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   Chapter 24 NO.24

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Why was Lauren calling him? Shouldn't she be at her parents' house, relaxing and not calling my boyfriend? And why was Dash neglecting me to go talk to her? This was not fair. He brought me here, he should be spending time with me only.

I really wanted to know what those two were talking about but Dash went upstairs to talk, leaving me in this weird basement with the lights on. I swear if it was dark right now I would've killed him.

Lauren and Dash seemed to be closer than I thought. And I needed to tell Tracey that so she could try and find the connection between these two. I had a feeling Dash would not tell me if I asked about Lauren, so asking him for information was not an option. That only left my friends and perhaps his family members. Was Dash close enough with any of his cousins? Perhaps they could tell me about Lauren.

But how would I do that when Dash never left me alone? He was always with me. And while we were here, he wouldn't let me out of his sight for even a second. Perhaps I should drug him, that way he would be fast asleep and I could get my information from his relatives.

The only problem was, I had no drugs.

There had to be another way to find out why Lauren was so obsessed with Dash. And then, just like a sun coming out after a storm and spreading light around, I had an idea. I would steal Dash's phone while he was sleeping. And I had a feeling he would be sleeping down here tonight as he hated his mother and wanted to avoid her at all cost. So I would check his cell phone while he slept.

Proud of myself for coming up with this idea, I mentally patted myself on the back and then realized that Dash still hadn't shown up. What was taking him so long? What was so important that he was ignoring me for Lauren? I wanted to give him a piece of my mind once he returned but I didn't want him to think his absence affected me; it would only serve to boost his ego until it took over the universe.

The only thing that was keeping me from having a panic attack right here in a mansion full of strangers was the light in the basement. I'd always cosidered basements to be dark and cold. I remember one scary story my mother used to tell me in order to make me sleep when she was alive, so since then, I'd been afraid of dark basements. But this basement was not dark; which was good for my mind and soul.

"I would kill you, Dash, " I said to myself since there was no one to listen to me. Exams were coming soon, I had to study as well. I should've brought some books along so I could study.

While I was contemplating killing my boyfriend because he'd left me alone in his basement, he came bounding down the stairs. Well speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. I glared at his grinning face, causing his smile to wither into a frown.

"What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?" He asked as if he'd committed some sort of a crime he didn't know he'd committed. Well he ignored me, and ignoring me was a crime; I'd put that rule in my HOW TO DATE notebook.

"What took you so long? You brought me here and now you are ignoring me, this is not fair." I might be acting like a brat but I hated being left alone in a place full of strangers.

"I had a call to attend; it took a while. I was right here, chocolate chip. I will never leave you alone, don't worry about it, " he explained before pulling me in a hug. His scent had my ire dissipating within seconds and I cursed myself for being so weak against him.

"Why was Lauren calling you?" I asked.

"She is my friend, shortcake. Friends call each other. Are you jealous?" I could tell he was smirking, the little narcissisitc jerk.

"Still, you shouldn't leave me alone like this; especially in a basement—that is just cruel, " I complained. If I was whining I didn't care.

"I know, but I just prefer being alone when talking to someone on my phone. It won't happen again, shorty. Next time I get a call, I'll leave you with my Xbox so you don't miss me too much." He squeezed me softly before planting a kiss on my

was Dash? Was he sleepwalking? I hoped he was all right.

I kept walking, putting one foot after the other, having no destination in mind. I wondered who was sleeping in which room and how many rooms there were in total. While contemplating the amount of rooms this grand could possible have, I came across something that had me sighing in relief while simultaneously putting me on edge.


Two distinct voices could be heard speaking in whispers. The voice that had me sighing in relief was Dash's. Thank God he was safe and not out prowling the beach at this hour. However, the second voice was too soft for me to make out, but I could tell it belonged to a female.

"It will be all right." I heard Dash say when I edged closer to where those two were whispering behind the wall.

"How can it be all right? You heard what he said, " the girl hissed. The pitch of her voice told me that it was none other than Lauren was talking to Dash. But how did she get here? She was supposed to be visiting her family.

"No one will know, " Dash replied.

"It won't stay hidden for long. Dash, I killed my best friend. I killed a person, Dash, who does that?!" The words had me freezing on the spot. Was I dreaming, or was this a reality? Laure was a killer? No, this couldn't be possible.

"It's not your fault, Lauren. It was not in your control, " Dash argued.

"That's not the point. No one will care if it was in my control or not. To the world, I will be nothing but a killer." I could hear Lauren crying, but that didn't matter to me. I couldn't believe my ears. Our main suspect was a killer.

"They will not think that. No one will hurt you, " Dash tried to assure her.

"Say whatever you want, Dash, but the truth will come out one day and no one can protect me from it. Not even you, " she responded.

"I will give my life to protect yours. You are my best friend, Lauren. You are my family. I have to protect you, " Dash promised.

Family? She was family? Dash was related to a killer?

"You can try but you won't succeed. You've already helped me so much by covering up the murder. I can't expect you to do anything else, " Lauren stated.

"I will help you till the end. I will not leave you, Lauren."

This was all too much for me. Dash was related to Lauren, who was a killer and Dash helped to cover that murder; which meant that Dash was a killer.

I could not believe I didn't realize it sooner.

My boyfriend was a killer.


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