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"It was always difficult for Lauren to gain affection. Since the day she was born, she had been living under the shadow of her older brother, Sam. Lauren's parents adored Sam and made it clear that he was the favorite child, " Dash said, getting comfortable on Lauren's bed as he started to tell me what was wrong with Lauren.

"You said was. Is Sam no longer the favorite child?" I asked. The only reason I was clamly sitting and not running away was because I realized that I was on a private island and no one would be able to take me back to Burswick. And, I was currently locked in a room.

Yup, no escape for me.

Dash shook his head. "No, Sam will always be the favorite, he is just not alive anymore." That statememt had my jaw dropping.

"Why? What happened to him?" I glanced at Lauren to see her grinning at me. An extremely creepy grin which would have me running for my life if I didn't know that she was mentally unstable.

"He died. It was so sad. I cried so much. But then I got over it. Now my life is better. I'm happy, " she said.

"When Lauren was seven, she along with her family suffered from a terrible accident. They were taking a road trip to Missouri when they crashed into another car because Sam and Lauren were screaming, which distracted her father, causing him to lose control.

"The car crash killed Sam, while Lauren's parents suffered multiple injuries. She herself was seriously injured, but her parents were solely focused on the death of their favorite child.

"Once the funeral was over, Lauren's parents started blaming her for Sam's death, " he finished.

Lauren's story was painful to hear. I could imagine how agonizing it was not to be loved by your parents. It made one feel utterly alone in this world. My mother left me when I was a kid, and my father never bothered loving me. So I could understand how awful she must've felt knowing that her parents preferred her brother over her.

"Sammy loved me. Now nobody loves me." Lauren pouted and if I hadn't known that she was a killer, I would've hugged her.

"That's not true, Lauren. I love you. You are my favorite cousin." Dash smiled at her, and I could see that he meant what he said.

"So, her brother's death shattered her mind?" I questioned.

"Yes and no, " he answered.

"What do you mean?" I queried.

"Not being loved by your parents is a traumatic experience for a person. And that is exactly what happened to Lauren. Her childhood trauma made her vulnerable to a mental disorder. And the death of her brother along with the blame being put on her resulted in her sanity spiralling out of control, " he explained.

"Oh God." I covered my mouth with my hand as I imagined myself in her place. My father never blamed me for someone's death, but he did blame me for wasting his time, and that made me feel worthless. So Lauren must be feeling a hundred times worse than me, which could easily cause her to lose her mind.

"Exactly. Lauren lost it after a couple of months due to the constant barrage of accusations and hostility by her parents. Her parents hired a psychologist for her, but they haven't exactly disclosed this little secret of theirs that their daughter is no longer mentally stable, " he stated, bitterness coating his words.

"So, the psychologist hasn't figured out what's wrong with her?" I asked.

"He doesn't want to slap her with a label unless it's absolutely necessary. He is working on her symptoms right now, " he answered.

"So this...whatever this is, caused her to kill Janice?" I enquired. Even though I was interested to know Lauren's history, I was itching to know why and how she killed Janice. What drove her to kill her own best friend?

Dash nodded. "Yes. Lauren was having one of her bad days and...she kind of went a little too far."

"Kind of? A little?" I raised my eyebrows in shock. She killed a person and he was talking as if that was an everyday thing.

He rolled his eyes. "Alright, she went too far. She lost control and when she loses control, nothing and no one can stop her."

"Yes! I'm unstoppable! Bri, have you listened to that song, it's amazing. Sam loved

anice did not like. Janice knew that Ben would never cheat on her, but she was afraid of Lauren sabotaging her relationship.

"This had been happening for quite a few months, as you read in Janice's journal. Lauren tried her best to control her emotions, her feelings for Ben, but her mind just didn't cooperate. Eventually, it led her to kill Janice."

"What happened that night? Tell me everything, " I demanded.

"You understand now, don't you, Bri? I am sick, which is why I cannot control my actions at times, " Lauren said.

"It was in the late hours of the night when Lauren's mind decided to take a turn for the worse, and she ended up confessing her feelings for Ben to Janice. And as expected, Janice was not happy and both of them started arguing.

"While they were arguing, Lauren ended up pushing Janice and she fell, hitting her head on the edge of her bed. And that was it. Janice died because of the head injury." He told me.

"And then what happened?" I asked, making sure to keep my face straight, when in fact I wanted to scream at the shock I was feeling right now.

"Lauren panicked and called me. She told me everything that happened. Neither of us wanted anybody else to find out about Janice, because if they did then Lauren would be taken away from me. She will be locked up. I can't let that happen because Lauren is my best friend. She is the only one I care about in this family other than my dad, " he answered.

"So you helped her hide the body?" I queried. If I told the police everything I just heard, then both of them would be locked up. Dash may not have killed Janice but he helped Lauren hide the body, which meant he was an equal culprit.

Dash nodded. "Yeah. We dug her grave and tried to buried her, but we didn't do a very good job because the police found her."

"So now you know everything, Bri. I hope you understand now that I didn't mean to kill Janice like that. She was my best friend and I loved her. Please try to understand, Bri, " Lauren muttered.

The truth was—and I hated to admit it—I understood why she did what she did. Lauren was not well and what she did was an accident. However, Dash helped her. He wasn't crazy, he knew what he was doing.

Dash was the real culprit.

But did I have the strength to turn him in?


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