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1 day later

The evening of the Winter Formal turned out to be more eventful than I thought. In fact, until a few months ago, I was sure that I would be sitting in my room with my textbooks open and studying for my exams during the Winter Formal. But then I met Dash Melwin and all my plans were thrown out of the window.

"Are you ready?" Tracey asked me, curling her hair while glancing at me from the corner of her eyes.

"No! I can't believe I've gotten another pimple!" I complained, glaring at the infernal blemish which always chose the wrong time to pop up on my face. Why in the world did this keep happening to me? What did I ever do to deserve such a curse?

"Bri, relax. Your bangs will hide the pimple; it's not even that big, " Tracey replied.

"Easy for you to say, you don't have a pimple the size of the moon sitting on your forehead!" I snapped.

"Stop exaggerating, Bri. It's not that big, " she stated, fluffing up her hair.

"Today was supposed to be perfect. Dash is supposed to be infuriated with me and we should be having a blast at the dance. But no, I'm stuck with a pimple. God, I hate pimples!" I whined.

"And it will be perfect if you'll just stop worrying about that stupid pimple. Your hair will hide it so you have nothing to worry about. Now put on your shoes and let's go. You look way too beautiful and you shouldn't allow an insignificant pimple to ruin your big night." My best friend told me.

I sighed, knowing she was right. Pimples were a group of unwanted friends on my face but my hair could cover them. And I shouldn't sit around wallowing in my misery over the presence of such ridiculous entities when I had Dash's expressions to look forward to.

The thought of what my boyfriend would be going through at this very moment brought a smile to my face. I asked Ben to help me hide Dash's clothes just so I could infuriate him and take revenge on him. I wondered if his anger would ruin the dance for me but I was sure when I'd tell him that I was the reason behind his missing clothes he would go back to normal.

It was strange how quickly time and people changed. At the start of the academic year I was looking forward to studying hard and making my father proud but now I couldn't care less what my father thought of me. I knew he would never be proud of me and instead of wasting my time and energy crying over it I chose to be happy and do what I liked to do. Dash Melwin, the bad boy of Burswick Academy, was the one who taught me how to be happy. Yes, he hurt me and broke my heart but he was now working hard to make up for what he did. He made me happy.

"Okay, what are you smiling about now?" Tracey asked with suspicion.

I shrugged. "I just can't wait to see the look on Dash's face when he'll know that I am responsible for his missing clothes."

"You are evil, I'll give you that, " she commented.

"I am not. Dash is worse and you know it, " I argued.

"I can't believe you, the girl who never pulled her head out of a textbook is now the girlfriend of the guy who is practically allergic to books. How do you it, Bri?" Tracey enquired, slipping her feet in her shoes.

"You should be asking Dash why he chose me because I didn't do anything. It was he who decided to annoy me to the point where I couldn't even say no to him, " I replied.

"Did you even want to say no to him?" The question had me thinking. I was irritated with Dash and found him to be a bad influence on the students here, so yes I did want to say no to him but he always chose to ignore it.

"Yeah, I did, initially. But now I know him better so I don't want to, " I said, looking around for my shoes.

"Well whatever it is you will now be the center of attention at the dance because you are dating the troublemaker of the academy, who is likely to be the Winter King, " she stated, picking up her sparkly purse. "Where the heck is Ben?"

"Have some patience, your prince charming will be here soon." I was so happy when Tracey told me that Ben had asked her out to the Winter Formal. I wasn't sure if they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend yet but I had high hopes that after tonight Tracey could proudly call Ben her boyfriend.

"My prince charming will not come without your prince charming, " she sai

than Dash's kisses. I opened up to him when his tongue demanded entrance, pulling him closer and running my fingers through his soft hair. God, he had nice hair, the kind I never wanted to stop touching. I wished this never stopped. The ten semesters could go out of the window if it meant I could kiss Dash.

He pulled away much too soon for my liking. "If I continue kissing you the way I want to, then things will happen that you are not ready for."

His words had my face heating. Of course, we needed to stop but I did not want to stop. "But I like it when you kiss me."

"Good because kissing you is what I enjoy doing most. Which is why you are stuck with me forever, " he replied, caressing my face.

"As long as I get to torture you I'm happy to stay with you, " I replied with a giggle.

"You can try but you won't succeed." His statement had me looking forward to the future where I would not be with one but many other people who were now my friends. I was never a social person but this boy standing in front of me made all the difference. He forced me to come out of my shell and he continued to change me in ways for which I could only be grateful for.

"Will I succeed in making you dance with me?" I asked, taking his hand and leading him towards the dance floor.

"Shortcake, that is one thing you will always succeed in." Dash told me as he twirled me around before pulling me in his arms. This crazy guy was going to drive me insane with his antics but I couldn't have asked or a better boyfriend.

Avoiding him didn't work.

Hating him didn't work.

Loving him changed everything.

The End


Author's Note.

Hi guys, Here is the final chapter of Avoiding The Bad Boy, I hope you all like it. Wow I can't believe I have written 40 chapters of this story. I thought I would only manage to write 20 chapters.

Please don't forget to vote, comment and share. Thank you all for supporting me and this story. This was my first teen fiction and I know it was anything but perfect but thank you all for sticking around and reading it, you guys have no idea just how grateful I am to each and every one of you who read this story.

Having said that, I want you guys to comment down five chapters from this story which you would like to read in Dash's POV and I will try my best to make it happen. You guys can also request any story ideas which you guys want me to write.

Moreover, I will try my best to post the first chapter of Dreading The Mafia on Monday, which means that Mafia Monday is back and Captured By The King will be updated on Friday. I hope you guys are okay with that.

I love you guys for your constant encouragement and support and I hope I never lose any of you.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time.

Take care.


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