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   Chapter 12 NO.12

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"What do you mean?" I asked, as I looked at Dash wondering what he was planning to do to me. We were in the middle of the woods, and there was not a soul around to witness our actions.

"Exactly what I said. No one can see us or hear us. We are all alone here, " Dash replied, splaying his arms wide, gesturing to our surroundings.

My heart begun a steady pound, increasing its pace until it was thumping against my ribcage. He was going to kill me. Dash was going to kill me and bury my body here and no one would know.

Trees covered the sky, but a sliver of moonlight still managed to penetrate through, lighting Dash's face in an ethereal glow; his blue eyes sparkling with wicked secrets, making him look like Lucifer himself. It was an enchanting effect, and it made me all the more fearful about what he was going to do to me.

"I can scream, " I threatened, then realized how stupid I was being telling Dash of my plans.

"But you won't, " he stated, with a confident smile, which only made me more afraid. Dash was going to kill me here and I didn't even tell Tracey about my will. I mean, Tracey and I had decided a long time ago that my Shopkins toy collection would go to her, but I never wrote it down on paper.

"Don't underestimate me." I told him.

Dash shrugged casually. "I'm not. You really won't scream, chocolate chip." Before I could reply, he grabbed my hand once again and begun dragging me deeper into the heart of the woods. How deep did these woods go? I thought we were already in the middle of the woods.

"I can get you expelled, " I warned.

He laughed out loud. "You can't get me expelled even if you bribed the Headmaster."

What was he talking about? He owned the Headmaster? Nobody owned him. Maybe Dash was trying to scare me. And all of this was part of the lie. But why would he lie to me if he was planning to kill me? Weren't killers supposed to be honest with their victims at the end?

Dash continued to drag me further and further into the woods. The trees continued to get closer and closer until there was barely any distance between them. And with every step, fear flowed in my veins, seeping into every blood cell.

Just as suddenly Dash started to drag me, he stopped, and I nearly bumped into him. His grip on my hand was tight, as if he had no intention of letting me go. Well since he was about to kill me, I doubt I should be worried.

"Do you like it?" Dash asked, his question taking me by surprise.

"You mean my grave? What's so special about my grave? I asked in return.

I was still standing behind Dash so I had no idea what my grave looked like, but knowing Dash, it would be anything but pretty. I wondered if there would be any flowers. I liked flowers.

Dash turned to face me, confusion marring his face in the form of a frown. "What grave are you talking about, shortcake?"

"The one you dug up for me, duh. Or do you have a coffin for me?" I queried.

He turned to face me fully. "What are you talking about? What grave? What coffin?" Dash eyed me like he wasn't sure if I was right in the head.

"You brought me here to kill me, right? I'm pretty sure Lauren told you to kill me because I'm on to her. And you will do as she says. So that's why I'm asking you if my grave is pretty or not." My killer was confused about killing me? What was happening to killers these days?

Dash slapped his forehead, tilting his head up to the sky and letting out a frustrated groan. "Oh my God! I'm did not bring you here to kill you. God, how do you come up with these theories?"

What the hell? He actually had the nerve to ask me this question? "Dude, you are angry with me, and then you drag me out of the cafeteria, into the woods, making sure there is no one present, and you ask me how I come up with these theories?! What the hell am I suppose to think?!"

"I didn't bring you here to kill you. I brought you here because I planned my surprise here, " Das

tell you about my childhood and my parents in order for you to understand why I am so possessive, " he explained.

"So tell me, " I said.

He chuckled. "It's not a story I want my girlfriend to hear."

"Well, I am not your girlfriend, so you can tell me, " I replied.

"You are not going to stop saying that, are you?" He eyed me with disapproval.

"Nopes. Now tell me." I persisted.

"Forget it. You refuse to be my girlfriend, so I won't tell you." He did not look at me as he said this. Maybe he meant his words.

"That is not fair, " I said, feeling irritated.

"Yes, it is. You don't give me what I want, then I won't give you what you want either." Dash turned his face to the side, clearly dismissing me.

"That's blackmail, and stop acting like a child, " I chided.

"It's not blackmail. And you stop acting like a stubborn child, " he retorted.

I rolled my eyes, trying to ignore the curiosity chewing at my heart but failing miserably. "Just tell me why you are like this and then we can go back; I have to read the diaries and solve the murder."

"Then go, I'm not stopping you. I'll just plan surprise dates for my new girlfriend. You can go now, " Dash replied.

The reaction his words caused surprised me. I could not believe my heart actually cracked in two. The stupid thing needed a life. Why should I be upset if Dash wanted a new girlfriend. I should be happy that he would no longer bother me. But I just couldn't think about it. It hurt my heart. Yes, it definitely needed a life.

I sighed audibly, unable to believe that I was actually about to do this. But it was either this, or I didn't know what. I had no other option. I just hoped I wasn't making a mistake.

"Alright, if you tell me about yourself, then I—I'll be your girlfriend." When the words left my mouth, it felt like a burden had been lifted from my chest.

Dash turned to face me. "Are you serious?"

"Yes. I wouldn't have said it if I wasn't, " I replied.

"So if I tell you about myself then you agree to be my girlfriend, and you won't deny my claims then?" He repeated my words.

"That's what I said." I shrugged, still not sure whether I made the right decision or not.

"Alright then, you cannot go back on your word. From this moment on, you are officially my girlfriend, " Dash stated.

"Yes, okay. Now tell me about yourself, " I commanded.

"Alright, here goes..."


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