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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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I sighed in content. My two best friends were happy, and I had just found a room where I could dance whenever I wanted. Life couldn't be much better in my simple opinion.

My heaven lasted no more than a few minutes. Seth walked in, looking as smug as ever. I rolled my eyes. "Are you always this cocky, or does it require energy to have an ego that big?" I snapped.

Seth ignored my comment. "So I see you found your room, " he stated, tone too casual.

"My room?" I clarified, raising a suspicious eyebrow.

"I knew how much you loved to dance, and dancing is important to our culture. So, I had a room built for you to relax in, and also for you to learn our style of dancing."

My heart softened. That kind of consideration was staggering. I didn't know if this room had always been here, or what it used to be, but he'd just given me the best gift I could have asked for--a sanctuary. "Thank you, " I responded sincerely.

Seth shrugged nonchalantly. "You deserve the best, angel."

"Don't call me that."

"You look like one."

"I don't act like one."

"You will, " he replied with another smirk. I started to get the feeling he knew exactly how that certain grin affected the regularity of my heartbeat. "You'll come around."

"Don't count on it, " I huffed, exasperation coating each word. I pivoted and started walking toward the change rooms. My body was still loose and flexible, making my walk have a bit of a skip in it and my hips sway a little more than they had to. My head was held high and my back was straight. I always loved the confidence I felt after dancing, like no one could reach me while I was on my own personal cloud nine.

"Wait, " Seth commanded. My feet were cemented to the ground. This was the first time he used his powers on me, and I struggled uselessly for a minute before giving up.

I heard him stalk up to me. His hands started at my back, fingertips slowly inching up my shirt, then around my sides to finally clasp together at the front of my bare stomach. His hands felt exceptionally warm against me. His bare chest, pressed up against my back, made my bones liquefy, leaving me a pile of mush in his arms. I leaned into him for support, not trusting my unsteady legs. I really didn't want to give him the satisfaction, but the thought of falling to the ground because my legs gave out on me due to his closeness had me deciding this option was less embarrassing.

"I like this outfit, " Seth breathed against my neck. I couldn't suppress the chills that went down my spine, making me shiver in delight. He pressed me closer to him.

"Is that all?" I pressed impatiently. Please, just let me go and leave me alone I begged silently. I don't know what you do to me, but I don't like it.

"I think it's time you danced some real tango, angel."

"If you want an angel, you're out of luck, " I retorted hotly.

"We'll see, " Seth said, gently sucking my earlobe into his mouth. Oh my god.

"Stop, please, " I whispered breathlessly. The feelings he gave me were too much. I knew that if I didn't shape up, he was going to break me. Me and my walls. And if he broke me, I wouldn't be able to defend myself again like I can now. Then the words people said to me would actually affect me, and I wouldn't be able to portray myself as untouchable anymore. The end result of the chain reaction would hurt much worse than the pain of pushing him away now, like I've done to so many other people before. I had to get my head on straight.

"Go get a dress, " was all he said. My feet started walking. As soon as I was away from him, I locked up my walls tightly. Damn you, Seth... I thought poisonously, trying to get my mind back on track. My feet found themselves in the part with the dresses. My fashionable eye immediately landed on the most beautiful dress ever. It was a deep blood red number with black accents, sexy yet elegant.

Perfect. I needed something to give me confidence.

Looking in the mirror, I scowled at the girl I knew was me. Her flyaway strays of blonde hair made her seem incompetent rather than put-together. Her skin was dotted with acne. Her limbs were too long and too thin for her body. Her body itself was too tall and too skinny. She looked like she hadn't eaten in days. Her chapped lips were pulled into an ugly scowl, knowing that smiling didn't add anything helpful to her appearance, so why bother? I shook my head scornfully, kicking the mirror with my bare foot, hoping it would break despite the pieces of glass I knew would get stuck in my skin. I wasn't that lucky. It stayed perfectly in tact, mocking me, forcing me to look at that girl whose eyes were haunted with the inner battles I had every day. Conflicting who she was, who she wanted to be, and who she presented herself as. I turned away quickly.

I walked out and found Seth leaning against the wall. He had changed into black pants and a red dress shirt, unbuttoned dangerously low. He looked good, as always. His eyes grew wide when he saw me. I smiled mockingly, wiggling my fingers in a dainty wave, even though I wanted nothing more than to slap him and tell him to stop gawking at me like people stare at carnies at a circus. Let him see my imperfections I grumbled. Take me back, Seth. You and I both know I don't belong in your world where everything is perfect. Don't try to trick yourself into believing I do.

Seth's hand found mine, and he tugged me against him. Before either of us could do or say anything, Sarah stalked through the doors in an amazing green dress that made her eyes pop. She was as beautiful as anyone could ever dream to be and more.

She studied me for a few minutes, scrutinizing my long legs and arms. "You show promise, " she informed me. "Did you know the tango started out with vampires?" I shook my head. "It did. Vampires are very blunt, very straightforward and the tango was used as a wedding dance for the bride and groom to show their love for each other, the lust in their hearts. Then humans stole it and made it very different, very innocent. There are two versions of tangoing, vampire and human. The tango is a very sexy, teasing dance, and your long legs will definitely be anything but a burden to you. I saw you dancing, too." My eyes flashed. "I'm sorry, but you're very good at what you do, considering you didn't have a professional teacher. You can catch on very quickly and enjoy what you do. Yes, you hold much promise in this. I like

t gesture.

He smirked, beckoning me forward with one finger. My head got dizzy, and in a daze, I listened to his silent command. It wasn't until I was under the covers, intertwined with his body, that my head cleared.

"I hate you, " I hissed at him, turning my back to him but snuggling into the comfy sheets and soft pillow.

"We'll see about that." What did he mean by that? Seth's warm hand casually inched its way up my shirt and started tracing patterns on my back. I reached behind my and caught his wrist. My hand started tingling, but I guess it just fell asleep, so I ignored it.

"I'm not even tired."

"Really?" he taunted. "So this is having no effect on you?" His fingertips, gentle yet unyielding in their task, traced up and down my spine, teasingly dragging his blunt fingernails along my very lower back until I had to shiver from the erotic sensation.

"Nope, " I said, popping the 'p'.

Seth chuckled. "Sure, " he drawled. "I can go all night, angel. Just go to sleep." Any one else catch the slight double meaning in his words?

"What time is it?" I asked through a huge yawn.

"1:17, " Seth answered. "Definitely time for little girls to go to bed." His mouth came down right next to my ear. "Just go to sleep, angel. I'll see you in the morning, " he whispered. I tried to stay awake, but my eyelids slowly fluttered closed, Seth's voice and fingers coaxing me to sleep. If this was how every day here was going to be, I could only pray I'd have enough energy to surpass the lethargy I felt from my mere first day.

* * *

I woke up, hearing something fall, then a hushed, "Damn it!" I shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep. Why would Seth be stumbling around the room? Light sliced into the room then was abruptly cut off when the door was closed. I waited all of two minutes before following him. Before I went out, I glanced at the clock. 3:42 A.M.

Hearing voices coming from the kitchen, I quietly padded over to them and hid behind a wall. I got there just in time to hear Colton say proudly, "I kissed her."

"Good for you, " Seth snapped.

"Didn't work, did it?" Cody asked him casually, as if he took no offence to Seth's anger.

"Did it work for you?" Seth hissed.

"Yeah, " was all he said. Seth huffed in annoyance.

"Look, man, " Colton told Seth. "We'll help you out. We'll think of something else."

"There is nothing else, " Seth retorted. "Dancing is Eva's favorite thing to do and my parents are going to expect her marked by tomorrow!" Marked? I wondered. He took a deep breath.

They were silent for a minute. "We're not doing this ever again, " Seth ordered. "If you're thirsty, you drink. I don't want any accidents to happen. We're vampires, and we're not ashamed for who we are." Another sigh. "You can't possibly believe I'm not aware that you're there, Eva." I jumped in surprise when Seth was suddenly in front of me, his arms on either side, pinning me against the wall I had been hiding behind.

He shot me a small smile, bringing his head closer. "You're probably wondering what marking means, huh?" I nodded my head, not knowing what else to do besides tell the truth. My brain was working too slowly to make lies. "It's a kiss between soul mates, although with vampires and their soul mates it is much more than that. Let's take you and me for example. If I were to kiss you, we would feel that 'spark' everyone talks about. It would create a bond between us, so I would always know what you're feeling and where you are. So I can always know if you're in trouble or not. It would help immensely if I could mark you."

"Thought you already had?" I mumbled through a yawn. "In my dream? Before you found me?"

"That was simply to locate you, Angel, " he smiled ruefully. His eyes portrayed his disappointment at the false kiss, and the frustration of my unwillingness.

I licked my lips in thought, although I did see those green eyes flicker down to my mouth, then back up to my eyes, watching the movement while they could. "Not tonight, " I finally said. "I promise, soon, just not tonight. Remember, this is gonna be my first kiss, so I want it to be... not in the middle of the night when I have a bed head and morning breath. Okay?"

"Okay, " Seth reluctantly agreed. "Get back to bed. You need to sleep."

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