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Heeeeyyyyy, this is my first story, so feedback would be AMAZING!!! I'm new to this site since I saw a lot of people liked it, so I thought I would try it out. Tell me what you guys think! Any kind of support would be great!

P.S. I had already written out this story in Word on my computer, so I just posted, like, the twenty some chapters I had. There won't be any messages up at the top like there is here, but my devotion is there too! I love you guys! Thanks! :)



- Shaanxi, China; January 23, Shaanxi, China was in ruins: bloodshed coated the city in a glaze of crimson; any kind of structure eventually crumbled to the ground; fires raged on, the smoke billowing in the air like a beacon for help; limbs were strewn across the streets, dismantled from bodies. In the distance, thunder rumbled, roaring its ominous warning of the storm to come.

One girl stood in the middle of it all, looking around at what she had done. Her thirst tickled the back of her throat once again as she spotted a survivor. It was a mere ten-year-old boy, cowering in the rubble. She shot over to him, faster than a human eye could see. The boy didn't stand a chance once she had selected him as her prey. The blonde waited until fear entered his eyes before sinking her fangs into his neck. When his arm came up in protest, she ripped it off, welcoming his agonized screams. His body fell limp in her arms. She pulled back, her lips now a vibrant red that would no doubt draw attention to her when she entered Beijing, China's capital and also her next destination.

With one more look around, she flipped her beautiful blonde hair over her shoulder and straightened her dress, wondering when her mate would join her.

Come and get me, Owen she thought out to him, knowing her message would reach him in no time. I'm getting lonely. While she waited for him, she decided she would walk around the town to check for other unfortunate stragglers. After only a couple of steps, though, her thirst returned with full force. She gasped, still not believing the intensity of her new body's demands, even after she had fed so recently. Impatient, she gave up on her leisurely walk and ran as fast as she could to Beijing, despite her stiletto heels. A few miles into her journey, she caught sight of three boys chasing her. Noticing their tan skin in contrast to her pale one, she fled towards the woods in hopes of losing them with her winding course; a small town would do after she lost those traitors.

Lightning from the upcoming storm illuminated the scene she had made, and the leader of the three, appropriately positioned in the middle of the trio, snarled in fury at her actions, running even faster and quickly gaining on her. His black hair covered his green eyes, but she knew they were filled with more hate and disgust than they ever had been when he had looked at her.

The two other parts of his nexus number now flanked him, making the girl's stomach drop in fear. They were her worst nightmare. When it was her against these certain three boys, she knew she didn't stand a chance.

With a ferocious boom, rain began to pour from the sky. The dark clouds pressed close to the ground, as if they wanted to get a front row set of the events that were no doubt about to unfold and make gruesome history.

The brunette and blonde boys were suddenly holding her arms behind her back, restraining her. She snarled in protest, her teeth glinting at them in a threat she knew she couldn't back up. She did everything in her power to get away, but they held her as well as if their hands had been iron shackles that not even a newborn vampire could break. The one that hated her most stalked up to her, his features drenched with spite not unlike the rain that now soaked his slick hair, droplets trickling off the ends. Another flash of lightning lit up his face, twisted in disdain. His red shirt stuck to his tanned skin, emphasizing his muscles.

"Please, no!" the girl pleaded, knowing that begging was her only option at this point.

"Did you listen to any of those people that said the exact same thing to you?" he retorted icily, referring to the now considerably lessened population of Shaanxi. He placed his hands around her throat.

"OWEN!" she screeched, her red eyes crazed, scared, and bloodthirsty, always thirsty. "OWEN!" The boy flinched before doing what he knew he had to do. His best friends and adopted brothers looked at him with empathy, knowing this was killing him on the inside. He didn't like doing what was needed, but he would for the protection of the human race. The scream that filled his ears was almost unbearable if it hadn't come from such an sinful mouth, housing two fangs that had overstepped their boundaries.

He made sure to do it quickly, so as soon as he could, he released her. She slumped to the cold, muddy ground as the brunette and blonde also stepped back. Her short, lacy, red dress stuck to her body as the rain splattered on her skin.

Back where the girl had come from, two more screams joined hers as her nexus number perished with her, feeling her pain around their necks as their leader did, though no one was touching them.

Their mates dropped beside them, shaking them and begging them to not leave them alone, not right now. The two girls both muttered 'I love you' one last time before they were gone.

"Veronica!" Veronica's blonde mate yelled her name, tears running down his cheeks.

"Holly!" Holly's brunette mate bent over her lifeless body, not believing what he knew was true. She was truely dead.

Meanwhile, the mate of the blonde girl had reached her too late. He arrived

just as the black-haired boy released his hands from around the girl's throat. He took one look at his mate's body and was reduced to tears. His legs gave out, so he crawled over to her, taking her pale hand that will always be the only hand to fit perfectly in his.

"I'll kill you, Seth!" he screamed at the boy he knew had killed his mate. His precious, beautiful mate. "I'll kill you and your soul mate!"

"I'm sorry I had to do this, " was all Seth muttered before leaving him to grieve in peace. The three pairs of footsteps echoed in Owen's head. He swore that one day, that would be his nexus number walking away. He, that sorry excuse of a prince, would be right where he was, crushed and broken, and without any reason to live.

His tears mingled with the rain, thunder muffling his cries of agony. The smell of smoke filled his nose, making him cough. His whole body was numb due to his pain, but he still felt anger at him. He punched the ground, causing a rumble that closely resembled an earthquake go through the city. The force cracked the very ground. The boy didn't care.

"I'll avenge you, sweetheart, " he promised in a broken whisper, sobbing, screaming, and cursing at anything, everything.


- ??? (Eva's P.O.V.)

I had no idea how I had gotten here.

Breathing. Gasping is more accurate, actually. I was gasping, hard, running as fast as my twelve year old legs would carry me. Running from what, I didn't know, but I knew I had to run. Run, faster. Left, right, left, right. C'mon, Eva, stretch your legs! I commanded myself. Get your stride longer! You have to run! Faster! Faster!

My respiration steadily grew more difficult to accomplish with every breath, and my throat ached with dryness. My legs were tired. No! I had to keep running. I scrambled blindly through the trees and brush of the forest I was caged in.

My foot caught on an anonymous obstacle, tripping me as I crashed to the ground. It came closer and closer until I face-planted into the cold dirt. My ankle screamed in pain as I made myself crawl into a clearing where the moon and stars shone between the branches, bathing me in strips of light.

A growl made me turn my head around too fast; I got whiplash. I put a hand to my head, begging the pain to go away. As my eyes focused, I found a man with red eyes creeping out of the brush and stalking toward me, the prey.

My bottom lip, by now, was quivering something terrible, and I was shaking horribly out of fright. Salty tears rolled down my cheeks, stinging the cuts I had there from the various branches that had scratched at my face with their reaching limbs. I didn't even try to hold them back. My knees were knocking together as I pulled them up to my chest and wrapped my arm around them, curling up into a scared, shaking ball. My hair was a mess and sticking up in all directions. My favorite black sweatpants and matching black shirt were ripped and stained with mud.

I watched those hungry, red eyes study me up and down until the man let loose a bone-chilling, animalistic snarl and sprang at me. I closed my eyes, getting ready for the pain, whatever it was he was going to do, but it never happened.

Fighting could be heard just in front of me, then a grunt of surrender, and someone crashing back into the forest. Everything seemed to stop moving. The only thing that disturbed the silence was my shaky breathing. A breeze whispered in my ears and only when I felt my hair blowing did I dare to look up. I loved the feel of wind in my hair, and I wanted it to glide across my cheeks. When I did, I found myself looking up at another boy--no, man--near twenty years old, breathing heavily, with a cut on his arm. The blood stained his white t-shirt, and his green eyes looked at me worriedly.

"Are you okay?" he asked. I nodded my head. The man offered his hand to me, but I didn't trust anybody, not even my savior. I quickly backed up.

This seemed to sadden him, but I couldn't find it in myself to care at the moment. "Don't touch me, " I warned, my voice still quivering. I cleared my throat and glared at him, making sure he knew I was serious. He got an irritated look on his face.

"There's nothing to be afraid of!" he yelled. I flinched, but kept my glare in place.

"Don't yell at me!" I shouted back.

"If you would've just taken my hand, I wouldn't be!"

"My ankle hurts, thank you, you big oaf! Maybe I don't want to stand up!" Okay, that was a lie. My ankle didn't hurt anymore, but he didn't have to know that.

Without responding, he came over and lifted me up like I was a princess. You know, when one arm was under my knees and the other one around my shoulders. I squeaked in surprise.

"I said not to touch me!" I yelped, scared that I was in such a vulnerable position. He ignored me, sitting down on the ground with me in his lap. His hand ran through my hair, getting out all the leaves and dirt. I felt really awkward with someone else taking care of me, especially one so older and so, well, male. I abruptly stood up. "I should go, " I announced.

The boy stood up, too. "Amazing recovery, " he smirked, glancing at my functioning ankle. I blushed at being caught. "I'll be back for you, " he promised. "I'm going to be back and protect you from anything that might hurt you. Look for me." He quickly kissed me, and then disappeared.

I sat up in my bedroom, groggily rubbing my eyes. I was back in my room, in my black shorts and tank top. There was no forest, I was fifteen again, and there was no guy that stole my first kiss. I uncertainly laid down again, unwilling for that dream to come back to me. I shuddered at the very thought.

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