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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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Immediately, my body started shaking like a leaf caught helplessly in a vicious hurricane. My legs became as supportable as jelly, and I collapsed near the bed, the last place I wanted to be. My head pounded, and my eyes refused to focus.

Despite the ache, I lifted my head in hopes of catching another glimpse of Seth. He was staring right at me, his face horrified as he saw into Owen's mind at what his plans were. I noticed there was a mirror right above him, so anytime I would try to look at him, Owen could make sure that I only saw with my own eyes what I didn't want to see. I blankly took in my greasy, flat hair, my dull, expressionless blue eyes, and my pale, chalky skin.

As if my eyes were a type of signal, Seth changed instantly into his true form: his skin paling considerably, his eyes going completely red, and his muscles becoming more pronounced. He seemed to get some sort of energy boost, because his body tensed significantly, and his eyes hardened. Somewhere in the back of my head, I noticed he became more sexy with this dangerous look. I mentally slapped myself; this was the last place I should be thinking that!

"DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!" he roared. I jumped a little at his warning, threatening tone, but relaxed when I reminded myself he was warning and threatening Owen, not me. In fact, he was using that tone to protect me.

"Who are you to stop me?" Owen hissed, a cunning smirk curling the ends of his mouth up.

"I AM PRINCE SETH MARSHALL VALDEZ, HEIR TO THE THRONE OF KING MARSHALL WYATT VALDEZ! LET HER GO!!" I honestly never realized a single body could hold so much anger. I was slightly impressed.

"Don't care, " Owen sang mockingly. He turned to me. "Let's get this over with, " he sighed, as if he really didn't want to do this, but knew it would break Seth. I gasped as I realized that it was true.

Owen formed a fist, throwing it into my stomach. Not with everything he had, of course since that would most likely kill me, but enough to make me vulnerable. I keeled over, clutching my abdomen and gasping for breath. Tears formed in my eyes and simultaneously fell as soon as they were made. The only reason I didn't scream in pain was because I didn't have enough breath or will to. No one who cared would hear me, anyways, and I didn't want Seth to worry any more than he already was.

My body was picked up with the care of a rag doll and tossed onto the bed. My arms and legs were strewn across the mattress, and I didn't care enough to move them. I just laid there, my head in a position that hurt my neck, and cried some more.

My red tube top with black lace-which Seth thought was incredibly sexy- was ripped off me, the shredded silk thrown carelessly across the room. It landed in Seth's face. He flicked his head to the side as well as he could a few times, trying to dislodge the once was shirt. And that shirt had had a built-in bra. More tears fell as my chest was revealed for the first time to a male. This was the last man that I wanted to see me like this.

He barely glanced at my chest before tearing off the black jean short-shorts I had on. All that was now covering me was a simple pair of black boy short underwear.

For the first time, I was thankful that I was made how I was. I didn't want big boobs, I was perfectly content now with my little ones. I didn't care that I was a little on the pale side, and my skin was lightly sprinkled with zits. If I wasn't going to enjoy this, I would make sure Owen had absolutely nothing to gain in this from me. I knew Seth loved kissing my chapped, thin lips. He adored my frizzy, thin, blonde hair. He loved me in general. That was all that mattered about my appearance anymore: did Seth like it?

Owen slid off his white wife beater fluently, also throwing that at Seth. He got it off as quick as he could. I attempted to keep my eyes on Seth, doing everything I could to see around this…thing that was about to rape me.

His jeans came next. He stepped out of them slowly, smirking as the fear in my eyes increased. For the first time, he glimpsed at my gi

g the end of the stake, and dried blood around his wound.

"Noel, if you would be so kind as to get out of my girlfriend's body, " Seth said. "Thank you, though, very much."

"This wasn't for you, " she sniffed. "This was for me. I wasn't going to let your human get a look at my man." With that, my head cleared, my body was human again, and I was engulfed in Seth's arms.

"Thank God, " he breathed.

"Not the time, " I rushed, attempting to push him away. "Gotta see if Elena and Cassie are oka- AHH!"

An incredible pain suddenly pierced my upper chest. I leaned over, gripping it. I heard a scream, and mine soon mingled with it.

"What's wrong?" Seth panicked.

"You tell me!" I gasped. "What's happening?!"

He was quiet for a moment, then his eyes widened. "Cassie…" he breathed.

I was scooped up bridal style, and we flew down the halls. I slipped my tongue between my teeth and bit it at the same time. We were back in the room I had seen Cassie, Ian, and Cody in four seconds flat.

Now, please realize that I didn't notice any of what I'm about to tell you very thoroughly. It was just a brief glance of the room, and I'm half guessing what everyone looked like and was doing.

Cody stood paralyzed, his feet rooted to the floor. His blue eyes were wide open with shock and panic; his usual fluffy, golden hair was now flat, dull blonde, and shiny with grease. The white shirt and blue shorts he'd had on were torn and tattered, except- unlike Seth- you could obviously see the blood underneath the white shirt. I felt sick to my stomach that someone would do that sort of thing to happy, bubbly Cody. Sadly, he was still chained to the wall. He looked so helpless.

Ian looked confused and surprised, but satisfied. Not one hair was out of place on his head, and he was wearing sunglasses for no reason, which I thought looked retarded.

Brittany was there, though, looking about ready to claw Ian's eyes out. She was shaking, her white, short dress not even moving on its own accord, but rather sticking to her body like a second skin, moving the exact same time she did. How could she fight in a dress?

The room was almost exactly like Seth's, except the bed held navy blue silk sheets and, surprisingly, white pillows. These people seemed too dark to have such a bright color for decoration.

I think Elena and Colton showed up after us, but, like I said, I'm a little fuzzy on the details. I wouldn't be able to remember their presence if my life depended on it. Olivia might have been with them, but that's just a guess.

The only thing my eyes took in at the time, like everybody else, was Cassie.

And Cassie's upper chest, where a wooden stake was lodged in it, gushing blood.

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