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The past couple of days have irrevocably changed my life forever. I was kidnapped Friday, learned about vampires and soul mates Saturday, and fought with Marshall Sunday. I was emotionally drained, to say the least.

Friday came and, as usual, I woke up in Seth's arms. I sighed, still not used to having someone sleep in the same bed as me, but not able to deny that it was nice to not wake up alone, to have a feeling of security, knowing someone was always there to keep me safe in the night if anything were to happen.

I mentally slapped myself, hard. I was only sixteen! Plus, I had only been here one week. And I thought that it felt nice to sleep in Seth's arms? I hadn't even known the guy for more than a couple of weeks! Not to mention the fact he sprung on my the day after he kidnapped me. You know, the one that he was a vampire and all. I needed to get a grip.

With some force, I was able to wiggle my way out of Seth's cage of limbs.

Just as I was about to stand up, arms snaked back around me, keeping me in place. "You didn't think you'd get away that easily, did you?" Seth whispered in my ear, his mouth so close that his lips lightly brushed my ear whenever he talked.

So close… I thought, eyeing the door longingly.

"Not close at all."

"I was almost out the door!" I retorted.

"So?" He smirked at me. "You think you could out run me?" His arms were gone for a second before they were back. "You think you're stronger than me?" he continued. There was a fairly large stone in his hand; he had gone outside and back in that second. Without effort, he crushed the stone, turning it to powder with only two fingers.

I was awed, my eyes wide and my mouth gaping open. I'd never seen him act so much like…himself. He'd always acted like a human, but that wasn't him. Seth was a vampire. I noticed he was breathing heavily.

"Go, " he breathed, his breath swirling around me. His breath smelt like caramel. I breathed deeply, savoring the smell. He turned me around and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes. It was times like this that I just wanted time to freeze, locking us in place for eternity. I would be happy.

When I pulled away, his eyes were red. I pointed it out.

Seth nodded, his black hair falling in his eyes. "I need blood. And your scent…it's not exactly helping. At all." He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

I knew I should be scared. My brain was screaming at me, telling me to run away, never come back. But I just couldn't. For some reason all I felt was an overwhelming sense of calm.

For a couple of minutes, I just stared into Seth's red orbs, trying to figure out why I didn't run away, get out of there as fast as I could. And he stared right back at me.

"Go, " Seth repeated, more forceful this time. I got a grip on myself and scrambled up, walking away from him before I did something I would regret.

I waked to the kitchen with ease, grabbing a doughnut and a glass of milk before leaning against the counter.

A couple of minutes later, Seth came in, clocked me standing there, then seemed to disregard me presence. He flashed to the fridge, yanking it open and pulling out a bottle of thick, red liquid. He popped the top and chugged it, not stopping until not one drop was left.

I watched in fascination. He looked so natural. He shot me a look that clearly said Get out of here, but I stayed put. If he didn't hurt me before, then had some blood, how bad could he be now?

One more bottle and Seth turned around to face me, green eyes back. "You shouldn't have seen that, " he told me.

I shrugged. "If I'm gonna stay here, I might as well see it. It's who you are, Seth, and you can't change it."

"Regardless, " he muttered. I shrugged again.

"Just go get dressed. I'll talk to you later." I realized we were both still in our pajamas. I had on shorts and a white shirt that had a bunch of black ninjas on it. There was one pink ninja and in big pink letters said 'STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!' Seth just had on a loose pair of black shorts. No shirt.

My eyes scanned his body, marveling at his tan, hard chest and clearly displayed eight-pack. "See something ya like, Angel?" Seth asked smugly. I tore my gaze away to roll my eyes at him and saunter away, throwing over my shoulder, "I'm nobody's angel."

The day passed uneventfully. I danced, Seth and I danced, I read my book-which I'd gotten from the library, a new favorite spot-and wrote some more in my re-started story. I loved to write. It had the same escape that reading provided, allowing me to place myself in another world for a while. When writing, though, it challenged me to make up interesting and creative scenes and ideas. I felt a feeling of pride whenever my brain automatically flowed words onto the page without me even thinking about, and one of the times I really, truly smiled was when I got a brilliant idea that foreshadowed the upcoming plot line. Writing and reading were two of my escapes, along with dancing, and feelings of freedom flooded my body whenever I did any of them. I felt invincible.

I was currently writing when Elena and Cassie burst into the room. They each grabbed one of my legs and pulled me off the bed. I bumped my head. "What the hell?" I screeched, rubbing my now sore cranium.

They each helped me up and towed me to the living room where movies were scattered in front of the flat screen TV, no less than ten pounds of junk food on every flat surface, and blankets and pillows were covering the remaining space. I grinned at them. It was confession night, where we talk about anything and everything and do anything that makes us happy, such as pigging out and watching movies. A true girls night in.

Then, the guys were with us. Cody snuck up on Cassie and grabbed her around the waist, lifting her off her feet and twirling her around before giving her a playful kiss. She giggled.

Colton crept up to Elena and whispered "Hey, Raven, " in her ear, wasting no time in spinning her around to face him and caringly lip-locking with her. She sighed in content.

Seth wrapped his arms around my body, pinning my arms to my sides, and claimed, "Mine." Notice how he was the only one who had a possessive term of endearment?

Elena and Cassie had already picked out all our favorites, which totaled somewhere around fifty movies. For every movie night, each of us picked two movies, which made up six. Then, if we still felt like watching, then we would have to agree on something.

"Where'd you get all the movies from?" I asked. They pointed to a door.

"In there, " Elena said. I walked over and opened the door to find more movies than five Netflix movie rooms combined.

"Oh, " I said stupidly.

"The guys don't want to watch anything partic

idn't do it, and I had been in track for a few years. I was a sprinter, though, and just the thought of long distance had me tired.

"Okay, maybe ten miles was a bit of an exaggeration for you guys, but you get my point." I wanted to point out that humans who had trained themselves could comfortably run ten miles, but I held my tongue. It wouldn't have solved anything, and it may have made him lose his train of thought. "Well, that's what it's like when we read minds or something vampire-like, " he continued, ignoring our comment. "And we have to…drink…at least once a day. Kinda like you eat at least once a day."

We went to correct him, but he held up his hand.

"I know it's common to eat three meals, and usually you eat snacks in between, but it's not mandatory. Your body is just used to that kind of schedule. Eating once a day is perfectly healthy if you had grown up with that sort of lifestyle." (A/N: this is completely false, I have no clue about normal eating habits and what can/can't be healthy. Please, no one take this seriously.)

"And then there's temptation, " Seth continued. "For example, if you see freshly baked cookies just sitting on the counter, you would eat one, right?"

We agreed, guilty as charged.

"That's what it's like for some types of blood. Some blood just calls to us. But we've had practice with resisting. We only drink blood from blood drives and some human donations. Rarely animals, but that's only if we're desperate. We don't need much, just about a quart a day."

"So, " I wondered, "is a soul mate's blood tempting?"

No one answered, which I took affirmatively.

"So, " Colton started, "the guys and I have been thinking you girls need to go shopping. Get you some things of your own, stuff you can call yours."

"And we can't give you clothes forever, " Seth continued. While we were sleeping, they had been sneaking into our houses and getting us the clothes that we needed. A little creepy, but it beat the alternative, whatever that would've been.

"There's a mall about fifteen minutes from here, so we were going to go there tomorrow, okay?" Cody said. We nodded. That's when all the guys started smirking and looking incredibly smug.

My eyebrows pulled together. Why would they be smug about buying us clothes? I thought on it for a while. They would be spending an awful lot of money. We would have to start from scratch, from shirts to pants to underwear. Hopefully they wouldn't drag us into the honeymoon section of Victoria's Secret...

I paled. That was exactly it! They were going to buy us the most ridiculous clothes that were lacy and revealing. We had no choice in the matter, since it was their money. It's not like they would let us get a job, either, to get our own money We were completely at their mercy. Well, Seth's bank account's mercy. Their plan was good, I'd give them that. I couldn't think of a brilliant way around it, so the only other option was to stay here and not go.

"Hey, girls, " I rushed out to Elena and Cassie. "We're not-"

"Don't tell them, " Seth sing-songed in my ear. My lips were sealed. I tried to reach for my bra strap, but Seth captured my hands and threateningly brushed his lips against the corner of my mouth.

How could you have figured it out already? Cody complained.

Because you underestimated me I retorted.

"C'mon, Angel, " he whispered to me. "Let us have our fun. I'll even buy you a new iPod if you don't say anything." He chuckled with male, vampire, sadistic pride. "Oh, wait, you can't. Because I told you not to." Great, I would have to come up with a new plan by morning. My eyes started drooping.

I yawned and mumbled my goodnights before retreating upstairs. I brushed my teeth and yanked my hair in a ponytail after putting my pajamas on. When I went back into the room, Seth was already on the bed, waiting for me.

His green eyes gazed at me, and he grinned a lazy smile. I sighed in defeat. I could be mad at him tomorrow. I crawled into bed, facing away from Seth like I usually did. He wrapped his arms around me, tugging my ponytail out and running his fingers through my hair.

I sighed, burying myself in his caramel scent. The best part of nights here? Seth slept without a shirt. I could definitely get used to his abs. And he knew exactly how to make me sleepy. Right now, his hands were moving against my neck and shoulders, relaxing my tense muscles, and his voice was cooing in my ear, coaxing me to sleep. I was out like a light.

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