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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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I woke up shivering. Where were the blankets? Even in summer, I liked to practically cook myself while I slept. The warmth was always comforting to me.

I saw a panicked Seth at the foot of the bed, holding them. Seth? Panicked? I wondered, mystified.

"Get a shower and get dressed. One hour, " he rushed, grabbing my hand and leading me to the bathroom. I sleepily stumbled after him. Seth practically threw me in, thrusting clothes into my hand before slamming the door shut.

Someone's feeling caveman-like I thought grumpily. Next thing I knew, he would be clapping his hands and jumping around at the concept of fire. I turned he shower on and waited for it to warm up. I got in and made sure to wash really well and shave. Hot water equaled paradise.

When I got out, I examined the clothes. He had given me black jeans and a pretty, red silk shirt. There were also black stiletto heels.

I dressed, but left the heels on the floor. I have a strict No Heels rule. Checking the clock, I saw I had another 30 minutes. I quickly dried and straightened my hair. As fast as I could, I put on some mascara, foundation, and lip gloss. Checking myself in the mirror once more, I deemed it good enough.

When I opened the door, Seth was standing on the other side. His gaze snapped up and his eyes widened before he regained his calm-and-cool composure.

"Here, " he told me, handing me a simple black bracelet and a ring. He turned me around and draped a necklace around my neck. The band of the ring was silver with miniscule diamonds, but the focus was the single black diamond. The carvings reminded of medieval times, and I couldn't help but gawk at the simple beauty of it. "Do you not like it?" Seth's silky voice floated into my ear.

"No!" I exclaimed. "It's beautiful! I don't fell like I should wear it…"

"Trust me, " Seth muttered. "You defiantly should. Put it on." I tried, but it didn't fit on my finger. "Try this one, " he chuckled, sliding the ring onto my left ring finger. It slid on like it was made for me.

"Wow, " I whispered, unable to stop myself from gawking at the pretty piece of jewelry around my finger. Then I looked at the necklace. It was a thin silver chain with another black diamond in a silver setting. It, too, was beautiful.

"Why aren't you wearing the heels?" Seth asked.

"I do not wear heels, " I told him. "Ever."

"Please?" Seth whined. It wasn't annoying, somehow. His whine was deep and hot, with a hint of playfulness. I felt my defense starting to weaken. "For me?"

"No…" My "strict rule" came out uncertain. So much for willpower.

"Just for today, " Seth

rah's place one day?"

"Most likely, yes. We were just making sure you were up to it." I swallowed hard.

"How soon before that am I going to have to…become part of your family?"

"You already are, " Seth interrupted.


"You are. Soul mates are family as soon as they're born."

"Marriage, Seth. On a piece of paper, in writing, saying that we are bonded politically."

"As soon as you feel comfortable with it, Eva, " Marshall answered. "Vampires believe that when two people are in love, there should not be a time limit to when they show that love in front of their friends and family."

I took a deep breath. "And after that, will Seth change me?" I asked. Marshall nodded.

"Will I have to go to public events?"

"Yes, as the destined Mrs. Valdez, you will be wanted to be interviewed and fawned over, " Seth explained.

"Will I have to dress up?"


"Damn. I mean, darn. Sorry, Marshall." Was I allowed to swear in front of a king? It didn't seem appropriate.

Seth's dad laughed at me. "It's quite alright, Eva. I understand."

"Enough questions, Angel. Let's get you some food." I didn't object.

He slung an arm around my shoulders and led me down the hall. Gah! Why were there so many halls?! I'll never be able to know where everything is!


A/N: Okay, so kind of a sucky chapter, but I just wanted to show you guys some key points in the story and clear a few things up. Seth's family is officially introduced on thier own territory, and you see Eva isn't as weak as some of you may think. She has spunk, she just hides it for when she needs it.

Okay, up and out! Vote, comment, and fan! Thanks so much! :)

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