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The dedication is to my best friend ever! Because when this chapter accidently got deleted, she typed it ALL out again for me since she has to update her iPod touch for updates so she still had it! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! <

Any kind of feedback would be great! Thanks people! :)


- Newberry, Michigan, United States

I heard my CD player go off, signaling it was 6:00, officially time for me to wake up, but I didn't open my eyes right away. Grumbling under my breath at having to wake up at ungodly hours for something like school, I blindly kicked my heavy covers off and fumbled for my glasses until I could replace them with my contacts. Rolling out of my comfy bed, I stumbled over to my dresser, where I randomly selected a pair of jeans, a shirt, and socks.

When I got to my locker, a guy, Bryce McLennan, respectfully stepped out of my way. I nodded my head in thanks. I had earned the respect of most people by keeping my mouth shut and eyes focused on my books. People stayed out of my way, and I stayed out of theirs. It was a very simple, silent cycle.

"Okay, " Mr. Collins, the anatomy teacher, called out to get the attention of the roomful of rowdy teenagers. "Since we just finished with the muscle system, today, we will start with the bone structure. Since I'm assuming you all know this, today's going to be very easy since it's just review. All I need you to do is label this worksheet with the names of the bones. And no, there's no word bank. You're not in the third grade anymore, " he joked. I smiled. I'd always liked Mr. Collins. He was fair, but still fun. "Get started! Tomorrow will be a lot harder!" The class groaned when they saw the multiple blanks, no doubt over a hundred.

Simple I thought smugly. I didn't crack open my book once. The worksheet only skimmed over the major bones, really, not even half of all of the actual, more specific ones. I finished the worksheet in twenty minutes while everyone else dragged through it.

After Anatomy I had Calculus, then Chemistry, and Advanced English after that. I met up with my friends, Elena and Cassie, in lunch after our morning classes.

Whoo! Junior year! I thought sarcastically, staring in disdain at the short skirts a group of girls were wearing that generously displayed a fair amount of their legs. Not.

Let's be blunt. In our little town, you established yourself in grade school and stuck to your profile religiously by the time you hit middle school. Everybody knew everybody, and stepping out of your boundaries caused quite a scandal. Why would nerds, such as myself, want to party or hook up? Why would the attractive, athletic girls associate with outcasts? I could talk to other people with my intellect, but if I were to ask Nick, our school's local drug supplier, if I would see him at the grocery store we both worked at after school, my parents would be grounding me for touching weed by the time I got home that afternoon.

So I kept my head down, got good grades, and selflessly didn't throw the solar system out of balance by disrupting the hierarchy. You're welcome, jocks and beauty queens of Newberry.

The true problem, I knew, laid in the fact that I didn't trust people. Knowledge is power. Let somebody know one tiny thing about you, and they'll be pressing for more and more until they understand exactly how you think, what makes you tick, and every single flaw you have. Then you just have to pray they don't hurt you. Most people aren't that considerate.

Except for my two best friends, Elena and Cassie.

Elena had been my friend for, as far as anybody was concerned, ever. We met in third grade, when I couldn't pretend to not understand how to read or write anymore to avoid recess, but I wasn't old enough to bury my nose in a thick novel just yet. Elena was willing to approach me. Even though we're opposites in looks, we instantly bonded. She's naturally tan because of her Latino background with brown hair and chocolate eyes. My hair fell in blonde waves down my back, and my eyes were as blue as blue could be, bordering on black if the light was just right. I towered over her short frame, and she loved to have fun while I preferred curling up with a good book and a bowl of popcorn. Night and Day. Moon and Sun. Dark and Light.

Next came Cassie. She was a loner at first, like me, in the fifth grade when she moved here at the end of the year. She has dark black hair with eyes that are a beautiful, grassy green. She's outspoken but caring. She's always trying to have fun, and her goal in life is to enjoy it. When the three of us are together, we're untouchable.

We sat down at the corner of a table we had claimed back in the beginning of the school year. "Did you hear that new song by Jennifer Lopez? Yuck, " I said, taking a bite of the stereotypical school lunch: plastic pizza.

"Yeah, which is sad since her old music used to be great. Now her career is spiraling down the toilet, and nobody's gonna remember her for any of her good stuff, " Cassie put in.

"Hey, don't hate on J Lo!" Elena said. "I have to defend the Latino pride."

I was bored with my life, but content in the simplicity of it. I knew what to expect. At home, my older sister Kayla ordered, "Take Chip out." Chip was our two year old Yorkshire terrier. Kayla had whined and begged for him, so my parents eventually caved and gotten him. Idiots should have known she wouldn't do anything to take care of him.

"I took him out yesterday when you had basketball practice, " I protested. "You take him out." Okay, that might have been a little petty, but after almost sixteen years of being bossed around, you would get sick of it too. Plus, it was in my nature to hate being told what to do. My independence reared her stubborn head at being talked down to. Defiance flared in her eyes, and I had a stomach-dropping feeling this dispute was going to turn into an all-out sibling fight.

She sprinted to the house with me hot on her heels. She waited for me to unlock the door since I unfortunately had the key, and when I did, she ran in and reopened the door, forcing our dog into my hands. I rammed my shoulder against the door as she went to close it, careful that Chip was safely in one arm. I wedged my toes underneath the door, biting my tongue when she showed no mercy and shoved at it, making it slide farther up my foot.

I flung my arm in the crack, slamming into the door once again. My dad was at some meeting, and my mom was still at work. I was all on my own. I spun in, taking advantage of the second my sister was surprised at my force. I set Chip down and tried to flee to my room, but Kayla grabbed my arm and shoved me into the wall. My cheek was literally up against the dry surface.

"Do what I tell you to, " Kayla hissed. "Take him out."

"No, " I snapped back. "Don't tell me what to do. You know that I took him out yesterday, and now it's your turn."

"I have homework."

"So do I." Okay, that was a lie, but just a tiny, white lie.

"Bullshit, Eva, " she barked. "I am older than you. Mom and dad aren't here, and you have to listen to me. Now take. The. Stupid. Dog. Outside." She shoved me into the wall one more time for good measure, then threw me out the door, reopening it so Chip ran down the steps. I scooped him up before he could run away and clipped him to his leash, waiting while he did his business as I tried to shake the snow out of my clothes. I seethed with anger. I hated being told what to do. What bugged me more, though? The fact that I was too weak to stand up for myself, that I wasn't good enough. That pissed me off to no end.

* * *

"Eva!" Elena called, waving me over to our little group the next week.

"Ohmigod!" I rolled my eyes, a smile slipping onto my face, knowing the only person with so much energy was none other than Cassie. Her black hair was a little crazy from her running as she skidded to a stop right in front of us, a few inches away from plowing me over. Her green eyes were wide, and she had the biggest smile on her glossed, pink lips. "Okay, so you know how there are three new guys in our grade? Right, so I was just in the office and they came in and I said 'hi' and two of them smiled at me, but the third one was blonde and super hot and he said 'hey' back to me and his voice is so amazing and I think I'm in love!"

I think my IQ just dropped five points.

"One through ten, how hot?" Elena asked.

"One million!" Cassie gasped, still trying to catch her breath.

I continued to stand there, uninterested. Elena punched me lightly on my shoulder good-naturedly. My focus on maintaining my 4.0 GPA right now wasn't going to be interrupted by my hormones. I could survive high school with one simple rule: avoid any and all drama, boys included.

For the rest of the time before the bell rang to signal the beginning of school, Cassie gushed and described the three newbies. Elena started to get into it, but I just listened, not really trying to put the descriptions to faces.

Beeeeeeeeep! Let the boringness begin.

I waved sadly to my friends and walked to my locker, getting my books for Anatomy. As I stepped into the classroom, I saw a raven-haired male talking to the teacher. I concluded that he must be one of the new kids, although I did take notice that he seemed older than seventeen. I ignored him and took my seat at my desk, the empty chair next to me remaining empty. Everyone else sat in identical lab tables made for two as mine, except their friends filled the seats next to them. I set my books down and doodled mindlessly in the margins of my notebook.

"Hey, gorgeous, " a cocky voice said from above me; he had an accent. I couldn't tell you from which country, but there was an accent. It was sexy, but I pushed the thought out of my head. Focus. He was talking to the girl behind me anyway.

"Hello? Can you hear me?" he called, tapping his fingers on the desk next to me. I grit my teeth together; his patronizing tone was so not necessary. I didn't even know he was trying to get my attention instead of somebody else's. It took everything I had to not snap at him, but I didn't have the energy for a verbal fight before eight in the freaking morning. I plastered on a fake smile, turning my head up to look at him.

Lord give me strength...

This guy was the hottest specimen my eyes had ever had the pleasure of seeing. From his tan skin, to his green eyes, to his ebony hair that fell just long enough for fingers to feel the downy softness that undoubtedly made it look just as soft as it was, he was perfection personified. He was much taller than me, easily clearing six feet.

"Do I get the pleasure of seeing you in any of my other classes, beautiful?" he pressed. My god, that accent was going to drive me crazy.

"Let me see you schedule, " I told him as steadily as I could. He handed it to me. Seth Valdez it read at the top. "So, out of all people, why do you care if you have any" I trailed off. No way. There was no way we had all the same exact classes and the same lunch. The odds were astronomically not probable.

He shrugged, but his eyes were shining with a secret purpose. "I don't know. I guess I just wanted to know someone in this school, and you someone I'd want to get to know."

"You...You're in a lot of advanced classes, " I muttered. There was no way this guy belonged in my circle of associates. "Nerd" would be the last thing anybody would ever think to label him as.

He chuckled. "Oh, I got held back a few years for messing around, but my grades were good, so they decided I could keep up with the classes and just have to suffer a few boring years at the end."

"Wait, so how old are you?"

"Twenty, why?"

"Just wondering." He was definitely a jerk. Only assholes are forced to endure school after nineteen in order to learn discipline. I was surprised he wasn't shipped off to a military boot camp. Or, if his aura of mischief and bad decisions had an ounce of truth to it, prison.

"So, do we have any classes together?" he pressed, sounding slightly defensive for some reason. My thoughts must have showed on my face while I was distracted by my shock.

I nodded. "All of them, somehow..." I muttered, miffed.

He smirked at me again, as if he took joy in my astonishment. "Then I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of each other, angel." I blushed at the nickname. No one had ever called me that before. He chuckled again, a deep, throaty sound that I couldn't help but shiver from. "I didn't catch your name."

"Because I didn't tell you it."

He raised an impatient eyebrow, waving his hand in the air in a go-on gesture.

"It's Eva, " I caved.

"Please take your seat, Seth, " Mr. Collins instructed. He sat down next to me, the only empty seat. I would've felt bad for him if he wasn't such a jerk. Now I just felt bad for myself.

The teacher set up the screen, a PowerPoint appearing in the front of the class from the projector. The class groaned as they hurriedly took out notebooks and pencils.

He started on his lecture, expecting us to take notes. I did so meticulously even though I could have just as easily sat and listened while my brain soaked up every word like a sponge and committed it to memory.

The new guy stared blankly at the notes Mr. Collins was giving us with a closed, new and therefore empty notebook in front of him. He didn't even both picking up his pencil. He occasionally glanced over at me in what I assumed were supposed to be casual peeks but, in reality, were intense and frequent. Weirdo.

"Take notes, " I prompted. Anything for him to stop looking at me.

"I don't need to, " he responded.

The rest of the hour was silent between us; the only sounds were pencils scratching hastily on paper as everyone tried to take down the words on screen and the little tidbits Mr. Collins added in. He furrowed his eyebrows at Seth, but didn't comment and flipped to the next slide. He wasn't the only one confused.

My mind wandered. I guess it wasn't too weird that Seth had my schedule. I mean, if he got held back a few grades then it wasn't that coincidental. I was overreacting. Now I just had to figure out why he was talking to me, the nerdy girl that everyone ignored.

* * *

"Hello, again, " Seth said smoothly in English, flashing me a suave grin that made any girl within a ten-foot radius swoon, excluding me. I spared him a glance before going back to my book. Elena finally walked in, another guy be her side making her laugh. I gave her a pointed look. She tapped her fingers on her notebook, indicating that we would pass notes since we sat right next to each other. I nodded in agreement.

Thankfully, class started about shortly after Elena sat down, so Seth didn't get any time to talk to me. The wheels in my head were turning, but I couldn't figure him out. He seriously wouldn't leave me alone for a second of any class. Why would Seth suddenly take an interest in me? And why did he act like he knew me, like we were long-lost friends?

As soon as Elena ripped a piece of paper out of her notebook, I was reaching my hand out to take it from her. She didn't even bother folding it up, sensing my haste.

What's wrong?

I guess my face did show my annoyance. I'd have to work on that.

I don't know why this guy is talking to me. It's irritating. Help me get rid of him?

I couldn't write fast enough, and I almost dug a hole through the paper from how hard I was pushing the pencil. I tossed the note back to her and waited impatiently for a response.

That's gonna be hard to do, considering Colton's been attached to my hip all day. Not that I mind ;)

You think Cassie has her own stalker?

They aren't stalkers Eva, and yes, she's talking to a guy named Cody. He's cute.

They're weird.

They're hot.

I wasn't over-thinking this, was I? When Elena, Cassie, and I bonded together like three peas in a pod, it took the school a while to get used to us being around each other constantly. We were a sight to see walking down the halls, I understood. With our varying looks and just as polar personalities, we took wandering eyes by surprise to see us grouped as we were. After a while, though, it became odd to see one or two of us without our complete trio.

For another group to be identical to ours, though, except in male form? It wasn't even the fact that each one existed that pricked at my suspicions. The nagging feeling in my head that told me something was amiss sprouted from the bond that they shared, one that rivaled even the strength of ours. It was a chance that happened once in a thousand years for three people of such differing traits, both physical and emotional, to band together so absolutely as we did.

Cassie was the social one. Elena was the manipulative, fun one. I was the brains. This situation was my responsibility to figure out, and I was going to throw myself into it.

Another note plopped lightly onto my desk, and I snatched it up before the teacher saw.

Hey angel

I grit my teeth together and answered Elena's first.

I'll tell you tomorrow everything I find out.

I passed it to her and replied to Seth's note. Honestly, who else would it be?

Stop talking to me. I don't need any more friends.

I casually reached my hand behind my back and dropped the note on Seth's desk, scratching my shoulder when the teacher looked at me. She continued without giving me another glance. He poked my shoulder with the edge of the paper when he was done writing.

How about a boyfriend?

I angrily scribbled down my answer.

Don't waste your time. Or mine.

I don't think this chase is a waste of time, angel. It's fun.

I ripped up the note and threw the remains over my shoulder in response. As if he was going to stick around much longer.

A minute later, I felt one more prick in my shoulder. Reaching behind me, I grabbed the note and read it.

I'm going to find out who you are, Eva. I'm going to get you to trust me. Whatever it takes, I'll do it. Just you watch.

...Was that a threat?

* * *

As soon as the bell rang, ending fourth hour, I was up and out of the classroom, following the flow of students to the cafeteria. When I caught sight of Cassie, I weaved around the other students, trying to put distance between me and Seth and also trying to get closer to Cassie. There was a cute blonde guy with her who I was assuming was Cody. With his tan skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair, he definitely looked like a California beach boy. Maybe I could get some answers out of him.

I made my way over to them, giving Cody a hundred-watt smile so he would view me as open and someone he could talk to. I could maybe get more information out of him that way. I felt bad for using the guy, but what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. My parents had taught me to manipulate people to get what you wanted, and life had taught me how to do it. At the moment, I wanted information, which I'd never had a problem getting before.

"Hi, Eva!" Cassie yelled when I caught up to them, gaining the attention of a few people surrounding us. She and I ignored them. Cody smiled at them apologetically, as if Cassie was his girlfriend and he had tipped his lips in the same smile a million times before and would a million times again. I stored away the possibly useful gesture for later. "This is Cody. Cody, this is Eva."

"Hi!" he greeted enthusiastically. That was the first person to match Cassie's energy level. "You probably know my brother Seth, right? We moved here from California. But you probably already knew that."

I nodded, giving him the same soft smile I gave Cassie that made her realize I couldn't keep up with her even if I was on a sugar high. I didn't miss that he only said I probably knew Seth, and not Colton. Had they not only attached themselves to our group, but had carefully chosen which one of us to individually stick to as well?

Seth must have gotten the short end of the stick.

"Yeah, but it's nice to double-check. And I'm Eva, which you probably already know. I've lived here all my life, and I have an older sister, Kayla, who's a senior." He didn't even ask about my sister, like most would. His attention was solely on Cassie, even though he was talking to me. His eyes flickered to her often, like he couldn't help himself.

"Do you mind if we sit with you guys today?" he asked. I froze, not saying anything. I didn't want to hurt his feelings--it was just a lunch table, after all--but I really didn't want to see Seth again. I looked at Cassie, telling her she could decide, even though I knew there wasn't a decision to be made in her mind.

"Yeah, sure!" she agreed enthusiastically. Cody smiled a million dollar smile at her. They did make a cute couple... I smiled at the thought. Cassie deserved a guy like Cody. I got a good vibe off of him.

When we sat down, Elena and Colton were already there, along with Seth. How he got there so fast, I had no idea. I would've sworn I got in line before him, and I didn't see him cut. There he sat, though, with our school's signature lunch tray in front of him. I sat on an end, next to Elena, across from Seth. Cassie introduced us three girls, as well as Seth, Cody, and Colton.

"So, you guys are all brothers?" Elena asked.

"Well, technically, Cody and I are biological brothers, " Colton said. "Our parents ditched us when we were little, and we were pretty much adopted by Seth's family. But, we are best friends, so we just call each other brothers." The conversation flowed fluently, excluding me, for about five minutes before Mr. Nosy had to interrupt it.

"You sure are quiet, Eva, " Seth noted.

"Yep." I'm listening to you. Analyzing. Trying to figure you out.

"Anything I can help you with?"

"Nope." Just keep talking. Ignore me. Please, pretend I'm not here.

"She's always quiet, " Elena helped. We looked at each other and finished her statement to make it true. ...when there are people around that she doesn't trust.

"What's your favorite color?" he asked suddenly. Elena and Colton started talking, as well as Cassie and Cody.


"I'm curious."

"Red, " I answered cautiously, trying to keep my emotions in check. Today was not my day and it wasn't my top priority to be interrogated by the new guy.


"Why what?" This guy was getting on my nerves. Why couldn't he leave well enough alone?

"Why is your favorite color red?"

"It shows any emotion I'm feeling. If I'm sad or mad, dark, ruby red matches my mood. If I'm happy, red is the color of roses, which helps make me feel even happier. And if you're happy, I'm hoping you'll get off my back."

"Why don't you like me?" I almost leaned back at his abrupt question. It had been a long time since I'd met anyone as direct as I was, and it startled me before I composed myself.

"Because I don't understand you, and you won't leave me alone long enough to figure it out!"

"What don't you understand?"

"Everything about you."

"I guess I'm just....different."

"I don't like different."

"You'll get used to it, angel, because I'm not going away."

"No, you'll get bored with me. Eventually you will. Then you'll leave me alone."

"We'll see." We didn't talk for all of fifty-two seconds, probably a record for him. "What's your favorite band?"

"I don't want to play Twenty Questions, Seth."

"What kind of game do you want to play?"

"The Quiet Game."

"How about I'm quiet, and you tell me about yourself?"


"Why not?"

"You think you can just waltz up to me and ask for my life story? Quit wasting your breath on me; other girls would be happy to talk your ear off."

"Well I'm not too great at waltzing, but how about we tango?" he bargained.

"You're disgusting."

"Not that kind of tango, sweetheart, " he chuckled. "Although I'd be more than happy to oblige. I meant actual tangoing. With our clothes on."

"You can tango?"

"My parents are old-fashioned, and it's harder than it looks."

"I doubt it, " I teased. Oh please, please teach me how to dance. I loved to dance.

"It really is. It takes a lot of balance, concentration, and skill, " he defended.

"So teach me, and we'll see if it's hard or not."

"What do I get in the deal?"

"What deal? This is me proving you wrong, or you proving me wrong. There's no gain or loss."

"Yes, there is. You want to learn how to tango, and if I teach you, then you get free lessons and I get nothing. I want something in return." Wow, this guy was attentive. Rarely anyone could see past my reasoning, no matter how fake it was.

"Name some options for me, " I tried, wiggling my fingers as if my painted nails could draw a simple, easy choice from him.

"How about a kiss?" I balked inwardly, but kept my face neutral.

"Wow, that's totally original, Seth, " I said sarcastically. "No, I won't let you take my first kiss over dancing lessons."

"You've never had your first kiss?" He looked really smug, sitting there smirking at me.

"No, I haven't. Why?" I challenged defensively, looking him straight in the eye despite my red face. Those words should never come out of a seventeen-year-old's mouth.

"Nothing, I'm just happy that I might be your first." He looked like he might start whistling, he was so happy.

"Might. Key word there."

"That means there's still a chance, " he retorted, still grinning like a maniac. I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, how about this. For every class that I take you to, you have to answer any of my questions I have about anything. You have to answer them, no matter what. You can refuse to answer anything as soon as I drop you off and go home. The next day is just like any other day. But during that time, you have to speak the truth. Okay?" It seemed simple enough.

"Okay, sure, " I agreed, confident in my avoidance skills during conversation.

"Great, " he said. "I'll pick you up Friday at six. Wear a dress. They have heels there." Then, as if he timed it perfectly, the bell rang and I was left sitting there, realizing my first date was planned for this Friday. Maybe I had underestimated this newcomer that wouldn't leave me alone.

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