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That night I sat up in bed, a pain causing me to wake up. It was still dark and I could barely see thanks to the moonlight shining bravely through the thin, black curtains.

Another wave of pain crashed through my lower stomach, and I let out a soft groan. I bit the inside of my cheek hard, trying to distract myself from focusing on that spot. The metallic taste of blood exploded in my mouth.

"Stupid cramps, " I moaned. I glanced at the clock on the bedside table – 1:36 A.M. – and sighed. I knew for a fact I wasn't going to fall back to sleep anytime soon.

Careful as to not wake up Seth, I got my new laptop that was sitting on the desk on the other side of the room among piles of Seth's paperwork and signed on. I planned to research some music and useless entertainment.

Seth adjusted his position in his sleep, then groped around, like he couldn't find something that was supposed to be there. "Eva?" he wondered sleepily. Oh, he was looking for me. I stood up and tiptoed over to him with the laptop, deciding to sit on the bed. I set the computer on the nightstand before I rested a hand on his bare shoulder.

"It's okay, Seth. I'm right here, " I whispered.

His hand found mine and he yanked me down, settling me next to him. He threw an arm around my waist and pulled me toward him more, tucking me into his side as if trying to hide me away. "Don't leave ever again, " he mumbled into my hair. "Don't leave me for Owen or Alex or Joe or that guy at the sports store or anyone else. Stay with me."

Another dart of pain hit me and I hissed in pain. "Seth, it's okay. I'm not going anywhere. I just need to get up for a while, then I'll come back to bed, alright?"

I gasped when I turned my head to find bleary green eyes staring down at me. "Why?" he asked. I was still hurting, and I took deep breaths to try and sooth it.

"I just need to do something for a while until I can fall asleep again." I winced at another hit really hard yet again.

"What are you going to do?" he asked through a yawn.

"Research some music, maybe read a little. The usual." He nodded, then got up too and stretched.

"What songs are you thinking about?" he wondered, sitting up.

"You can go back to sleep, Seth. You don't have to get up just because of me."

"I want to. Besides, I'm too cold without you."

"Maybe you could put a shirt on?"

He looked at me as if I had just said I could beat him in an arm wrestling competition without bribing him. "It's easier this way." I dropped it and didn't ask how. There was no use in trying to dissuade him. I shrugged and turned back to the laptop. Seth sat up with me and leaned against the wall behind us, putting an arm around my shoulders and studying the laptop to see what I was doing.

Nothing held my interest for too long, and I couldn't focus on anything but the waves of pain hitting me one right after the other. The boring webpages didn't distract me at all, so I gave up and shut down the computer. Seth noticed and put a hand on my lower stomach, which helped a little. His hand was almost like a heating pad. I was going to protest, but it felt better and he wasn't doing anything funny, so I allowed it.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to think of anything other than the pain. I sighed and tried to get back to sleep. He rubbed soothing circles on my stomach, but my eyes were still wide open. "Seth?"

"Yes, Angel?" I faltered in my response, not really knowing what I had planned on saying. I could say anything, do almost anything, try to persuade him to do something.

I could be a brat and whine and plead that he take me back home and complain about how much I hated it here. That would get me nowhere, and would probably end up with us arguing.

I could just sigh and pretend I never said anything. Seth wasn't one to brush off what was on my mind, though, so I couldn't do that.

I could admit that I was starting to like him. We had made a lot of progress as friends, but he might assume I meant something more. I didn't want to ruin the progress we'd made by opening my fat mouth.

"I want to hear everything. From the beginning. I want to see your point of view. I want to hear about your life and how you feel. Just talk." I just wanted to hear his silky voice that held a hint of huskiness to it no matter what his emotions were. I wanted to hear that accent he had that he hadn't tried to hide since we'd come here. He had attempted to mask it back in Newberry, but he could never fully hide it.

"Are you sure? That could take a while."

"If you're right, we have forever."

He sighed happily in longing.

"Alright, I'm 1, 923, " he began. "Soul mates share the same birthday, so I was born on December 29th. My family adopted Cody and Colton when I was 437 years old, or around four in human years. Like they said, their parents had ditched them, for reasons we still don't know. We just found them on our porch one night, and I had two new brothers.

"I had everything, being born into royalty. My family knew that they would be able to take care of the vampire species. Peacefully and persuasively, they were able to become the king and queen of vampires and come up with rules that were fair and reasonable. Generation after generation, the king and queen, soul mates by then, would produce an heir, a son. The king must be vampire born, for old-fashioned reasons. Boys are stronger, have more power than girls, the usual." I rolled my eyes. Even vampires were sexist. If I'm forced to fall through with this, I would have to change that.

"At some point, a vampire named Kurt Madlener decided that vampires were above all others. We were smart, fast, strong, and dominant. We should rule over everything else. Obviously, human blood straight from the source helps us the most, and tastes better, so we should be drinking from humans. They were of no use to us. We just left them alone, and they left us alone.

"Kurt got vampires that agreed with him, which was about a third of our population, and rebelled against us. The war is the worst in vampire history. Only about twenty five percent of each side survived. We agreed to cut the territory in half, but that wasn't good enough. We had to have a symbol that showed where one side ended and the other began. The military from each side used a special wood that repels us to build a wall along the border.

"No one knows why e

weaknesses so he'll be able to lead you around better. Now, " Sarah indicated for Seth to come over. "You two will be doing Danza del amor today. Eva, like I said, you need to be open-minded." Images of Sarah and Marshall during that one dance popped into my head. I shuddered. "Ready? Just let Seth lead you." I nodded once. "Alright! Into position!" For the first time, I noticed a chair in the room. Seth led me over to it, and we stood on opposite sides.

"All you have to do, " he told me, "is as soon as I put my foot on the chair, you do too. Then I'm going to pull you up, and you have to put your legs around my waist. From there, just do what you think you should do." I threw him a confused look. Didn't tango involve moving? It was a dance after all.

"You can tango in one place, or move around, " Sarah told me. "I want you able to do both, but I think we should start with dancing in place, then move on from there. Just so you can get the steps down. This kind of dancing is going to be much more difficult and intense than what you're used to. There are no mistakes or modesty in Danza del amor." I nodded.

I did as Seth said. When his foot came up, so did mine. His hands rested on my waist, swinging me up like he said he would. My legs wrapped around his torso. As soon as my right leg was where is was supposed to be, Seth's hand found the bottom of my thigh, trailing about halfway up, then back down. He bent me over backwards, and I didn't think when my arms came around his neck, slithering down his chest. His hand came back up, going past my stomach and lightly brushing my chest before deciding to rest back down behind my knee. My arms came up above my head, straight out. I picked my body back up, and Seth's head snapped to my face. I didn't know what to do. In a panic, I brought my hands to his neck again.

"Stop, " Seth whispered, and put his other hand around my neck. "Now, look in the mirror." I did, out of the corner of my eye. We looked like a real tango couple. He gently pecked my lips. "Good job. My mother's dumbfounded." I smiled.

"Well isn't this just a beautiful picture?" a sinister voice sneered. I flinched, knowing exactly who it was. No other voice made me cringe. Too fast for me to comprehend, I was in the corner with cold, strong arms around my waist. My arms were pinned to my sides. "Not anymore, " Owen sang.

"Seth, " I whimpered.

"Aw, isn't that cute? She's starting to fall in love with you, Seth."

"What do you want, Owen?" Sarah asked in her queen voice. Demanding, strong, and polite.

"Ah, Queen Sarah, how wonderful it is to see you again, especially under these circumstances!"

"There is nothing wonderful about you're filthy hands on her!" Seth cut in.

"Careful, Seth, I could easily kill her with just a flick of my wrist. You wouldn't want her to die because you were being impolite to your guests, would you?" No one said anything. The CD had stopped playing, so the room was eerily silent. "Good, I'm ecstatic we are on the same page. Now, how about we take your soul mate's idea and try to compromise?"

"You were there last night?" I gasped.

"I was, " Owen cooed in my ear, his cold breath making my ear almost get frostbite. I shivered in his arms, flinching away from him. "Your soul mate is amusing, Seth. She's very curious and extremely sensitive."

"Please, let her go, " Seth choked. His eyes showed he knew it was a useless plea, but he still tried.

"Why? She doesn't love you."

"I love her."

"Not that she cares."

"She does, not very much, but a little bit. That's all I need right now."

"I don't buy it."

"Owen, please let me go."

"Don't talk, " he hissed at me. I was forced to do as he said. "Now, how about that compromise?"

"Whatever you want, " Seth whispered, his eyes blazing.

"Within reason, " Sarah interrupted.

"Well, you know I want her dead, correct?" Owen asked, his arms tightening until I could barely breath. I still couldn't talk. Seth nodded at once. "And you are still not willing to let your people live in exchange for her?"

"No, I'm not."

Owen sighed. "Well, then, I guess this story isn't going to have a happy ending. Because that, Seth, is your only option." A sharp pain pricked my pressure point, and I didn't even hear Seth cry my name before I blacked out.

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