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"Bri, come on, don't cry, " Tracey said while rubbing my back.

"I hate him! He ruined my life!" I cried harder, burying my face in the pillow.

"God, I am going to kill him, " she vowed.

I couldn't stop crying since last night after Damien walked away from me. Even during the exam, it took everything in me not to start bawling like a baby in front of the whole class which included Dash and Damien. And now I was back in my room, which meant I could cry as much as I wanted to.

It made me furious every time I thought about what Dash did. I couldn't believe he told Damien about something he did and blamed me for it. I would never forgive him for this. I would not go back to him now that Damien was out of the picture.

"Don't worry, Bri, I won't let Dash come near you. If he does, then I will kill him. He won't bother you anymore, I'll make sure of it, " she stated. I really hoped she followed through with her promise because I could not stand being around Dash anymore.

"I—If h—he c—co—comes ne—near m—me, y—you ki—kick him in the—in the ba—balls." I told her.

Tracey chuckled. "You got it, girl. I will definitely knee him in the balls; I hope I'm able to crush them. Now stop crying. The dance is in four days and I still have to find a dress."

Pulling myself up to a sitting position, I threw my arms around Tracey. "You are my best friend. I love you." I sniffled.

"Okay. Thank you for stating the obvious. Now go wash your face so we can go shopping, " she said.

I shook my head. "Forget shopping, it's stupid. I don't want to go anywhere."

"If you stay at the academy then Dash will find ways to see you." She pointed.

"Don't take his name in front of me, " I chided.

"Hey, you can't ignore his presence. Which is why I want you to come to the mall with me. Gemma is coming, too, " she replied.

Now that surprised me. Gemma was coming? Why was she coming? Did she know what happened between Dash and I? If so, then was she upset with me? She had been utterly sweet last night when I told her about what Dash did, I didn't think she was kind—or stupid—enough to give me another chance.

"Why is Gemma coming? She hates me!" I exclaimed, already fearing her wrath. I was sure she was going to tell the whole academy how I kissed her boyfriend.

"She needs to do some last minute shopping for the dance, and she does not hate you." Tracey rolled her eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me. I kissed her boyfriend and she is bound to hate me for it, " I explained.

"That is not true. He kissed you first, " she said before getting up from my bed. "Now get dressed, we're leaving in twenty minutes." She flipped her hair with her hand before striding over to the closet.

"Is it necessary for her to come?" I grumbled before forcing myself out of bed.

"Yes. And since she forgave you for kissing Dash, you should be glad she is coming with us, " Tracey replied while rummaging in the closet.

"What if she keeps giving me the evil eye? I don't like evil eyes, " I argued.

My head snapped up to the door when I heard a harsh knock. Who could be here at this time? I hoped it wasn't Dash, because I was not in the mood to deal with him.

"Do you know who it is?" I ask Tracey who looked at me before shaking her head. "Who is it?!" I asked.

When there was no response to my question, I frowned before walking over to the door. If someone chose to prank me at this time, then they were dead. I was not in the mood for practical jokes today. However, when I opened the door I shrieked when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me into a corner. Before I could scream another hand covered my mouth.

"Don't scream." I froze when I heard Ben behind me. He was the one kidnapping me this time? What was up with people and kidnapping me? "I won't hurt you. I just want you to come


"Torturing you? Who said anything about torturing you?" He sounded confused which in turn made me question my thinking.

"Ten semesters entail torture, right? At least the first four did. Oh, and since you've already made me suffer through four of them, you don't have ten but six chances remaining, " I stated, unwilling to budge from my decision.

"Alright, six chances. That's fair enough. And you don't need to worry about how I'm going to win you back; that's my problem, not yours, " he replied, kissing my neck once again.

"Done. Now if you have nothing else to say, I have to go shopping with my friend." I tried to break out of his hold only to fail as usual. Dash Melwin ate lead for breakfast, I was sure of it.

"Let me kiss you one last time before you go, " Dash said.

"No, you've already kissed me too much as it is, " I protested.

"No. It's not a kiss until I kiss you on the lips." I was just about to tell him the meaning of kissing when he pulled my head back and kissed my lips. The kiss was just as intense as the last two, which meant I couldn't control my body's immediate response. I leaned into the kiss and opened up to him when his tongue sought entry. What I really wanted to do, however, was to smack him hard across his face, only my heart and mind were averse to the idea.

Dash pulled back after some time, leaving my lips bruised and tingling. I almost hated the fact that he was no longer kissing me and judging by the soft smile curving his sensual lips, it was obvious he knew how I felt.

"I hope this kiss is enough to make you remember me until the Winter Formal, " he said.

I frowned, trying my best to eradicate the fog of desire clouding my mind. "What do you mean?"

He chuckled. "Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?" Why couldn't he just tell me what I wanted to know in clear words? Why did he have to speak in riddles? I was good at science and history not riddles.

"You do know that the dance is in four days, right?" Dash said.

"I know that. Nobody here lets me forget it, " I complained.

"Good. I don't want you to forget it either. And wear a nice dress to the dance, " he ordered.

"Why? What's it to you?" I demanded.

Dash shook his head. "Don't you remember? You are going to the Winter Formal with me."

Say what now?!


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