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Seth and I were calmly watching TV in the living room. I was starting to think we should just get a TV in our room; wait, that would mean practically never coming out. Anyways, most people would find this relaxing, but I didn't. This is all we had done for the past two days. I was completely dependent on those taking care of me. I could feel myself getting more and more anxious with every passing second. Three, two, one…

"I'm tired of this!" I burst. Prince shot up from my lap, twisting his head in all directions, growling at nothing in particular. "How can people stand it? There has to be some kind of cure to make these bones heal faster!"

Seth easily put an arm around my shoulders, throwing me a soft, patient smile while he pulled me back down, guiding my head back to its original spot on his chest.

"I know you're frustrated, love, " he told me in a smoother, huskier voice than usual. His accent was also more pronounced. I tilted my head up to look at him. "You just need to be patient, and-"

"I'm Eva! I'm not a patient person! I have to do something!" I scowled dirtily at my four casts. It'd only been four days and I was sick of the things. "Besides, " I started dazedly, not really thinking about what I was saying. "Don't vampires have some kind of amazing healing ability?"

"Yes, we do unless it's something vital like the brain, skull, neck, spine, or a main vein. Then that could kill them."

"Why is it like that?"

"A vampire's body wants to be perfect. That's why we're all so physically good-looking. Don't give me that look. I own a mirror, and I'm not being conceited. It's just a fact."

"Could that healing ability be transferred to say… a bruise or cut or something on a human and heal it?"

"Yes. Angel, where are you going with this?"

"What would you have to do? Put blood on it, or-"

"No, blood would change the person once it gets into their bloodstream. You can use blood or venom to change someone. Saliva is the key to the healing ability. Why?"

"I was thinking…couldn't you put saliva in, like, a needle or something and inject it into my bone? Wouldn't that make the bone heal?" I winced when I stretched my neck too far from the bruises of that chain. "Hey! So why haven't you healed my bruises for me?"

He smirked. "You want me to?"

"Yes!" I replied without thinking.

"Okay." When he started leaning in, I realized what I had said.

"Wait! Just a second! I didn't think that through!"

"That's okay, " he whispered huskily, pushing me back onto the couch. "It's not like we haven't done this before…" His lips slowly started moving over my skin. He started at the top of me, flicking out his tongue every now and again to actually get the job done, but not leave a trail of spit everywhere. He moved to my cheeks, my nose, my forehead, my face in general. If I was being truthful, I was pretty content. It felt nice just knowing someone cared for me so much…

Completely avoiding my lips, he started working on my neck, getting rid of the bruises first before he did anything funny, which I appreciated. As predicted, when he finished, his signature smirk was on his face, and I could feel it on my neck seeing as he didn't remove his mouth.

Quickly fleeing to my soft spot, he roughly kissed the skin there. Taking it a little farther than what he usually did, he started sucking on it, giving me little waves of…was that lust? Pleasure? Passion? I didn't even know. Later, I figured to blame it on the fact that I was still not used to this kind of stuff.

When his teeth lightly brushed against my spot, I couldn't help the little sigh that escaped past my lips. Pleased with my reaction, Seth started very lightly rubbing his canines on it. A slight moan came from me.

"Seth, what are you doing?" a tiny, innocent voice asked from what I was guessing about ten feet away. Our heads quickly snapped to where it came from, finding little Riley standing there. Her brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail with a little green bow that matched her dress.

"Uh, um…" Seth stuttered, obviously trying to find a way to explain to his little sister the situation we were in. Or rather, the situation he was in as he was the one trying to make me moan. Or, I guess did.

"I told you not to bother them, " Victoria's smart, but soft voice came from around the corner in a blue dress, a bow also in her hair. She gave her twin an I-told-you-so look before glancing at us. Her face became confused. "Seth, what are you doing?"

"Um." All three heads snapped to me as I tried to get us out of this problem. "You see, we were just-"

"Victoria? Where did you go, pumpkin?" Marshall's strong, confident voice interrupted mine. When he saw us, and the situation we were in, he groaned. "Seth, you know not to do that on the couch! I told you they would see you at some point, and now I have to explain…this to them."

"Sorry, dad." Marshall drew a hand over his face, but when he looked back at us, he was smirking.

"Maybe it's a good thing they interrupted you guys. Wouldn't want to ruin that leather couch, would we?" I blushed mad red, hiding my face in Seth's chest. That's the t

do with Seth? It's not like I'm marrying the guy.

He chuckled, "That stuff was made up? Well, you better figure it out, Angel. I'll give you another month, tops, and you'll be mine. Then, during that week, you're going to-"

"Whatever, " I interrupted angrily. "Don't tell me what to do."

"You won't have a choice, but I promise you won't be disappointed."

"Does that mean you're experienced?" I snapped, angry for some reason. "Does that mean you know how to play girls?"

"Just you, " he whispered.

I sighed heavily. "Just let me fix your bruise, okay?" he pleaded. I nodded hesitantly. "Thank you, " he whispered, pecking my cheek.

Leaning down, he lifted my shirt up, but the bruise had spread pretty far. Impatient and wanting to get this over with, I took my shirt right off. Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Oh my gosh, what is she doing?! He can see her bra!' It's just like a swimsuit, people. He's seen me in a swimsuit before, so this really isn't a big deal.

As soon as his hands touched my stomach, I went to squirm away. "Sorry, " I mumbled.


"Very." He nodded, all businesslike, and gripped my waist to keep me in place. Dipping his head, he tried to hide his smirk, but I saw it. Very slowly, he kissed my bruise as light as a feather. After a minute, he gradually rolled out his tongue to heal it. The warm, wet object felt slick as it glided over my skin. I shivered, and Seth felt the affect he was having on me. Happy with my response, he went even more leisurely, taking enjoyment in my vulnerability.

"Seth, I think you got it, " I told him in a shaky voice. He hummed against my skin in response. Finally finishing, he pulled his head back and stared at me. Or more like my lips. He closed the gap, kissing me with firmness, but gently. I sighed into his mouth.

When we pulled apart, I whispered my thanks to him. He nodded. "Seth?"

"Yeah, Angel?"

"Can you sense when…I'm on…my period?" I stuttered out. He breathed deeply, closing his eyes as a smile overtook his lips.


"Does it bother you?" He gave me an incredulous look.

"Bother me? The only part that bothers me is that you'd never forgive me if I did what I wanted. Angel, every vampire male is ecstatic when their mate is on their period. It's practically blood and sex. It's very…arousing." I blushed at his choice of word.


He chuckled, a devilish smirk playing on his mouth. "Plus, I'm not complaining about a week of sex where I don't have to worry about you getting pregnant. We can have lots of rough, sweaty sex and the sweet, loving stuff before we have to bring a child into the picture. Just us...for a ravishing your body..."

"Would you kindly shut up?" I snapped, heavy sarcasm coating the 'kindly' part.

"I suppose it's kind of you equivalent to whipped cream and sex, huh?" he continued.

"Shut up! I made that up so I could win!"

"Ah, but it was such a good idea, I think we should try it sometime."

"Don't vampires not eat?"

"We just don't get hungry for food. We can still taste it, and we burn it off instantly, so it's kind of a pleasure to eat regular food, like sleep. Most don't think about it simply because we don't need it and can spend time doing other things... Like what we were talking about before."

"I'm changing your whole lifestyle, huh?" I said, ignoring his sexual teasing.

"Angel, you changed my life the moment I saw you."

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