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   Chapter 25 NO.25

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I had to get out of here. I had to talk to Tracey, she was the only one who I could count on. But how would I get out of here without Dash finding out?

"They will send me to jail, " Lauren said. "I didn't mean to kill her. I—I didn't know what happened."

"Lauren, calm down. We both know you're innocent, " Dash replied. The cracks in my heart deepend as he consoled Lauren.

"No. I'm a killer. Even my parents hate me. You know my dad hasn't talked to me for over a month. Since the day he found out that I killed my best friend he hasn't spared me a glance. I hate myself." She sobbed. With the volume of her voice, it was a miracle how the whole house hadn't woken up.

"Stop this, Lauren. Do not call yourself a killer. You are sick, your parents know that, so they have no right to be mad at you. I will talk to uncle Elliott, he still loves you. Stop crying now, you'll wake people up, " he stated.

"No one will wake up because nobody cares." She paused for a couple of seconds. "You should go. Bri would be wondering where you are."

"Bri is sleeping, don't worry about her. Why didn't uncle Elliott and aunt Alli come?" He asked. The fact that he didn't expect me to listen in on him made me furious. I would show him.

"Because they hate me. I told them to come with me but my father refuses to even look at me. What am I going to do, Dash? I didn't mean to kill her. And now everybody hates me." Lauren cried.

"Relax, we'll figure something out. I told you before I will not let anything happen to you. Trust me, " Dash assured her.

"How can I trust you when you are investigating a murder with your girlfriend? You're basically helping her in handing me over to the police!" She exclaimed. Dash's family members were either extremely heavy sleepers or the rooms were soundproof. I put my money on the latter because no would could sleep through this.

"I'm not helping them. I'm trying really hard to throw them off track. I stole the button Bri and I found at the crime scene. So don't worry. They can never pin the murder on you. I won't let it happen."




My boyfriend had been against me all along. I thought I lost the button, but no, Dash had stole it. He took away the one clue we got; only because he wanted to protect his cousin!

I didn't realize I was having trouble breathing until I felt tears on my cheeks. The pain of betrayal was sharp; the likes of which I never felt before. How could he do this to me? He'd been using me all along. I thought he actually liked me and wanted to be with me, but in actuality, he was protecting his cousin who killed Janice.

There was no way I was going to stay here now. I would leave right now. I would force that pilot to fly me back to Burswick right now. No more heartbreak. No more betrayal. No more Dash.

I was done.

Just as I turned around to storm out of this gargantuan mansion, I collided with a table that I didn't know was behind me which caused a vase to fall down and crash on the marble floor. The sound of ceramic shattering echoed in the dark foyer, and the silence that followed afterwards was enough for me to know that Dash and Lauren knew that I was here.

"Bri? What are you doing here?" Dash asked, pretending as if the conversation between him and Lauren never happened.

I wanted to go over to him and punch him and slap him and call him all sorts of names. But the pain in my heart was too much and my teary vision made it difficult to make out where he was standing. So, I chose to point my finger at him.

"Y—You k—ki—kill—" I couldn't even finished the words before I fell to the ground crying my eyes out. Why did this have to happen to me? Why couldn't I have a normal life with normal people who loved me?

"Oh God, y—you heard everything." It was Lauren who said this. I wanted to look at her, to see the express

no choice, Lauren. Bri is our only hope, " Dash argued.

"You know, since we are no longer together, I would appreciate it if you call me by my full name, Brielle." I told him.

"Shut up, you can't leave me. Do you not understand that?" Dash growled.

I scowled. "That's not fair. I refuse to be your girlfriend!"

"You can't refuse to do that! You are mine!" He stated.

"I will not associate with a killer. You protected her, which makes you as much of the culprit as her, " I shot at him.

"If you would just listen to why I did what I did I'm sure you'll think differently, " he argued, throwing his hands in the air.

"Then tell me! You already wasted two minutes, " I said.

"Dash! We only have three minutes. How can we tell her everything in three minutes?" Lauren asked, panic evident in her eyes.

Dash rolled his eyes. "Lauren, we are inside a locked room. Do you think there is any way Bri can leave?"

Realization dawned on her in the form of relief. "Oh, right. She can't leave. We have all the time in the world." My jaw dropped when Lauren clapped her hands in glee. Why was she suddenly so happy? She was crying her eyes out a minute ago.

"What is wrong with her?" I asked, not bothering to sugarcoat my words.

"You don't want to know, " he muttered, flopping down on the bed.

"Tell me, " I urged. Seeing the grin on Lauren's face had thousands of questions swirling in my mind. How could her mood change so fast? A couple of minutes ago she was freaking out and now she was as relaxed as a daisy.

"Tell her, Dash. Tell her everything she wants to know. She can't go anywhere. She will stay here for as long as we want, " she said in a sing song voice.

"She is sick, " he stated, glancing at his cousin who was grinning and hopping around her room.

"Sick? Mentally sick?" I asked.

Dash nodded. "Yes. Her doctor hasn't come to a diagnosis yet, but he is pretty close."

"What happened to her?" I enquired, curious to know more.

Dash sighed. "This is so difficult. Are you sure you want to know?"

"Are you sure you want me to go to the cops?" I threw at him.

"Alright fine, I'll tell you. But please, keep an open mind. She's been through a lot and what happened, happened on pure accident. She didn't do it intentionally, " he replied.

"Dash Melwin, start talking." I told him.


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