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Updated: 2018-01-26 18:38

So, this is just a bonus chapter that I decided to write because I wanted to do something in Seth's point of view. So, I thought, what better scene than the one that starts this whole thing?! Enjoy, my lovely Seth-obsessed readers! <

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Love at First Sight (Seth's POV)

I groaned in exhaustion. It was times like this when I wished I had a werewolf's scenting ability so I could scent her out already. I knew I had to be close, but I couldn't even feel the pull anymore except if I concentrated really, really hard. Even then, I wasn't able to decipher which way it was telling me to go. I looked around at the tiny village, catching the name of it on a small, cracked wooden sign: Newberry.

I forced myself on, trying to motivate myself with thoughts of what she would be like. Would she be curvy or thin? Blonde, brunette, redhead? Would her eyes be brown and doe-like, a striking bright blue, a dark, calming blue, or green like my own? What about her personality? Would she be stubborn or timid? Submissive or rebellious? Confident or—I cut myself off. I already knew the answer to that. Of course she would be confident. All queens were, no matter the species. She would be perfect.

Cody was still talking a mile a minute, blabbering our ears off about how much he couldn't wait to meet his soul mate, how she was going to be so perfect, how she might even let him drink from her a time or two before he turned her so he could see how amazing she tasted…

"Cody!" his twin, Colton, growled. "If you focused your energy on actually finding her instead of talking about her, we might find them quicker!" That shut him up.

I noticed a building that looked like a school was lit up. I gestured towards it, and we immediately zipped up to the doors. We entered silently, noiselessly and supernaturally quickly climbing up the walls to look down from the ceiling. We would attract too much unwanted attention, and even though we wouldn't be asked to leave or anything--we royalty had an air of soothing charm about us--we were all too tired to deal with any humans other than our mates. This also made surveying the gym, which the doors we had entered led us to, much easier and faster.

I spotted her almost immediately. How could I not? She stood out from everyone else so much. Her baggy black sweatshirt hung off of her slim form, but her grey skinny jeans molded to her muscled legs deliciously. Casual black converse were on her feet. H

e ourselves and ask them, since they wouldn't be able to resist us! Wow, any of that would be amazing!"

"Smartass, " I mumbled, crawling closer and straining to hear their conversation. My nexus number followed close behind.

"You watch the weirdest things, Eva, " the brunette laughed, lightly shoving my mate.

"Eva…" I repeated, awestruck. She had a beautiful name to match her appearance.

"Like you watch anything better on TV, " she defended herself, eyes glinting with suppressed laughter. "What, did you just watch a documentary on Animal Planet?"

"You're the one that would ever watch a documentary on Animal Planet!" her other friend insisted.

I wanted nothing more than to listen to her voice, Eva's voice, all night, but Colton and Cody dragged me away.

"We're giving off too many pheromones, " Colton explained. "The humans will start to find us if we don't get out of here. They're already starting to fidget uncomfortably."

I noticed he was right. Most of the people in the gym were now restless, looking around as if searching for the source of their sudden discomfort.

Our bodies were giving off automatic mating signals to attract our mates. Vampires were the seductive ones of the supernatural races, so we were instantly trying to lure our girls into bed the second we saw them. As royalty, it was a stronger response than any other living creature. I was probably mostly to blame, since I was prince and therefore my reaction was the most prominent.

"All right, " I sighed. "We'll enroll tomorrow."

With one last, long look to commit our mates' faces to memory, we snuck out of the gym, our lives now complete and no ache in our chests whatsoever.

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