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The only reason I knew Elena was in the room then was because she screamed, really loudly. It was then I assumed who was all in the room: me, Elena, Cassie obviously, Cody, Seth, probably Colton if Elena was here, since Marshall was here, most likely Katrina was too since it seemed they had been sticking together for some reason, and Ian. I hoped that Wes had followed Owen's example and stayed where he was.

Four things happened at once.

First, Katrina, Brittney, and Olivia began slaughtering Ian. I hadn't realized that Olivia was even in the room, but there she was, ripping and tearing apart Ian along with her blonde and black-haired friend as if he had killed her soul mate. They knew how to fight, too. Olivia was on his back, clawing her long nails into the skin and drawing blood pretty quickly. Brittney was down in his stomach area, punching and shredding him to pieces. Katrina went at his face, popping his eyes out of his sockets, pulling his teeth out, and pounding his face in on itself. I winced; his death was a brutal one.

Second, all of the guys arrived. Seth and Colton-who looked just as bad as everyone else- rushed over and quickly undid their brother's chains. All three of them immediately rushed over to their girls, and Cody kneeled down in anguish. He stared into Cassie's eyes and whispered sweet things to her, gently shushing her whenever she would try to answer him.

Third, Cassie started convulsing. Her back arched in agony, and her chest was barely moving. The stake followed her breathing in quick, choppy movements. Her hands were half clenched, and I figured she wanted to, but didn't have the energy to hold them together. Her beautiful black hair spilled over the floor as her head tipped back. The high-pitched scream that filled the room was the worst thing I'd ever heard. Mine soon mingled with hers as the pain in my chest increased, ripping me apart. The sounds slowly decreased, but she was in just as much pain, if not more.

Fourth, I got mad. Why was everyone standing there like retards while my best friend was dying? Where was Julie or Sarah or even Riley? Why wasn't Cody doing anything to help her? Elena had taken babysitting classes because she loved kids, so why wasn't she doing her medical thing? On second though, why wasn't I doing anything?

My brow furrowed as I became the other Eva again, the Eva that didn't double check her work because she knew she was right, the Eva that didn't think too much on any problem, because she knew she knew the answer. She just did.

"Elena!" I barked. She jumped, then looked at me, her tears rolling down her cheeks mercilessly. "Why are you just standing there?! You took babysitting classes! Help me! NOW!"

My Cuban friend looked bewildered at my sharp voice, but nodded jerkily and stumbled to Cassie's side. I dropped onto my knees beside her. I tried my damn hardest to remember anything from my health and anatomy classes.

The stake could be blocking an airway or lodged inside a vein I thought desperately. There should be enough people here to help stop the bleeding if we pull it out. Hopefully she'll be able to breath for a while. Thank God she plays the clarinet. That has to give her lungs some advantage, right?

What if too much blood starts coming out, though? I second-guessed. What if the stake is holding in enough blood to keep her alive? What if it's helping her more than hurting her?

Frustrated, I decided to leave the stake in, still have Elena do her thing, and do my thing.

"I'm going to need shirts to stop the bleeding!" I called. Immediately, six different shirts were thrown at me. Three were silky, made of bright colors, and they didn't cover much, but they would help. The other three were ratty, torn, dirty, and big.

Having the shirts at my side, I took a deep breath before doing what I could.

"Elena!" I snapped as I grabbed a silky top. "Give her as much breath as you can. You learned CPR at that babysitting class, and it's about damned time you put it to work. Don't think or second-guess yourself, just do what you remember. Most likely, it'll be the right way the first time. And you, " I glanced at Cody before focusing back on my own work. "If you're just here to comfort her, then move out of the way and hold her hand or something. No one needs your body in our working space."

I knew I was being more strict than I had to be, but these people had to listen to me. I had to help Cassie. For once in my life, I had to do something useful. I had to repay my friends back for everything they'd done for me.

Thankfully, Cody didn't argue and moved above her head, holding her hand as hard as he dared. I didn't watch as Elena tilted her head back and breathed precious oxygen into our friend's lungs.

I placed the shirts around the stake, applying pressure to hopefully slow down if not stop the bleeding. I could only pray the blood didn't clot, though. I just wanted it to stop, not block one of her veins. I put the silky, clean ones down first, trying not to get the w

here along with her daughter and granddaughter. They were preparing everything that I'm guessing we would need. Colton and Cody came in a few seconds after with Elena and Cassie. Cody's face was panic-stricken.

"She's going to be fine, " I reassured him. He probably didn't have any idea about human anatomy. "Those stitches will keep her blood in and the nutrients bags will make her strong again. She's just sleeping right now so her body can heal itself."

"B-But she s-so st-still!" he blubbered, setting her down on the first bed. Seth sat me down next to her. "It's like she's…!" He stopped himself, not willing to say the 'd' word. I didn't blame him. I didn't want to heart that any more than he did.

"She's not, " Elena put in tiredly.

"What happened?" Julie interrupted while hooking Cassie up to blood bags.

"It was my fault!" Cody wailed. "I was provoking Ian, trying to get him to attack me. I had loosened the chains a little, so I thought I would be able to break them and take him by surprise. He finally came at me, but I couldn't get out of the cuffs. He was holding a stake of Quorin wood, and I got really scared. Cassie freaked out and lunged in front of me, and Ian staked her. I couldn't get out of the chains, and she was dying because of me…"

"She's fine, now, " Julie told him. "No need to worry at all. Those guys made sure that place was spotless, so there's no germs to infect her. She's hooked up to nutrients to get her strong again and blood bags to recover from the blood loss.

"And you, " she turned to me. I started to panic at first, but then I relaxed. What could I have done wrong? I was stopping the bleeding! I was trying to save my best friend! Where was the crime in that? "You were smart. I had my suspicions about you at first, to tell you the truth. You seemed very arrogant and very aware of yourself. You compared yourself to others, which I took as conceitedness. I now see you were just being cautious, and your arrogance is confidence, something every queen needs.

"You thought very quickly today, Eva. You'd make a wonderful doctor." I nodded once, smiling warmly at her. It felt good knowing that I had succeeded in my studies and that my sixteen years in books hadn't been wasted.

"Now, everyone needs sleep, " she commanded. "Boys, I expect these lights to be out in two minutes. No more, no less, or I will keep you from them. Yes, I can do that, even to you, Seth. I'll be counting." With that, she stalked out of the room.

"I've gotta say, " Seth whispered, "that hospital gown looks incredibly sexy on you." I gave him an incredulous look. He chuckled. "You also looked really sexy when you were saving Cassie, even though at the time everyone was freaking out. You're going to be an amazing queen."

Too tired to argue, I smiled and leaned into his hand when he held it against my cheek. Finally, I could relax. My eyes slowly closed; I was barely aware of Seth quickly shutting the lights off, then climbing into the bed with me. Colton and Cody did the same, although Cody had a little trouble with all of the IVs. He did it, though.

I snuggled into Seth's side, preferring his chest instead of the lumpy, flat pillow. His arms wrapped around my shoulders, holding me to him. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, having one, big, happy dream the whole night, courtesy of Seth.

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