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"Why are you not sleeping?" Tracey asked as she got comfortable under the covers.

"I'm not tired. I'll sleep in a little while. You go to sleep, " I replied, glancing at the clock, waiting for it to strike ten. Curfew at Burswick Academy was at ten, and Dash had told me to meet him after curfew. I was not going to lie, but I was excited to see him. All day today I had been fantasizing about how this meeting would go. Would he beg me to take him back? Or would he threaten to ruin my life if I didn't break up with Damien? Dash was a mysterious guy so the possibilities being conjured in my mind were endless.

However, the excitement didn't stop guilt from showing its ugly face every time I looked at Damien and found him smiling at me. I didn't want to hurt him, I really didn't, but it felt like I would end up doing it simply because I loved Dash and didn't feel the same for Damien.

"What do you think about Ben?" I jumped at suddenly hearing Tracey's voice.

"You're still awake?" I wanted her to go to sleep so it would be easier for me to escape undetected.

"Yeah, I can't sleep. Now answer my question, " she ordered.

"Uh, Ben is a good guy, " I answered, lamely. I was eager to get out of here and meet Dash.

"I know right! I really like him, Bri, and I have a feeling he likes me, too, " she said, taking me by surprise.

"He does? Has he said anything?" I asked.

"Not in so many words. But I've noticed that he always comes to me whenever he is free. And he has started to open up to me...about his life and other things, " she replied.

"That's great. I'm glad you two are getting along." I told her sincerely. I wanted my best friend to be happy, and I wanted Ben to be happy as well, after what happened with Janice. Did he know that Lauren was her killer? And if he did, how did he feel about it? I really wanted to ask him this question, but he was best friends with Dash which was why I hadn't seen him.

"We are but he mostly talks about Janice and all the things they used to do together. Which makes me feel like he doesn't like me and just wants to be my friend, " she stated.

I rolled my eyes. "The only reason he does that is because he misses her. And I'm sure he'll move on from her. Just be his friend because that's what he wants you to be right now."

"But I want him to ask me out for the Winter Formal. The dance is in a few days and it looks like he won't ask me." I could sense the sadness and disappointment in her tone.

"Don't worry, there are still a few days left. I'm sure Ben will surprise you, " I said, getting up from the bed, as I heard the loud chime indicating the arrival of curfew. "Now go to sleep."

"I hope so, and where are you going?" She asked, suspicion lacing her words.

I sighed, hating that I would have to lie to her. "I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be back." I didn't wait for her response, I quickly opened the door and tip-toed out of my dorm.

The corridors were dark, which was to be expected since they made sure to turn out the lights at 10:00 p.m sharp. I didn't realize how scary Burswick looked at this time of night with no light to guide. If it weren't for Dash, I wouldn't be here right now, praying not to bump into any demons which could be lurking around at this time of night.

"I hate you so much for this, Dash, " I muttered to myself as I tried to walk in the dark, trying my best to stay undetected. I knew there was someone who roamed the corridors after curfew, to make sure that everyone was in their beds as they should be.

The stairs proved to be tricky as I'd never used them in darkness. I nearly fell on my head twice while venturing down. Why did Dash call me after curfew? Did he not realize I was not good at walking down the stairs in the dark? How selfish could he be?

I was busy cursing him when I arrived at the exit doors of the dormitories. T

re saying? You don't just say my decision don't matter. That's not fair!" I countered.

"You are mine. That is all you need to know. Now shut up, " he stated.

"No. You have to listen to me. I won't let you do whatever you want any more." I told him.

"I said shut up, " he ordered.

"Not until you listen to me, " I argued.

"Shortcake, stop talking, " he repeated.

"Just because you said it, doesn't make it so." I threw his words back at him.

"Fine then." I froze when Dash crushed his lips to mine in a possessive kiss. My body relaxed into his as I kissed him back, moving my lips with his. Oh how I missed him. I wished he'd never betrayed me, then I'd never broken up with him.

Just as I was getting into the kiss, Damien's face flashed in my mind which made me realize what I was doing. Oh God, I was cheating on my boyfriend. I was doing the same thing to Damien that Dash did to me.

With as much force as I could muster I pulled away from Dash causing him to growl in protest. He glared at me but I was too busy trying to get away from him.

"Stop this! What are you doing?!" He pulled me tighter, locking me to him.

"No. I have to go. I can't do this. I'm with Damien now, " I babbled.

"No, you are not. You are with me. He is nothing but an unwanted piece in our lives. He needs to leave, " Dash replied, glaring at me.

I shook my head. "He is my boyfriend."

"Not any more he isn't. Not now when you've kissed me, " he said.

"That was a mistake, " I muttered.

His eyes hardened at my response. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me. I said the kiss was a mistake and we should just forget about it, " I repeated to make him understand.

"You are wrong, shortcake, the kiss wasn't a mistake."

I froze at the sound of his voice. I would not like what he was going to say next. "What are you talking about?"

"What you said about the kiss is a mistake. And, chocolate chip, you will realize the true extent of your mistake when I'll tell Damien about this." He pushed me off his lap and stood up.

"Dash, no. You will not tell Damien. Dash please, " I pleaded.

"No, I will tell him. I will not let you keep me as your dirty little secret. You are mine and it's about time everybody realizes it." With those words he marched away from me, leaving me shocked and terrified.

God, what was he going to do now?


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