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   Chapter 22 NO.22

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Seth stood there, as you had probably guessed, staring at me worriedly. Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I finally realized my true and undying love for him. You think we're going to whisk away into the sunset and have eight kids by next year. You think I'm going to change and get married as soon as possible.

You're wrong. By a long shot.

"Seth! Behind you!" I cried. Before he even comprehended what I had said, Owen had knocked him to the ground, standing over him. He kicked his side, effectively rolling him over onto his back.

"You think you can get rid of me that easily?" he spat. "You think I'm going to give up?" His red, hard eyes were ablaze with anger and a thirst for revenge. "Wes, Ian!" he called. "Get in here!" A brown and blonde were by his side in an instant.

The brunette boy's brown, curly hair contrasted with his pale skin, and his red eyes gave him a dangerous aurora around his what would've been playful looks. He was in dark jeans, black boots, a grey shirt, and a leather jacket. If he was in the human world, his whole appearance would have screamed 'druggie in recovery.'

The blonde's hair was straight and reached his chin. A white shirt, black leather pants, another black leather jacket, and black boots covered most of his albino looking skin. He had sunglasses over his eyes, and a skull belt in his belt loops, painfully obvious that it was only for show. When he felt my eyes on him, his head snapped to me and he snarled, a sound that I would've thought could only come from a wild animal.

"Ian, take lover boy here. Wes, get the girl." They didn't question Owen, quickly doing as he said. Deciding to be difficult, I moved out of the way when Wes, the druggie, came at me. I briefly glanced Ian picking up a knocked out Seth. Owen had lunged for Marshall, and they were in a heavy brawl.

I stared, shocked that Marshall had his work cut out for him. Owen was a surprisingly good enough fighter to take on Marshall. I gasped when Owen actually picked Seth's father up, and threw him across the room into a wall of glass. It shattered, sounding like thunder and looking like lightning when the glare of the sun caught it. Rain sounds echoed around the room when the tiny pieces hit the wooden flooring.

"Owen, we gotta go!" Ian warned, hoisting Seth over his shoulder. I felt a sharp prick in my arm, and I glanced down to see a needle shoved in it, quickly injecting something that was a sickly yellow color. I felt sick to my stomach all over again. No, not because of the needle, but because of whatever was in the needle.

"Let's get out of here, " Owen ordered, but his voice was very faint. Black lapped at the corner of my eyes. My blood roared in my ears until I could barely hear a thing. "Don't fight it, princess, " he sneered at me. "You don't stand a chance."

"Marshall?" I called, panicked as to what happened to him. I saw him lying on the floor, facedown, with a spot in his arm faintly oozing blood. Drugged. Of course, there were multiple other spots on his tan skin seeping blood from the sharp glass, but they seemed to be healing as quick at they had appeared.

"C'm'ere, " Owen grunted. Wes handed me off to him, and he effortlessly picked me up. I didn't feel his shoulder digging into my stomach before I blacked out completely.

I felt like I was floating. However long, I didn't really know. I just knew I couldn't feel my body, and it felt like I was drifting upwards… Then nothing. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I had blacked out again, conciousness never really greeting me fully.

The next thing I felt after that weightlessness was soreness. My muscles moaned in protest even though I was just sitting still. Or, I think I was. I didn't really know for sure yet. Everything kind of mingled together, merging into one another so much I couldn't really decipher anything. I couldn't feel the different parts of my body. I couldn't count the seconds passing by, so I had no idea how much time passed. Eventually, I just stopped trying and allowed my body to relax. I didn't remember anything else for a long time.

The first thing I did when I regained consciousness for the third time was shiver. I could feel goose bumps on every inch of my skin. My blood felt like ice water inside my body.

The second thing I did was open my eyes a crack. Squinting, I took in the damp, mildew covered, gray brick walls. The floor was made of cold cement, and this time, I couldn't see anything.

The third thing I did was take a quick survey of my body. Chains around my neck, ankles, and wrists again. The weight of them was pretty heavy, putting unnecessary strain on my body. My hair and body felt greasy, and my eyes were really dry. I blinked a few times, making tears spring up.

I started nodding off again when another thought hit me. My head snapped up, yanking on the chain. I made a pained sound in my throat, too tired to think of what word to use when I felt pain. Slowly leaning my head back onto the wall- hey, my hair was just going to get worse anyways- I did a more detailed survey of my body.

My throat was sore, but no more than expected since I hadn't drank anything in who knows how long. My body felt only the tired effects of being drugged, and my head didn't hurt as much as it should. Most importantly, the area between my legs didn't feel sore. And I still had clothes on. There was also a voice in the back of my head telling me the correct answer. Girls just know this kind of stuff.

I sighed in relief. No, I hadn't been raped. Thank God. I actually sent a prayer of thanks up. After that, though, I sighed. This whole cat-and-mouse game was getting really old really fast. I could feel my pessimistic attitude coming on, so I quickly tried to think of what could be happening.

You see, I was a Capricorn- a strong, independent, ambitious, self-disciplined, dictatorial, stubborn, self-sufficient person. I can look at anything and make it seem like the most horrible thing you've ever seen. This situation wasn't helping me, because my pessimistic attitude can sometimes turn into depression. I have to watch myself very closely and keep my emotions in check.

That was one of the reasons I picked up music. I figured if I threw myself into the music industry, I would be constantly distracted. Also, if I could find out everything I could about various artists, I would always be busy, not having to worry about who-knows-what at the time. It turned out that I loved music, and my enjoyment for it grew with every note I heard.

Eager to take on this challenge of how much I could know about music,

nderstand Seth's and my side of the story. I would have to have a pretty damn good excuse. I thought of how I was so powerless in this world, with vampires.

All in all, when I look back on it, I know I didn't have much to cry about. It had to be one the worst meltdowns I've ever had.

I don't know how long my meltdown was. It may have been anywhere from five minutes to forty-five minutes. I eventually was able to raise my shoulder up to my cheeks to wipe my cheeks. I took a few deep breaths, calming down. My face still felt flushed, but I knew it would settle back into my regular color in a few minutes.

As my eyes became exhausted from crying, I slowly closed them. When my throat hurt from my sobs, I tried to breath as normally and rhythmically as I could. My muscles felt sore, and I tried to move them into a different position so that I could feel some sort of relief.

Slowly nodding into sleep, I carefully thought about anything Owen would be able to compromise on. Anything that could make him see where I was coming from, if just for a second. One thing that could make him doubt himself. That was all I needed.

Right before I fell asleep, three more tears fell from my eyes.

The first one was for Elena, Colton, Cassie, and Cody. I prayed they were all safe and healthy and together, but something in my gut told me otherwise. Being a girl, I just knew that Elena and Cassie weren't happy. My best friends were hurting, and I hurt for them. If they were hurting, Colton and Cody most likely were, as well. I had grown to love those two. They were like the big brothers I'd never had. Just like Seth, but not nearly as exceptionally, I knew they had my back. I hoped that Colton's humor was still shining through, that he wouldn't give up. I also hoped that Cody's happy-go-lucky personality hadn't dampened too much. Because, honestly, if Cody didn't think we could make it out of this-happy, spirit-filled, easy-going Cody- I only had half of my confidence. My other half was in Seth, because I only knew too well how stubborn he was.

The second tear was for Seth. I knew that, despite how much I didn't want him to, he felt my pain. He didn't need any of my problems to rest on his shoulders, on top of his own. He was already beating himself up enough because of me, of how I wouldn't just give him a chance, of how I wouldn't except his ring, of how I still looked at him a bit suspiciously, wondering if he was going to attack me in some way, just like the night at the theatre. I was still weary about him, and that hurt him in more ways than one. I could only imagine how it felt to love someone, but that someone refused to be completely at ease with you. For that someone to be just a little, tiny bit scared of you, even though you would swear on your life you would never hurt them in any way, shape or form. However, I knew he understood, to a point, my side of things, too.

My last tear was for Owen. No, you didn't read wrong. I cried for Owen, albeit one tear, but it was still something. I could see where he was coming from, just a bit. Imagine it. The love of your life, who you had just married, runs away and does something you don't find particularly horrible, just nature running its course. You try to find them, but once you get to them, all you find is their dead body, their neck snapped by your sworn enemy, the person there is no way you could ever get along with. It all sets in. You spouse, the light of your life, the most important thing you're living for, someone you can't live without, is gone. Just like that. They're out of your life forever. You can never get them back. However, there is one thing you can do. You can make things even. You can turn the tables. Now that you have nothing to lose, there is no reason for you to hold back. The only reason you're living, now, is to get your revenge. You can kill your enemy's soul mate. You can make them feel what you felt. You can make everything even again. Then, after you get your revenge, you can see your soul mate in peace with no pieces or regrets of what you could've done left behind. It's all even.

I sighed. I was going to have one hell of a time convincing Seth of my crazy idea this time, but I would do it. Maybe, just maybe, if everything went perfectly, I could become queen one day and end this war. I could do it. Besides, I could be pretty persuasive when I wanted to. Hopefully, this would work.

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