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   Chapter 14 NO.14

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5 Weeks Later

(February 12, 2012)

Five weeks have past. In those five weeks, I have learned the most vital information about vampires, since people were assuming I was going to be staying here. I didn't mind. It not only gave me an advantage knowing about the species I was dealing with, it also kept Seth away from me while I was studying. Any other little tidbits were just details I was brushing up on. No, I have not forgiven Seth, and I have an argument for every excuse you can think of.

Excuse 1.) He's taking care of you. You're in a beautiful house, and you have access anything you've ever wanted.

Answer 1.) He doesn't know me at all. If he did, he would know that I wanted a little house in the middle of nowhere. I don't want anyone taking care of me. Did that make me ungrateful? Maybe a little, but I wasn't going to feel bad about it.

Excuse 2.) He could be a lot worse. He could have people spying on you or bodyguards with you at all times.

Answer 2.) He might as well. He already took every choice I had from me. He took my freedom of how I want to live my life, my family, my husband, my future, and where I live.

Excuse 3.) He loves you.

Answer 3.) It's an act. I'm probably an entertainment source for a few more weeks, then…I don't know what will happen.

But, just because I haven't forgiven him, doesn't mean that I'm as cold as I used to be. I'm strictly civil towards him, now that I knew exactly how breakable he was. There was no more talk or even thoughts of me leaving.

I was entirely focused on the words appearing with every stroke of my pencil when Seth plopped onto the bed beside me, making the graphite drag across the paper. I threw him an annoyed look before erasing the unwanted mark and finishing my sentence.

"Yes?" I said, letting him know he had my attention.

"I think it's time you met someone, " Seth mumbled. He sighed. "Have you ever met someone who's your complete opposite? Completely different personality, yet you're the same in so many ways?"

My thoughts flew to my sister. She was my opposite, yet my equal. She was a brunette, I was a blonde. She had light eyes, mine were dark. She had an athletic body: muscle, stamina, strong instincts focused on throwing a softball, shooting a basketball, kicking a soccer ball. I had the body of a long stick- narrow neck, flat chest, flat stomach, skinny waist, never-ending long legs. She was loud, I was quiet. She had too many friends to count, I had Elena and Cassie.

Yet, we were both girls, both unnaturally tall, both had blue eyes, we could both win an argument, and we both loved music. Yeah, I knew exactly what Seth was talking about. I nodded.

"Okay, you don't get along, right?"


"That's me and-"

"Owen, " a new voice interrupted. I mentally winced. That voice was cold, cocky, and just…poisonous. Acid. Noxious. It promised pain and death, and I had the urge to throw up.

An ice-cold hand gripped my chin, and yanked my head to a guy around Seth's age. His hand was hard, like metal. He had a buzz cut for his black hair, pale skin, red eyes, and reeked of pot. A venomous smirk played on his mouth, which was smiling to reveal teeth as white as his skin, and two long, sharp fangs. "Owen Madlener, " he said. His voice met my ears painfully, as if the heavy weight of it was slamming against my eardrums.

His hand was ripped off of my chin. The skin burned where he had touched. "Keep your sick hands off her!" Seth snarled dangerously.

Thoughts bounced around in my head so quickly Seth would never be able to sort them out. I was the only one who understood them. Evil vampires. Seth said they existed. He could've been lying; this guy could be good. Oh, yeah, that's really reasonable with him having red eyes and all! Does that mean he's hungry? Or did the guys say they're always like that? Why is he here, anyway? Why did my skin burn at his touch? Why do I hate him so much? I don't even know him!

Then my instincts kicked in, and I started thinking like the old Eva would. I'm so stupid! Pale, skin, red eyes, automatic hatred? This is Seth's opposite, the guy from the dark, cold place that goes to clubs and drinks from humans. Shouldn't my opposite be with him? Is that who Seth wanted me to meet? Or was it this Owen guy? Maybe me opposite was resisting him like I was to Seth?

I know I should've held my ground, knew Seth would protect me, should show this Owen guy that I was strong. Instead, I scrambled back on all fours until I was against the headboard with Seth shielding me. I felt his warmth that seeped through our shirts. I felt safe.

Owen's red eyes zeroed in on our contact and gleamed in jealously. His hands balled into fists. He growled angrily. I was confused. Seth pushed me behind him even further and slowy stood up, keeping me as out of sight as possible.

"Leave Eva out of this, Owen, " Seth warned. "This fight is between us."

"Oh, it's more than a fight, Seth. This is war! And even you know that's not true, " Owen hissed. "Noel was Eva's opposite, so it sure as hell includes her!" He pointed an accusing finger at me. WAS my opposite? I thought.

"No, it doesn't!" Seth snarled. "It's between us! You and me! On top of Noel, my people are dying! My people have been dying with their blood on your hands for years, Owen!"

My logic was there with me, working over-time. So my opposite died? How did that make a war between Seth and Owen? Unless Seth killed her? No, Seth wouldn't do that. So what was this war over? Why would Owen involve me in it? And why was Seth so persistent about keeping me out? More importantly, why hadn't he said anything about it?

"What war?" I asked, ignoring Seth's warning glare to keep quiet. Guess he was wishing he had commanded me to silence. Oh, well, sucks for him. I needed this information, and it seemed Owen was the only one willing to give it.

"In 1556, " Owen spat, still in a foul mood, "me and my pair number found our soul mates, your opposites. My girl was Noel. She fell for me immediately, unlike you and your Seth." Seth snarled at that. "Within two weeks, we were married and I had changed her. It was only her second day as one of us when she ran out of the gates, the quick little thing. Her senses were heightened incredibly, and the call of blood was too much for her.

"I couldn't catch her before she got to the human world. When I got to her, she had only killed a few humans-"

"Liar!" Seth roared. "She had wiped out Shaanxi and was on her way to Beijing! She was on a rampage! You wouldn't even have stopped her. You would have gladly helped her take out every human life in China!

"Do you remember learning about that earthquake that China had? One of the worst on record?" he asked me. I nodded. It was the worst on record. "Noel's doing. When he had gotten to her, Cody, Colton and I had already stepped in. He got there to see the destruction she had already done."

"And her dead body!" Owen hissed. "You killed her, you bastard! It's only fair that your people die so you know what Wes, Ian, and I have gone through. But now…" He pointed his gaze at me while a sickly sweet smile spread across his pale face.

"Never!" Seth snarled. I could barely make out the word, he sounded too animalistic.

"Don't worry, " Owen said sarcastically, "Elena and Cassie will join her too. Wes and Ian aren't any happier than I am about Holly and Veronica."

"I thought you said it was only Noel?" I asked him.

"Shut up, Eva!" Seth snapped. My mouth was sealed closed, but I fixed my gaze on Owen.

"Didn't you know? If the leader of the three dies, then the other two do as well." So if Noel was the leader, then I'm guessing that Owen is, too. Then, Seth probably is, so does that mean I'm the leader of Elena and Cassie?

"Yes, you are, " Owen answered.

Seth flashed to my side. His arm snaked around my waist, hand resting on my hip, and pulled me closer, tucking me into his warm side.

Owen snarled and dived, but Seth was quicker. He jerked me out of the way, tossing me gently onto the other end of the bed and crouched in front of me defensively, staring down his opposite.

As I sat there, feeling useless, it all clicked together. Before now, they were just facts, things that I took in, but didn't see. Now, something inside me connected like a plug being inserted into an outlet, and I saw it all play out in front of me, even though my eyes never closed. I was in China over four hundred years ago, with Seth and Owen, seeing wha

ne of that worked out…

Well, why not just have no pieces left behind? What if I did fall for him? What if I did become queen, and my parents died in agony because they were worrying about their lost daughter all their lives?

I was snapped from my thoughts when Seth brushed the back of his hand across my cheek. He gave me a tiny smile. I noticed that we were the only two people out here. Seth noticed my look and explained that they went inside. I started to get up, but Seth pulled me back down, setting me on his lap. "I've been pretty nice, " he whispered in my ear, his voice dropping an octave. "I've suppressed myself, trying not to scare you because you're human, but now that we're alone…"

I blushed heavily, looking down. He was a vampire, and I was his soul mate. Of course he would crave some action with me. Was I ready for that? I wasn't sure. I guess I was about to find out.

Seth connected his lips with my shoulder. Don't you dare try and fight it he commanded. Just relax. His hands were placed on my waist, teasingly fingering my bikini strings. I couldn't squirm away, his stupid command making me stay still. His mouth traveled up to my collarbone, where he skimmed his nose up and down my neck a couple times, ending exactly where he started.

He began kissing my neck, trailing up and stopping at my spot. He flicked his tongue out and gently touched it, although it was enough to make me jerk in surprise. He smirked against my skin and pulled me closer, flicking his tongue out again. When he didn't get a response, he frowned and nipped it, gently enough, but I gasped. He smirked again, satisfied.

"Tilt your head back, " he ordered gruffly. I did so, unable to argue. He nibbled on that spot, sending darts of shock throughout my body each time he applied pressure. He kissed it, then ran his tongue over his love bite to sooth it. He kissed his way around the rest of my neck, stopping at my ear and gently blowing in it. I shivered.

He put his lips anywhere bare skin showed. His lips caressed my forehead, my closed eyelids, my nose, my cheeks, and finally, my mouth. I tried my hardest to move away, not wanting to be so close, so intimate, but I couldn't. "Just let me love you, " he mumbled against my lips, feeling my mental resistance.

He put one hand behind my neck, pulling my head forward so he could reach my lips easier. His mouth covered mine in a passionate kiss. He pulled away, trailing down my chin, gently tugging on my ponytail to tip my head back, exposing my neck.

Seth's lips got more desperate as the minutes ticked by, as if trying to distract me from any reasons I could think of to stop him. It worked efficiently. His tongue forced my lips open, and I sat there as he explored my mouth. I was in a trance, hearing, seeing, and feeling nothing but Seth.

He eventually lost his enthusiasm and gently laid his lips on mine with the gentlest of pressure. He pecked my forehead softly, lingering there before slowly pulling away.

I sighed, laying my head on his chest while he played with my wet hair, running his fingers through it and getting all the tangles out of it, his other hand on my waist. When he was done with that, his hand cupped my neck, running his thumb along my jugular vein. It felt more intimate than the kisses we'd just shared.

"You know what's in two days, right?" he asked.

"No, what?"

"Valentine's Day." I just sat there, not really getting too excited.

"Oh, vampires celebrate that?"

"Of course we do, Angel. We practically invented the holiday." That made sense.

What do you want?" Seth asked.


"Come on, Angel, don't pull that on me."

"No, seriously. I want absolutely nothing, because if I do get something, then I'll feel obligated to get you something in return. It's just easier for no gifts to go around."

"You're getting something. I'm just not going to tell you what it is."

"Seth!" I wined in protest.

"I like it when you say my name." I slapped his shoulder lightly. His hand that was on my neck grabbed it, making sure I couldn't hit him again. I rolled my eyes. It wasn't like it hurt him or anything. "Do you remember when you said your sister was the big sports star in your house? Back on our first date?"

I immediately tensed. "Yeah, why?" I asked defensively. I knew it. I knew this was coming. All guys like a girl that can play sports, especially as good as Kayla can. I knew that he had made some sort of mistake, had mixed me up with someone else.

"I was just wondering: what about your dancing? Don't your parents like that?" I calmed down, quickly giving myself a mental scolding for overreacting over something so stupid.

"Yeah, but, like I said, I like to dance either by myself of in a group where we're all dancers. Not just by myself in front of an audience."

"Has Elena or Cassie ever seen you dance?"

"Just fun dancing at school dances and stuff. Nothing real."

"Then I feel very special. I got to see you dance."


"You danced with me? And my mom and dad? Oh, my mom wants to do that again. We'll probably start making a few routines."

"Oh, you scared me. I thought you had actually spied on me or something like Sarah did."

"She needed to."

"I know."

"I also remember you saying something about wanting to get married on a beach. That can be arranged, you know."

"And when I said I was boring you…"

"I wasn't bored at all. Just making plans."

"Great, " I sighed, realizing I had just told him almost every detail he needed to know so he could plan our wedding. Obsessed much?

"Isn't it?"

"That was sarcasm, Seth."

"It wasn't for me."

"Trust me, I know."

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