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I eyed the wrapped box with excitement and apprehension. On one hand I couldn't wait to see what Dash had given me as a form of an apology, while on the other hand I was afraid that it might be something horrible which would have Dash laughing at me.

"Come on, Bri. Just open the dang present. It's just a box; you can do it, " I said to myself before taking a deep breath and hurriedly tearing the glossy paper to reveal a cardboard box. I started to get the feeling that I knew what was inside this mysterious box.

Running my fingers over the smooth texture of the box, I removed the lid to reveal a neatly folded dresses. However, it was not the dress that caught my attention but the envelope sitting on top of it. The baby blue envelope had my heart rate spiking as I recalled Dash's words regarding the letter and his insistence on reading it. Picking up the envelope, I tore it open and pulled out the letter.

Dear Chocolate chip, I know I have not been the best boyfriend to you and for that I am utterly ashamed. Mind you, this is the first time I'm expressing remorse to someone for breaking their heart, which means that you are pretty special to me. And no, that does not mean I'm a psychopath, I just don't like apologizing to people.

Okay, moving on, I just want to say that I know this present doesn't make up for all the shit I'd done to you—and I don't even care that I'm using foul language in front of you—but it's a start and I hope you like the dress.

Choosing this particular dress wasn't easy; mainly because I really liked a pink dress but I know you hate pink, so I told my designer to change the color of the dress; I hope you like blue. I know you will look absolutely beautiful; just like Cinderella.

How did he still remember that Cinderella was my favorite of all fairytales? I told him about it months ago and the fact that he still remembered it touched my heart. Also, he had the color of the dress changed because he knew I hated pink. I was pretty sure that Damien didn't know my favorite color and he never even bothered asking me. Not that I hated him for that, but Dash made me feel special whenever he asked me about my likes and dislikes.

Shaking my head to rid myself of trivial thoughts, I went back to reading the letter.

Yes, I still remember your love for Cinderella; I haven't forgotten anything you told me, which by the way is something crazy because I am the first to forget any homework assignment I'm given. I guess what my dad says is true; "You only remember the things that are important."

You mean a lot to me, shortcake.

I know you are excited to see the dress, but before you do that, please consider this request of mine and wear this dress to the Winter Formal. Please, chocolate chip; I really want to see you in this dress.

My Cinderella.

So please consider my request and wear this dress. It will give me hope that we still stand a chance. And I will try my best to be the best boyfriend to you, no matter what.

I want you, Bri. You mean a lot to me.

Yours only, Dash.

I read the letter two more times, unable to stop the grin splitting my face. I hope I wasn't being stupid by believing in this. Dash had put a lot of thought and effort while writing this letter, it was evident in every word.

His request sounded pretty sweet and after reading the entire letter I wanted to fulfill his request. That didn't mean that I'd forgiven him for betraying me, it just meant that my heart no longer wanted to push him away. But I was going to take my revenge by making him go through my ten semesters.

Setting the letter aside, I finally focused on the blue dress. The color reminded me of Dash's eyes and when I unfolded the dress and held it in front of me, it took everything in me not to have my jaw dropping to the floor.

Sequins littered the bodice of the dress while the dress flared wide and down, looking like ripples of water. It was sleeveless and made of silk

" He asked.

I shrugged, trying to be nonchalant. "Meh, it'll work. But I had a better dress for the dance."

Dash looked at me as if I'd slapped him. "You did? Can I see it? I want to know what this dress is missing."

"Uh, no you can't. And this dress is fine, I just told you, " I said, hoping he'd shut up.

"No. I want to see that dress. Show it to me, " he commanded, sitting down on a chair.

"It's not important. I love the dress." I changed my words.

"Show me the dress, " he repeated.

"She never bought a dress. And this dress is beautiful, Dash, I wish you'd given it to me instead, " Tracey cut in, making me want to bang my head against the wall. I was living in a hopeless world.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is my best friend." I gestured at Tracey, my words full of sarcasm.

"Oh stop being dramatic." Tracey looked at Dash. "I still don't like you though. I like the dress, not you."

"Thanks Tracey, but Bri is special to me, not you, so..." he trailed off.

Tracey scowled at him. "Forget my kind words; I hate you."

"Would you two stop fighting, " I said. "Dash, why are you in our room?"

"I wanted to see you, " he answered.

"You just saw me an hour ago, " I argued.

"I know but I missed you. If the Headmaster hadn't called me then I would've never left you, " he responded.

"You know, you are really creepy, " Tracey remarked.

"And nobody is talking to you, " Dash replied. Tracey stuck her tongue out in response.

"Why did the Headmaster call you?" I questioned, wanting to know more about Dash's relationship with the head of this academy.

"Because he has nothing better to do in his life. So he calls me to give me lectures on the importance of life and all the shit no one cares about." He rolled his eyes.

"You know, if the Headmaster heard you talking about him like this, he will expel you." I told him.

Dash laughed. "He won't do that. No matter how many nerves I get on, he can't and won't expel me. I told you I have a lot of power, chocolate chip."

"Why not? I would expel you if I was the Headmistress, " I stated.

"Well you are not in that position, and trust me I don't even want you to be in that position. That would make things highly complicated between us, " he replied.

"What do you mean by that? Why would it make things complicated?" I enquired.

"Because, shortcake, the Headmaster is my uncle."

The heck?!


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