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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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I was surprised to wake up after a dreamless night. I was sure Seth would appear in my dreams. The aforementioned breezed in with nothing but a towel around his waist and dripping ebony hair.

"Morning Angel, " he sang, pecking my forehead.

I groaned. "Too early, " I moaned, digging my face into the pillow and pulling the sheets more tightly around me. I suddenly didn't have any sheets covering me. I growled in annoyance. Then the aroma of scrambled eggs and bacon reached my senses, and I forcefully dragged myself out of the comfortable bed.

"We're leaving in an hour, " Seth informed me. I rolled my eyes. As if he would leave without me.

After eating, I got a shower. I wrapped a towel around my body when I got out and cursed myself for not bringing clothes with me. I peeked out the door to find my vampire soul mate sprawled across the bed and surrounded by a ton of papers that belonged on an office desk. He seemed to be enthralled but them, so I crossed my fingers that he wouldn't look up and decided to make a break for the closet.

I timidly stepped out of the bathroom- after making sure the towel was extra securely wrapped around my body- and dashed into the closet to select some clothes. I decided on jeans, a red V-neck shirt, and plain black sneakers. It was nothing fancy, as usual.

When I turned around, I ran right into Seth's chest. One of my hands were clutching the clothes while the other clung to the towel for all I was worth. Seth put his hands on my waist to steady me.

Color flooded my cheeks while Seth snickered. "Let me go, Seth, " I demanded.

"Not to burst your bubble, Angel, but you're not exactly in a very good position right now to be telling me what to do, " he retorted, still chuckling.

I sighed, knowing he was right. "What do you want?"

"Hmm, " he mused. "I could get anything I want from you. What should I have Eva, my innocent Angel, do for me? Beg for mercy, maybe?" While he was talking, his accent became more pronounced and he fingered the material of the towel. One little piece of cloth between me and his eyes. I shuddered. One little piece of cloth from me losing my innocence. The thought made my blood run cold and my palms start to sweat. I knew Seth would never do that to me, but he wasn't afraid to scare me a little and get something in the deal. I was terrified at his empty threat.

"I know, " the prince of vampires whispered in my ear. "I think I'll pick out what you wear today. You wear it, and I'll forget this ever happened. Okay?"

I gulped. "And if I don't?" I inquired, already knowing the answer.

"Isn't that a little obvious, Angel?" Seth breathed, tugging lightly on my towel. I bit my lip, my hand tightening on the material. "Don't tempt me to demonstrate for you."

"Fine, " I told him stiffly.

Seth reluctantly let go of my waist and watched as I stalked past him and back into the bathroom. I made sure to bump his shoulder on the way as my own tiny form of revenge. He chuckled at my small demonstration of toughness. I dressed, dried my hair, put on my usual makeup of concealer and mascara, and slipped on the ring Seth had insisted I wear every day since I met his family. I didn't care, it was a pretty ring.

When I came out, Seth clicked his tongue disapprovingly. "What did I say, Angel?" he inquired.

"What was I supposed to do? Walk around in a towel?" I retorted.

"You could've, " Seth shot back.

I blushed. "Shut up, " was my lame retort. He chuckled at my blush.

"So innocent…" he sighed. He then handed me what I was to wear. I trooped back into the bathroom to change. It was a red dress. It had thin straps, with a dip that was just modest enough to get my acceptance and a hem that stopped above my knees. It was simple, yet elegant. I also doned ballet flats and the jewelry that I wore when I met the Valdez family. I twisted and turned in the mirror, unsure what I thought about my new attire. It was such a drastic change from what I usually wore, but I eventually decided it made me feel important, like I was someone who had to wear dresses to symbolize my status. Not in the I-know-that-I'm-pretty way that some girls wear dresses, but more like dressing-up-like-this-is-a-part-of-my-daily-life-now-but-I'm-still-nice-and-a-regular-girl-for-the-most-part. It made me feel like a princess.

By the time the six of us were ready- including all of us having breakfast, blood or food- it was 10:15. Seth had dragged me out of bed way earlier than he needed to, I thought.

Just as we were about to leave, something shiny caught the reflection of the sun through the kitchen window. I glanced around for the source, easily locating it on Cassie's left ring finger. I raised an eyebrow at the blue ring that sure looked a lot like an engagement ring. It was simple, just a plain gold band with that stunning blue focuspoint gleaming in the sunlight. She blushed and giggled when she noticed my gaze, shrugging modestly.

I looked to Elena, hoping she could explain things, but she also had on a blue ring on her left ring finger. Her's was a little more extravaggent than Cassie's, with a slightly bigger stone and small encrusted diamonds around the sparkling centerpiece. She blushed and started spinning her ring around and around, smiling the entire time.

The three guys came in with beaming smiles. I scowled at them, not forgetting about their master plan. I still hadn't thought of a new escape plan, and I still couldn't warn Elena and Cassie about what we were about to freely walk in to. To think of all the lacy and revealing clothes they would get and we would be forced to wear since we didn't have any money of our own…They were going to make us look like we belonged in a play-boy mansion! Hell, we pretty much were! Was I the only one that realized this?

They led us outside and leaned against the three parked motorcycles. I had to admit, they made a pretty impressive sight. They could be posing for the front cover of a motorcycle magazine, or maybe advertising a new kind of leather jacket. I don't know, but if I threw in some music, flashing lights, and papparazzi, these guys could be mistaken for male models in Hollywood. No one would know that they were vampire royalty instead.

At first I couldn't tell the difference between Colton's motorcycle and Cody's. Both were sleek black models with impressive rumbling engines, blue flames outlined in white decorating the sides of them. Then I saw the gas tanks. On Colton's, Elena was scrawled in elegant blue cursive. Cassie was shown her own name on Cody's motorcycle in the same blue font.

Seth casually reclined on my favorite of the three monsters, though. He beckoned me over with a crooked finger, and I stepped closer to look at the familiar beast. It was the one that he had used way back when he had picked me up that Friday night, long ago. Black with, again, flames, but these ones were bright, blood red with a white outline. They looked like sharp, challenging, dangerous flames that could easily destroy anything in their path. Sexy.

Seth snagged my waist and brought me to his chest. I was forced to straddle his legs, practically sitting on his lap while he leaned back against his ride.

"Does my motorcycle impress you, Angel?" he asked, kissing down my neck. I gripped his shoulders so I wouldn't fall over.

"It brings back a few memories." I don't think I answered his question, but it was the only sentence that made sense. Everything else was just words strung together in the wrong order, probably not even complete thoughts. I was too distracted by his lips dragging along my skin.

"We'd better go, before I end up with you back in bed, " he sighed. I nodded. I'm pretty sure I was agreeing with whatever he'd said, but I doubted myself when his lips pulled away. I'd just wanted him to keep kissing me.

Seth dumped a helmet on my head that matched the bike's design. He climbed on and patted the seat behind him, looking at me with a daring glint in his eyes. I raised an eyebrow, regaining my sass.

"Do you really want me to flash every guy that we pass on the whole ride there, Seth?" I asked innocently. I saw his teeth snap together. He got on a look that wasn't unlike the one Elena had on when she was trying to solve a really hard math problem. He finally got off and nodded for me to get on.

I smirked at him and obediently sat down on the motorcycle, despite my dress. Seth got on behind me. Like the night he had picked me up for our first date, his hands started just below my chest, slowly trailing down my stomach, hips, and thighs, making the dress longer. When it was a length that satisfied him, he wrapped his arms around my body, bringing the motor to life. I tried my best to ignore his warm body right behind me. It was hard, resisting someone who was gentically designed to make you feel comfortable, happy, and turned on.

ven closer until our lips were practically touching. My breath got shallower. I tried to back up, but the wall told me I was as far back as I could go. "You are my girl! Mine!"

Then he crashed his lips on mine. My first kiss. And Seth took it.

I gasped, not expecting him to be so straight-forward. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, hungrily memorizing every inch. My heart was pounding. My head was fuzzy. Blood roared in my ears. My face was flushed cherry red. And I loved every second of it. My hands tangled in Seth's hair as he brought one hand to my chin, holding my head in place, (like I was going anywhere soon) while the other went to the small of my back, crushing my body to his. Sunlight wouldn't be able to leak in between us.

You are mine. Seth told me, his voice loud and clear in my spinning head. I had no witty comeback. I pulled away, gasping for breath, but he wasn't done. His mouth traveled down my chin and started searching for something. It didn't take him long to find it. I sucked in a breath as his lips landed right below my jawline, the skin especially sensitive.

"Bingo, " Seth smirked. He kissed it before licking it with the tip of his tongue. I did something that was between a gasp and a moan. He gently bit it, careful not to draw blood. "You know, if we weren't in public, I would fulfill that promise I made in the kitchen last night, " Seth whispered. "But I don't want any guy looking at you." I shivered.

"I-um-" I lost my train of thought when Seth again bit down on my sweet spot. I ground my teeth together to not let any sound escape.

"Say my name, Eva, " Seth commanded huskily, my name rolling of his tongue naturally.

"Seth, " I sighed, bringing his lips back up to mine. He gave me a slow, passionate kiss, so different from the other. This one made my toes curl, my knees weak, and my back arch.

"Whoa!" Elena and Cassie's voices came out of no where. Seth and I jumped back from each other. I licked my lips and hastily ran a hand through my hair. My smile couldn't be contained though.

"Way to go, man!" Cody congratulated Seth. It took me a moment to realize that I was now marked. This was apparently a big step.

Cassie ran over to me, jabbing a finger at my neck, and Elena gasped, giving Colton a quick kiss on his cheek before joining us.

"What?" I wondered. They spun me around to show me in the mirror. Right on my neck was a huge red spot where Seth had kissed, bit, and licked mercilessly. I gasped. "Seth!"

"Yes, Angel?"

"You gave me a hickey!" Great! Now I had to walk around all day showing off that Seth and I had gotten it on! Just perfect!

"I wanted to mark you as mine to vampires and humans." Yeah, right. We were the only humans here.

"Good idea, Seth, " Cody commented, going over to nuzzle Cassie's neck. She giggled and snuggled up against him.

"Yeah, good idea, " Colton whispered in Elena's ear from behind her.

I stalked up to Seth with a slow, cunning walk. He eyed me warily.

"What?" he whispered.

"You, " I breathed in his ear, reaching up on my toes, "are so gonna pay for that." His face held worry, anticipation, excitement, and thought. I gave him a smirk.

It was a very long day. Of course, Marshall, Sarah, Victoria, and Riley arrived in a black limo to take all the bags home. I dragged my feet to Seth's motorcycle. Despite how tired I was, I still smiled as he put on my helmet for me and started the engine.

Seth took the lead, followed by Cody, then Colton. I was smiling so big as the wind howled in my ears and burned my skin I thought my cheeks would drop off.

As soon as Colton had parked his bike and got both helmets off, he took Elena in his arms bridal-style and ran to their room. Cody dragged Cassie somewhere. Seth said he had some stuff to do, so I shrugged and walked around the land aimlessly, enjoying the soft wind on my cheeks. After about ten minutes, I decided that I would go put some songs on my iPod.

Heading inside, I couldn't help but think of Seth. Would it really be easier to just try and date him? Then, if I didn't like it, we could break up? But what if it was awkward afterwards? I immediately dismissed the whole idea. I wasn't taking that chance. Might as well be sure of it first.

Just as I was walking past Elena and Colton's room, I lazily glanced in. I stopped short when I realized that they were in a hot make-out session. I smirked. Oh, this would be fun.

He let go of her wrists and Elena's fingers traveled up his shirt, slipping it off to reveal his six-pack. I was just waiting for the right moment, and when Colton started removing Elena's shirt in return, I made my grand entrance.

"Don't shut the door or anything!" I yelled, immediately smirking when Elena's head whipped to the door to see me standing there. She blushed apple red. I snickered at her. Colton glared at me.

"Angel, you need to leave Colton alone, " Seth said, appearing seconds later. I jumped slightly, then recovered.

"But he's hogging my best friend!" I whined, quickly making up an excuse.

"Then I'll just have to entertain you myself." I did the first thing that popped into my head, which probably wasn't very smart. I ran into the room.

"Protect me, Colton! I'll be your slave for a week!" I tried to bargain with him.

"Aw, what kind of friend would I be if I took you away from Seth, Eva?" Colton told me, pinning my hands behind my back. I tried to struggle free with no luck.

"Elena, tell your boyfriend to let go of me!" I pleaded as Seth stalked up to me, an evil glint in his eye. …I didn't want to know.

"Nah, I think he should teach you a lesson about invading people's personal moments, " she told me sickly sweetly.

"Traitor!" I accused as Seth took my wrists from Colton. What was I here, a prisoner?

"Have fun, " Seth told them, shutting the door behind him. He looked down at me and smirked. …I still didn't want to know.

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