jacket to her or something?" I gave a dramatic pause. "I bet they took out all the points she gets too hot. What happens then? He says 'Well, then let's just take your clothes off' or something?" I sat down after my rant.

"Wow, you have way too much time on your hands, " Cassie commented while Elena just simply added, "Dork." I stuck my tongue out at her. She maturely stuck hers back out at me.

"Hello my lady friends and my ever lovely fiancée!" Cody cheered, bursting into the room with his usual upbeat, nothing-can-bring-me-down personality. He squeezed right in between Elena and I, leaning down to give Cassie a kiss. "I will never tire of saying that, my fiancée! Yes!"

Cassie giggled, a light blush on her cheeks but her eyes full of love and adoration for the bubbly guy. Colton and Seth came in a few seconds later, the door creaking a bit with their arrival. Colton went right over to Elena; Seth studied the door for a second before heading over to me, pecking my forehead. I jerked away from him, seeing as I was still slightly pissed at what he had established last night.

Last night: 10:03 P.M.

I was completely happy tonight for unknown reasons. I guess it was just because Seth hadn't figured out I love him yet. I knew we'd made that bet, but I could at least try postponing those seven days as long as I could, couldn't I? "What he doesn't know won't hurt him, " I sang softly to myself, smirking into the mirror.

I breathed a deep breath of the muggy air from my steaming shower. Yes, I was one of those people who took showers so hot it shriveled your fingers up until they looked like an old lady's. It relaxed my muscles, though, so I'd bear with it.

I tugged on the sexy black lace panties and threw on a matching bra until I dried my hair and was able to put a shirt on without soaking it. I'd luckily convinced Kenya and Z that on regular nights I was able to take care of myself, at least shower wise. I'd agreed that if it was something really special I'd let them draw me a bubble bath and wash my hair for me and everything else they got a kick out of doing. I still found it really weird. And no, they aren't lesbians or bi. Huh, they must be like those girls that give bikini waxes. Sick, but I guess they enjoyed making people prettier.

I smeared some lotion onto my freshly shaved legs. Mmm, Twilight Woods… It was my favorite scent. I fumbled along the counter until I felt the silky short-shorts. "Of course Elena and Cassie get to wear whatever they want, " I grumbled. Colton and Cody had given them back their regular clothes after a week of the prank. I whined and pleaded with Seth, but he wouldn't budge.

"We made a deal, " he reminded me. "I'll give you your clothes back when you accept my ring." I'd rolled my eyes and stomped away. I towel dried my hair as best I could before putting it in a braid. I loved braids. It kept my hair out of my face and didn't make it too frizzy. I glared at the spaghetti strap tank top I was expected to sleep in, but pulled it over my head nonetheless.

"I don't know how he expects me to sleep in something so tight, " I muttered, adjusting it. I guess I was wearing that bra to bed tonight… Uncomfortable, but I had to make sacrifices here, in case you hadn't noticed.

I came out of the bathroom, practically running into Seth's chest. His hands steadied

ed, lovingly caressing my cheek. It was hard to believe that less than four months earlier I hadn't even had my first kiss yet, and now I felt like an expert.

He pushed himself closer to me; a sheet of paper would never be able to fit between our bodies. I wasn't complaining, though; he just needed to think I was. So, I tried leaning back, but he came with me, and I felt myself falling. I then felt the sheets on my back, and my head rested on the pillows. I tried to release my legs from around his hips, but Seth's hands flashed to them, holding them in place.

I gasped when I felt his hips meet mine, if you get what I mean. My eyes snapped open.

"Shh, " my boyfriend shushed me gently. "It's okay."

"But-" I didn't even know what I was going to say, but I didn't get the chance to, anyways.

"No buts, " Seth interrupted. My breathing hitched as he slowly pressed against me a little harder, and I squirmed uncomfortably. Oh my gosh, I couldn't handle this. "Stop, " he groaned.

"Then get off me!" I exclaimed. My face felt like it was on fire, that's how embarrassed I was. I could feel my blush spreading to my ears and neck, getting darker by the second.


"I'm not used to this, " I snapped at him. I was really mad at him for doing this. My reason: I wasn't quite sure. "Please, get off of me."

Seth looked shocked at my abrupt rage, but complied and lifted his hips, then rolled to the side. His green eyes never left my face.

"I'm sorry."

"That's good, " I fumed. "A guy should be able to say 'sorry' every now and again."

"Eva, look at me, " he said sternly. I unwillingly complied to see his face half apologetic, half serious. It softened when I looked at him. "I know I wasn't thinking, but try to understand my side of things. Please? I didn't know you'd get so mad…"

"I'm sorry about that, " I admitted. "I guess I'm just PMS-ing." He got a giddy look on his face, and I rolled my eyes at him. "You're so gross."

"I can't help it!" he defended, a smile still on his face.

"Still, " I muttered. I got up off the bed, heading towards the door for that snack. I'd already missed about half of CSI…

"Wait, " Seth called out after me. I paused, glancing back at him to see him clambering off the bed. "I love you, " he whispered, pressing a soft kiss to my lips.

"I- Right, " I stuttered, focusing on the wall around my head. Seth simply chuckled, shaking his head slowly.

"You're going to love me yet, " he promised.

I just nodded, going to the kitchen.

Too late I thought on the way there. I already do.

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