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"Okay, you've been here for a little over a week, and the media is getting ready to knock down the door if we don't go out in public soon. So this afternoon, we're scheduled to go talk with some reporters."

"And you thought that today was a good day to tell me this, now that I only have maybe a couple of hours to get ready and prepare myself to be bombarded by vampires?"

I looked around myself, biting my lip nervously. Or less than that, knowing my luck I thought worriedly.

Seth and I were wandering aimlessly in a garden maze he had in his backyard. I had a feeling Seth just wanted to see how long it would take me to complete it, but I kept quiet. There was no way I could get out of this thing. Everything looked the same, and I had absolutely no sense of direction. Now, I also have an interview to prepare myself for. It just made me not want to complete the maze at all, knowing what was waiting for me on the other side.

"Well, your clothes are already picked out and your hair and makeup is going to be done really simply. You don't want to go overboard unless everyone else is, like at parties. Speaking of which…" he trailed off.

"Oh, no!, " I protested, shaking my head and looking straight at him so he coudl see the horror in my eyes. "Is there going to be a huge party tonight that you're not telling me about?"

"It's not called a party, so not exactly."

"Whatever it is you call them!"

"There's a ball planned, yes, " he admitted sheepishly. I was about to lash out at him, already knowing exactly what I would say, but the words died on my tongue at his longing look. "I really wanted to dance with you, and show my people how much you've learned how to tango. You belong here, Angel, and you're been taking everything so well. I'm so proud of you, and I want nothing more than to show you off."

I knew I couldn't avoid the inevitable, so I sighed and agreed to go to the stupid ball. His face lit up, surprising me when he suddenly snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me into his chest. "Thank you, " he sighed happily. I could hear the relieved smile in his voice. We walked in silence for a while after that, just talking and getting to know each other. His favorite color was green, he couldn't stand rap music, and he was surprisingly passionate about dancing. He said it was something he's always done, and he loves to make his parents proud when they watch him glide around the dancefloor like a true professional. I wasn't sure who some of the best vampire tango dancers were. When I asked him who a professional tango vampire was, he replied, "My dad."

Seth eventually took my hand and towed me out of the maze and to our room. There stood Sarah along with two other ladies. One had red, shoulder-length hair, green eyes, and was wearing a jean skirt with a black blouse. Little silver heart earrings sparkled from her ears, matching her silver heels. She carried a make-up bag, and looked very sophisticated.

The other girl had pin-straight, black hair the hung past her waist and striking blue eyes. She had a purple dress with a black belt and black heels on; diamond studs twinkled behind her black mane. A curler, a brush, a comb, and a can of hair spray peeked out of her black bag, and I could only imagine many more tools were hidden in its depths.

Sarah stepped forward, her green dress swishing around her knees. "Eva, meet Kenya, " she gestured to the red head, who curtsied, "and Aleczandra, or 'Z' for short." She also curtsied.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, princess, " they chorused. When I remained speechless, Seth gave me a little nudge.

"Oh, um, you too, " I stuttered, clueless how to respond to such a formal greeting.

"Well, we'll leave you girls alone, " Sarah announced, dragging Seth out of the room despite his protests. He blew me a desperate kiss before disappearing around the corner. Before I had time to drag out the inevitable awkward silence, both girls pointed towards the bathroom, stopping the impending quiet from reaching us.

"Shower, now, " Aleczandra commanded, although I saw respect in her eyes. I nodded, not arguing and doing as they said, making sure to shave. As soon as I turned the water off, they were there, hurriedly drying me off and throwing clothes at me. I was all red.

"Is this…um, normal?" I asked, embarrassed they had dried my body off.

"Oh, yes, " Kenya insisted, handing me lacy black panties and a matching bra while Aleczandra was rubbing a sexy-smelling lotion on my legs. I quickly slipped the underwear on. I noticed a fancy spinning chair in front of a full length mirror that was propped up against a wall. They sat me down in it, and Aleczandra started blow drying my hair.

Thirty-six minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom with my blonde hair in perfect ringlets with a red rose pinning half of it back. My red dress only went about mid-thigh and had a deep v-neck, which was made by the strings tying in the back of my neck, leaving my back bare. I had on black heels, and the bracelet, ring, and necklace that Seth had given me. My make-up was done so simply you could barely tell I had any on, though I looked like a different person. The eyeliner was done very thin, the mascara sticking to my lashes perfectly, the blush in all the right places, and lip-gloss making my lips shine almost naturally.

Seth met me as soon as I stepped out, decked in a simple pair of tan dress pants, a red shirt, and a black fedora hat. He took my hand as we descended the stairs together.

"Hey, Seth?"

"Yes, Angel?"

"Why am I always wearing red and red roses?"

"Every species is color coded. It helps represent us. Red for vampires, green for werewolves, blue for mermaids, black for demons, and so on. Roses symbolizes power in the supernatural world. Vampires are one of the most powerful creatures, and we wear red roses to show that."

I gulped, hoping to never meet a demon.

"They're one of our most trusted allies, Angel. Demons are quite reasonable. Just don't get on one's bad side. Xavier is actually one of my best friends, besides Colton and Cody, of course."

"That sounds...terrifying, " I admitted.

Seth grinned patiently. "Just wait until you meet one. I have a feeling you'll like them. They aren't as bad as the stories say they are. Those stories are just...well, when they're at their worst."

"So the stories are true?" I pressed, raising an eyebrow critically.

"Some." I scoffed. "Alright, most are true."

"That's what I thought, " I muttered.

"Don't judge them until you meet them, Angel. That's all I ask."

"I'll try to keep an open mind, I guess, " I agreed.

We stepped out of the Valdez residence to

ow what life will throw at you, right?" When she opened her mouth to get deeper details, I gave her a look that said, "This conversation is over, get that camera out of my face before I do something you'll regret."

"Well, thank you for being here with us today, " John said, shaking our hands. Katie followed suit. "And in other news today…" The camera turned off of us, and we were free to leave. I was out before anyone else. The tears ran down my cheeks, smearing the make-up that Kenya had done so perfectly. I would have to apologize.

"Eva, wait!" Seth called after me, but I didn't listen to him. No, not anymore. I would make my escape. Tonight. If Elena and Cassie didn't come, I wouldn't spoil their happiness, but it wouldn't be at the cost of mine. Oh, that ball thing was tonight. Lots of people, a lot of noise, lots of distractions… I could make some friends in a big city once I got back to wherever humans were, and they could teach me how to survive… I could make it on the streets, surely? It would be hard, but I could do it. There would be a guy there that I could like and get my life back on coarse, just be on the streets instead of college…

"NO!" Even though he was about ten feet behind me, he caught up with me before I could take another step. There were tears in his eyes. "Please, please, please, anything but this. I'll give you anything you want. Do you want me to introduce you to some demons or fairies or something? Do you want me to get you a tutor so you can study dance? Medicine? We can move out and get a little house somewhere, just you and me Angel. Just pick which one you want! I'm in actual pain, Angel. My heart feels like someone set it on fire. Please, just stay here. Stay with me…" His voice cracked frequently during his confession. The tears he had been attempting to hold back had overflown and were now dripping down his tanned cheeks in small, salty streams. His look of desperation made my heart ache for him.

My face lost its determined look, replaced by one of sympathy. I wrapped my arms around Seth, allowing his head to rest on my shoulder. I ran my fingers through his soft black hair as he cried. Big, tough Seth Valdez. Prince of Vampires. Master of Seduction. And he was crying on my shoulder.

"Shh, " I whispered. "It's okay. You're okay." His arms circled my waist, bringing me closer to his warm body. I felt his tears on my bare skin. I glimpsed Colton and Cody's expressions. They looked betrayed and hurt by my actions, making Seth cry like he was. Cassie and Elena were stuck in the middle, not knowing who to support. They wanted to yell at me for being stupid, but they also understood and were tempted to explain what it was like to have your life ripped away from you unwillingly. But they would never be able to understand exactly what I was going through. Cassie adjusts to change like nothing happened, always landing on her feet. Elena takes a little time, but she doesn't get hurt. She slips, but she doesn't fall. I was secure in my own little world. I wasn't able to catch myself in time.

We stood like that, the four of them watching me console Seth out of the true pity I had for knowing that I was the one who made him cry. When he pulled back, his face was flushed, his eyes bloodshot, some tears still running down his cheeks, and his lips quivering. He looked beyond lost and scared, like a little boy who needed comforting. I reached up and wiped the remaining tears away.

"You okay?" I murmured. He looked indecisive. "Enough to go home?" He shakily nodded, taking a few deep breaths to make his skin return to its normal color. When his lips stopped shaking, his eyes were less red, and his usual tan glow was back, we headed outside. I didn't know if I was going to have a shield this time, so I tried to remember every song on my iPod, in order. I had over one thousand songs on there.

When we were situated and in the limo, the doors closed and on the road back to the house (mansion, castle, palace, whatever you want to call it) I turned to Seth.

When he saw me looking at him, he muttered, "I need you more than you could ever imagine." After he said that, instead of going on a huge ran, I whispered two words that I barely ever allowed to come out of my mouth that would cover everything. It would cover what had happened in the past, what was happening, what had just happened, and anything that would happen.

"I'm sorry."

I hoped he understood.

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