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   Chapter 13 NO.13

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Damn, this was harder than I thought it would be. I was so scared. What if I tripped? What if they thought I wasn't pretty enough? What if I made a bad impression and was shunned from the entire vampire race except for the Valdez family? Deep breaths, Eva. Calm down.

When we had gotten back to the house, Seth and I had each gone to separate rooms to get ready for the ball tonight. Actually, ball sounded too medieval, so I just called it a party. Anyway, I went up to our room, where Kenya and Z were waiting. I had no idea what kind of beauty routine could fill five hours, but I didn't argue as they started right away.

"You're tense, " Kenya stated as Z was looking through the different scented bath bubbles.

"Yeah, something happened, " I whispered. I felt like these girls were my best friends, but I didn't know if they felt the same way about me. Of course they didn't even compare to Elena and Cassie, but they were easy to talk to.

"We do, " they chorused. "Queen Sarah chose us very carefully, making sure that we're vampires you would be able to get along with easily, " Kenya explained.

"So, what happened?" Z asked gently, filling the bathtub with warm water.

"Well, " I sighed, "this is probably going to sound really bad, but I was thinking about leaving." Both their head snapped to my face, which was arranged into a solemn expression.

"Go on, " Z encouraged when I didn't say anything else. I was surprised at the gentleness of her tone, which encouraged me to continue.

"It's just, one of the interviewers asked me what my dreams had been before I met Seth, and-"

"Katie, " Kenya spat, as if there was sand in her mouth. "She's always trying to pry into personal lives, especially the royalties. Don't be surprised if I'm really nice in the morning, then moody in the afternoon. It'll be because she came up to me and probably tried to get dirt on you. You're going to be her main focus point, so don't feel pressured to give her any information you don't want to."

I smiled. "Thanks for the heads up."

"No problem."

"So, everything just came back to you, didn't it?" Z sighed.

"Yeah, it did. I had so many dreams. I wanted to find a cure for cancer, or become a professional dancer. I wanted to live in the middle of nowhere with an amazing husband, who I would chose myself, with a couple of babies and some dogs.

"When I get an idea, I have to think of a plan and look at everything, try to find a flaw. There were obviously a lot, but I looked past all of them and just imagined how my life would play out if I somehow got out of here. I had been thinking about going to a city and joining a gang or something and finding a husband down there. I figured it would almost be the same, just I would be on the streets instead of school or college. It's not like we would have a load of money, so my life would be really simple and nice.

"Well, when we got out of there, Seth freaked and started crying and begging me to stay with him. I felt really bad for making him cry, so I comforted him until he pulled himself back together. When we got to the limo, though, he turned to me and I quote, 'I need you more than you could ever imagine.' What am I supposed to say to that? So all I said was 'I'm sorry' and I'm really hoping he didn't take it the wrong way, like I'm sorry, but I hate you and I'm getting out of this hellhole as soon as possible, because that's not what I meant. I just meant that I'm sorry for making you hurt, but this is my choice. I'm sorry for making you cry and I'm sorry for anything that's going to happen in the future, but I'm not sorry for the choices that I make." I took a deep breath. "Did that make sense?"

"Totally, " Kenya confirmed, while Z nodded, plucking one of the bottles from its place and pouring it in the water. "But I still think you should sit in a bubble bath for a while to just let your muscles relax." I nodded in agreement.

After half an hour of just letting the warm water and strawberry scented bubbles unknot my tense body, Z came in and washed my hair to perfection. "Okay, time to get out, " Kenya came in singing. I smiled. Sarah had done an amazing job in choosing who I would be comfortable with.

They sat me down in a chair, just in a white bra and thong, where Z started blow-drying my hair until it shone, constantly running a brush through it so it dried straight, but very light. When my hair was straight, it came to about the middle of my back. She pulled half of it back, and held it with little black and red roses, each about the size of my thumbnail. When she was done doing that, Kenya gave me a French manicure and matching pedicure.

"Why didn't you just do this while Z was doing my hair?" I asked.

"It's easier to do things individually if we have time to make sure you're totally relaxed and in the right position so whatever it is we are doing can turn out the best it can, " Kenya explained, looking up at me, then going back to my nails.

After that, Kenya put black eyeliner on my eyelids thickly, making wings at the corners. Then, she did my red eye shadow really dark near my lid, getting lighter until she reached my eyebrow. Mascara was applied to perfection on my eyelashes. My lipstick was done a vibrant red with a clear, sparkly coat of lip-gloss over it. "The lipstick tastes like strawberries, " Kenya teased, rummaging around for some lip liner. I raised an eyebrow.


"So…Seth will enjoy kissing you tonight."

My eyes popped out of their sockets, my mouth gaping open. "W-What?"

"Oh, c'mon, you're his soul mate and it's a ball…he's going to kiss you tonight." I blushed. "Perfect! Stay just like that!" She quickly took out her blush and decorated my cheeks. Talk about natural… "Eva! I'm not done! Keep thinking about kissing Seth!" I blushed heavily again. She snickered, finishing her work. "Done!" I looked in the mirror.

My makeup was done heavier, and my hair fancier…but I looked pretty good. "Oh, hey, Kenya, sorry about ruining the makeup the first time around. I didn't mean to cry…"

She opened her mouth to speak, but Seth beat her to it, suddenly standing in the doorway. "Eva, we need…" he trailed off as he stared at me. I gasped, very conscious of how little I had on.

"No!" Z and Kenya shouted. "You can't be in here until she's done! OUT!" Z pointed towards the door while Kenya went over and turned his shoulders, pushing him out the door and slamming it shut.

"Um, we need to practice a little bit of tangoing when you're in heels, if you don't mind, Angel, " he called through the door.

"Okay!" I called back.

Suddenly, the door burst open again.

"What the hell, it's my castle and my room. You can't push me out, " Seth muttered. He zipped over and kissed my hard, putting one hand behind my neck and the other on my lower back. His warms lips crushed mine, and I felt him smile into the kiss before opening his mouth and slowly licking my lips. I opened them on instinct.

"HEY! NOT SO FAST, LOVER BOY!!" Kenya shouted while Z took his hands off me. I pulled away, breathing hard from the intensity of what had just happened. "YOU ARE RUINING MY PERFECTION! YOU ALMOST SMEARED HER BLUSH, AND THAT WAS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME THING!"

"How was it a once in a lifetime thing?" Seth wondered, a confused frown on his face. "You always do an amazing job."


"Why was she blushing?" he smirked, already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear it out loud.

"Because, " the redhead smirked as well, stopping her screaming

"You still could've told me!"

"I wanted it to be romantic when I told you."

"Well, I'm not wearing it until you propose to me properly. And don't even think about doing it right now, because even though I'll be shunned from the whole vampire race, I'll still say no. I don't love you, and I have to be in love before I marry someone." I slid the ring off, grabbed his wrist, turned it palm up, placed the ring in his hand, and closed his fingers around it.

"It'll be back on your finger soon enough, " he vowed determinedly. "The first thing I do the first day of that week when I win that bet and you fall in love with me, I'm going to propose and you're going to say yes. It's only a matter of time. And a few weeks is nothing to me, when you're a vampire, Angel. I can be very patient when I want to be." He put an arm around my waist. "You're still mine, though." I ignored him, fixing my gaze on my two best friends.

"Tomorrow night. Real girls night. You two are telling me everything. Got it?" I demanded. They saluted me, making a smile form on my frowning lips.

"And you tell us everything during the time you've been neglecting us, " Elena added. I agreed.

About an hour later, I started having a lot of fun, just hanging out with my girls. We were joking and drunk off sugar from the pop we were drinking.

The guys watched us dance crazily in amusement. After another two hours, Cody whispered something to Seth and Colton, who both nodded. He headed off into the crowd, Cassie watching him go. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and two spotlights shined down on Cody and Cassie. Colton pulled Elena to his chest and Seth tugged on my hand, leading me away from the spotlights.

"Cody, what are you doing?" Cassie wondered.

"This, " he answered. He started singing Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars to her. Elena and I both gasped. When he was done, Cassie kissed him for all she was worth. That was her favorite song, and Cody had just sang it to her. If I was her, I would have kissed him too. That was really sweet.

Suddenly, the spotlight switched from Cody and Cassie to Colton and Elena, where the brunette boy now had the microphone his brother had been using. Elena's mouth dropped open as he sang Bad by The Cab to her. Elena loves music, she just never gets any chances to listen to it, so I doubted she knew this song. Since she didn't know it, these were the sweetest words ever spoken, or sang, to her. Even if it wasn't exactly a love song, Elena wasn't the girl who wanted to be pampered, either. She liked to just have fun, and be a rebel.

"I mean every word of this song, " Colton announced. "I love this girl for all I'm worth. I would do anything for her." He stared into her eyes. "I want to marry her, and I want her to have all the attention she deserves, even if she already said yes to me privately." He got down on one knee. My mouth was gaping open like a fish, as he said those ever so cliché words, "Will you marry me?" Elena nodded, throwing herself at him and almost crying from how happy she was.

Seth took the microphone from Colton. My smile fell. "Sorry, folks, the song I picked isn't nearly as romantic as these last two, but it describes my girl perfectly. Let's hope I don't mess up, " he chuckled nervously, his eyes darting between mine and the floor as we all waited for the music to start.

I instantly recognized Just the Girl by The Click Five. It wasn't a popular song, and Seth must have spent hours searching for something so perfect to describe our bumpy relationship. He finished the song flawlessly, and I smiled at the truth behind the lyrics.

He looked at me expectantly, gauging my reaction. I smiled. "Yeah, that describes us, " I said. He smiled back. Surprising him, I went over and kissed his gently on his mouth. "That was really sweet. Thank you." He just stared at me, his eyes glazed. "Um, hello? Earth to Seth?" I waved a hand in front of his face, snapping my fingers.

"You kissed me, " he beamed.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious."

"I should do this more often."

"Don't expect the same reaction." He unexpectedly caught my wrist and pulled me into his chest. His other hand snaked around my neck. He kissed me passionately.

The rest of the night was just fun and games without a care in the world. True to his word, Seth never left my side and no other guy dared to look at me in any way other than politeness, although I really don't blame that on Seth, I blame that on myself. I'm not exactly the prettiest girl here.

Crawling into bed that night, a huge yawn escaped my mouth, making Seth chuckle. "You're cute when you're tired." I simply nodded, too exhausted to really care what he said right now. The sun was starting its ascent into the sky for the next day, so I rolled until my head was buried in the darkness of Seth's chest.

Seth pulled me closer than he usually did. Somewhere between the points were I was completely out and where I was awake, my ears detected Seth whispering something. Not bothering with it, I let myself be sucked into the darkness of sleep.

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