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Truth be told, if nothing else, all this lazing around made me think what I wanted to do when I could move on my own again. And I wanted a prank war. Except, I wanted it now. I'd never had the guts to do it at my school, knowing there were security cameras and all, but here would be perfect. It's not like I would get in any major trouble. And Seth would definitely go easy on me while I have these casts on.

First step: Fill Elena and Cassie in. There was no doubt in my mind they would help me, and possibly prank Colton and Cody too.

A girls' night would be the easiest excuse. I'd have to tell Elena and Cassie right before so the guys have no chance of knowing what we're up to. Maybe if I did it this morning, then Colton and Cody won't read their minds today. Or we could just say we needed to fill each other in on a lot, so we could have the whole day and night? If this was going to work, though, we'd need to have it in Seth and my room. I could probably convince them to have a guys' night or something. Definitely needed to avoid Marshall today…

I thought all of this while eating breakfast. Thoughtfully, I went to put a piece of bacon in my mouth, only to have it stab my chin. I blushed, moving it up to my mouth and breaking a bite off.

"Distracted?" I looked up to meet those vibrant green eyes.

"A little."

"That have anything to do with me walking into the room?"

"Not at all."

He sat down across from me, stealing a sausage link from my plate. "Hey, Seth? You think we could have a girls' night?"


"Except… we need to fill each other in on a lot, so would it be too hard to let us have the next…24 hours? You guys could have a guys' night or something and just chill. And no reading our minds, please."

"Do Elena and Cassie know of this?"

"I wanted to let you know first."

"How are you going to get around?"

"Kenya and Z, if they're willing." And they can help with getting the supplies we'll need I thought cunningly.

"You want me to call them down so you can tell them?"


"What do I get?"

"Just call them down, Seth."

"Yes, ma'am." A few seconds later, Cassie and Elena were downstairs…asleep on their boyfriends' backs. I glanced at the clock. It was 11:30! The guys tried in vain to wake them up, but I knew it was no use. After five minutes, I decided to relieve them of their impossible task.

"You want me to get them up?" They nodded. I looked at Seth. "Don't get any ideas, " I warned him. Ignoring his confused expression, I took a deep breath before screeching, "OH MY GOD! GET UP YOU GUYS, SETH PROPOSED TO ME!"

Both their heads snapped up. "Wha?" Elena mumbled, disoriented. Cassie just tilted her head to the side.

"Tease, " Seth grumbled.

"Get up, you lazy bums, " I told them. "I need to talk to you, badly."

"Now?" Cassie whined. I rolled my eyes, nodding my head.

"Get some food; meet me up in my room."

"Your room? Did you kick Seth out?" Cody asked.

"Yup, he's rooming with you and Cassie from now on."

"Dude, you are so not allowed in our room."

"Don't even look at me. You may be prince, but I will kill you if you lay a finger on my girl, " Colton threatened.

"Aww, " I cooed. "Colton's getting all protective. That's so cute!"

"Shut up!" he said, blushing.

I laughed lightly, finishing breakfast. Deciding to stay in my pajamas, I listened to my iPod and waited for Elena and Cassie to come in. Twenty minutes later, they did.

"So, why did you wake us up?" Elena asked.

"I'm really bored, and I need some fun around here." I lowered my voice to a soft whisper. "I want a prank war."

Huge smiles split their faces. "I don't want the guys finding out, " I said in the same tone. "My main target is Seth, but we can get Colton and Cody, too, if you guys want. Seth won't do anything to me that's too bad because of my casts, so now is the perfect time. I don't want them reading our minds, either, so I'm going to put on some music before I explain anything else. I think we should focus on the music, and write down what we need to say to each other. They could overhear us." They nodded.

Elena went over and turned on my dock, selecting something with a fast beat and loud instruments. Cassie collected paper and pens. I immediately got to work on my summary of what I wanted to do.

"Elena and Cassie, you guys write down any ideas you have while I explain everything else." They nodded. I realized how demanding that sounded. "Sorry if I'm bossing you guys around, " I added. They shrugged carelessly.

"I don't care, " Elena said, and Cassie nodded in agreement. I threw them a smile before starting to write.

I told the guys to have a guys' night, so hopefully that doesn't involve spying on us or reading our minds. The music will distract us a little bit, but we can still focus.

The first thing I know will really get under Seth's skin is post up posters of guys on the walls. It's childish, but with overprotective guys like ours, it will be a huge blow to their ego. I think I could just call in Kenya and Z, my beauticians to get anything we'll need. If nothing else, we can always print pics off the computer. I thought we should do this tonight so in the morning, the guys have a not-so-pleasant surprise. If they decide to check up on us, I don't want our plans ruined. If you guys want, we could do that to all the rooms.

While they were reading that, I looked over the pranks they had. Elena's list went like this.

1. Plastic wrap on toilet

2. Vaseline on door handles

Cassie's list was a bit more…creative

1. Gummy worms/tea bag in shower heads

2. Plastic wrap over doors

3. Hair dye in shampoo b

e bed with me, and I handed her the tape out of my deep pocket. She grabbed the tape and a few posters. I whispered to Elena where to put them, handing them to her when she needed them, seeing as she had the tape in her hands.

I didn't ask if everything worked when Kenya and Cassie came out of the bathroom. Cassie was a professional at this kind of stuff. I handed them the other roll of tape in my other pocket, and they helped get all the posters up. Cassie joyously poured the syrup in Cody's drawers as a finishing touch.

When we were finished, Kenya and I scurried to Elena's room. Elena ran back to my room to get the posters for her room, her orange hair dye, and two new bottles of syrup. Cassie went with her, handing me the plastic wrap.

We repeated the process in Elena's room. This time, Elena and Cassie went in the bathroom, and Kenya and I got all the posters up. With Kenya on poster duty, we got done in half the time it took Cassie's room. Elena snatched the syrup bottles when she came out of the bathroom, happily giving all of Colton's clothes a makeover. "You steal my clothes, I ruin yours, " she whispered before shutting the door and we retreated back to my room.

"Now the fun part, " I said quietly, a smirk overtaking my lips. Kenya and I called the bathroom, and I sat on the ground. Kenya handed me the shampoo bottle, and I poured half of it down the sink before I put the hair dye in it. I twisted the top back on and handed it to Kenya. She put it back, just finishing with the toilet, making sure there wasn't one crease in it. I watched her unscrew the showerhead, handing her the gummy bears. When we were finished, she screwed the top back on and carried me back out to our room. Cassie and Elena each had two posters in their hands…staring at them dreamily.

"Hey!" I whispered. "Snap out of it!" They came back to reality, and Kenya helped them put them up. Kenya picked me up, carrying me over to Seth's drawers. Yes, I got a walk-in closet, and he got regular drawers. Thank you, Seth.

Elena handed me the chocolate syrup, and I spread it evenly between his boxers, pants, and shorts. Satisfied, Cassie exchanged the empty bottle for a full one of regular syrup. This I sprayed over his shirts, socks, and any other clothing item.

We all high-fived each other, and Kenya got rid of the evidence. You know, throwing the syrup and hair dye bottles into the trash in the kitchen, putting the plastic wrap back, and placing the tape where it belonged.

"Okay, " I started. "If they go to their drawers first, make up some suggestive excuse. They're all going to be madly excited from not seeing us. Also, say the water isn't working right, and they might have to wait a while for it to come out, so they should wash their hair first."

"You really thought of everything, didn't you?" Kenya asked, reentering.

"That's just how I am, " I smirked.

We decided that we should get some sleep, have Kenya wake us up at five, then go to our rooms so we could see their reactions.

"Hey, as soon as we're back in our rooms, Kenya should go down and tell the guys to come up. Tell them that you put us back in our own rooms, and that we were done with our girls' night. I'm sure they're going crazy." We all agreed, smirking yet again.

It was only midnight, so it took a while, but at two we finally were able to close our eyes.

Kenya poked us awake at the time we had said, and Elena and Cassie retired to their rooms after we were all wide awake; I knew my girls were going to crash as soon as they could, and so was I, but it would be worth it. I just hoped they didn't fall asleep before. I rubbed my eyes again.

"Okay, you know what to say?" I asked her.

She nodded, walking out of the room. I sat up against the headboard and waited.

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