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   Chapter 11 NO.11

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"It's not my fault they didn't shut the door!" I justified myself for what felt like the thousandth time, but Seth ignored me, snickering as I tried again and again to reason with him.

Seth still had my wrists behind my back as he led me to our room and closed the door, then locked it. Uh-oh. That didn't look like a good sign.

"You interrupted a pair of mates, " Seth finally responded. "That's a big offense here, Angel. Colton would be disappointed if I didn't punish you accordingly."

"Like I said, it's not my fault he didn't shut the door!" I argued. He shrugged.

"Jerk, " I huffed.

"Now you're really in trouble, " Seth threatened playfully. "Name calling is very offensive to me." He pushed me down onto the silky red bed sheets. Hovering over me, trapping me. The bed to my back. A vampire above me. Two iron arms of that vampire on either side. "You're under arrest, " Seth said, quirking an eyebrow and fighting his trademark smirk. "You have the right to remain silent."

He moved my hair to one side of my neck, wasting no time in kissing my sweet spot. I heard the challenge. If I stayed silent, I won. If I didn't, he won. Simple as that.

One of Seth's hands went behind my neck, tilting it so he had better access to it. His tongue darted out and lightly grazed my skin, sending a dart of emotion through me. My eyes slipped shut as I tried to focus of something else, anything else, but Seth was someone I just couldn't ignore.

Seth's other hand started working on his task. It traveled down my arm, back up, along my body, to the curve of my waist, the bulge of my hip, down the muscle of my thigh. All the while his mouth obsessed over my skin. Of all days to get in an agreement with Seth, I had to pick today, when I had forgotten to change out of his dress. Karma just wanted to prove that she hated me once again.

I decided to try a different strategy, even though it was a long shot. If I could distract him, wouldn't he stop? Wouldn't that mean I would win if I made him talk first? But I had no experience in this field. Oh well. It was worth a chance. My competitive streak wouldn't allow me to go down without a fight.

My hands started at his head, tangling my fingers in his silky, black hair. His body tensed up, but he didn't stop. Is that distracting you? I taunted, figuring mental communication didn't count. I could use that to my advantage.

He bit down on my neck, giving me another love bite. My teeth snapped together to keep all sound in, swallowing the noise that built up in the back of my throat. It was next to impossible, but I did it.

Is that? he teased. And, as usual, that little challenge turned into an all-out war.

My fingers worked quicker and with more persistence. They plunged in to his ebony growth, loving the feel of it. How did he make his hair so soft when mine was always so frizzy?

I was winning, more in control of my body then he was, and I intended it to stay that way. And it will I thought confidently.

Seth's tongue darted out, gently touching my collarbone. I bit my lip to keep myself quiet. I couldn't afford to lose this challenge after all the ones I had already lost to him. And I don't lose that often. Time to step it up.

My hands traveled down to Seth's chest, where a thin, black t-shirt covered his perfection. I slowly moved my fingers down, only letting the tips of them graze his shirt, knowing he would barely feel it, but he would sense enough pressure to drive him crazy.

When I got to the end, my hands dove under to feel his eight-pack. I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. My guy is the best.

Then I had another thought. What if..? I uncertainly pulled Seth's shirt off, a blush covering my cheeks the whole time. Seth raised his head from my neck to look at me in shock, then satisfaction. I gave him a shaky smile.

My eyes were drawn to his abs. They were strong from obvious discipline and energy and gloriously defined. He tilted my chin up. My eyes are up here he teased. I glared. He snickered. All is fair in love and war, Angel.

We copied each other. When one did something, the other did the exact same thing until it w

va. Please?"

"I'm going to sound like a possessive girlfriend, " I muttered.

"At least you'll sound like my girlfriend, " Seth snickered.

"Okay, it's just you act so oblivious to her! Did you not notice her draping herself over you like you were her personal couch or something? If I didn't know better, I'd say you were her soul mate. Sorry if I sound like a brat, but she's a total tramp, and you act like you're best friends with her! Not to mention that she totally challenged me for you, and you didn't stand up for me! You just stood there! How am I supposed to compete with her? She's beautiful! And it's no mystery to why she challenged me. You made it sound like we were brother and sister! And-"

"Okay, okay, just slow down for a second!" Seth interrupted. "First of all, is that why you flirted with that guy at the one sports store?" I nodded. "Okay, good. I was starting to think you actually liked him. Second of all, what do you mean she challenged you? She didn't even say anything bad."

"You're a guy, therefore, you can't possibly understand, " I huffed.

"Try me."

"Did you notice the way she held herself? The way she walked? The way she was so confident around us? The way she was all over you? She was saying, 'Seth's mine. I'm not scared of you.' That was her challenge. If I had fought back, I would have done the exact same thing as her, except in a much more sarcastic way, bolder way than she did. But I couldn't.

"My first strike was the way you treated me like a sister rather than a girlfriend. That gave her a smooth ride right to where she wanted to be: in your arms. My second strike was when you didn't push her away when she leaned against you. That said that you didn't care for me much, at least in a romantic way. And my third was when I knew I couldn't fight back, because she's so beautiful and both of us girls know that someone like me could never compete with someone like her for someone like you!"

"Shut the hell up, Eva!" Seth snapped. We glared at each other as long and hard as we could. I eventually shook my head with an exasperated sigh of annoyance and broke his gaze. I went to get up, but he grabbed my waist and pinned me on the bed.

"I love you, " Seth said forcefully.

"Fine, " I snapped.

"I love you, " he repeated.


"I love you."

"…" I didn't say anything.

"I love you, " he whispered, gently kissing my cheek, then letting me up. I fled to the library and started reading the first book my hand grabbed. The History of Witches. I sat down and tried my best to get lost in some other time, some other place. The other Eva--the Eva before Seth, who from here on out will be known as the other Eva--was able to do this effortlessly, almost unthinkingly. Where had she gone?

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