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As the limo stopped in front of a grand mansion, I forced the bile back down my throat. I was not going to puke; I just couldn't embarrass myself like this in front of Dash's father.

"We're here. Let's go, chocolate chip. I'm so excited to introduce you to my family, " Dash said, excitement radiating out of him like butterflies.

What kind of an analogy was that?

"Can we not go? I don't feel so good." My stomach was tied in the worst of knots that no boy scout could ever conquer.

"Oh, shortcake, you do look kind of green. Don't worry, I'll have my family's doctor take a look at you. Come." Without wasting another second, Dash pulled me out of the car and begun leading me towards the front doors.

The mansion was the biggest I'd ever seen in my life. It was made of white marble with columns sprouting up with pride like giant beasts to support the triple storey grand structure. Surrounding the mansion were trees and shrubs of every shape and size, closing around it as if trying to protect it from unwanted eyes.

"Dash, where exactly are we?" I enquired as I looked around.

"My father bought a private island just a few miles from the border of the United States and built this mansion for us. My father is a very private man, which is why he built our home away from everybody else. And that's where we are, " he answered.

"You mean we are on a private island?" My eyes widened on their own accord, unable to believe his words. A private island. Dash's father owned a private island.

"Yes, exactly. I told my father to buy me an apartment in the country, but he doesn't want to. He is willing to buy another private island for me, but I'm not sure I want that." He told me.

"Your father has way too much wealth. Tell him to stop working so hard, " I joked.

"I wish. But the way my Mom is always absent, work is the only thing he has that keeps him focus yet distracted at the same time. It is better that he works rather than sulking in his private study over my mother." There was pure bitterness in his voice as he spoke of his mother.

"I understand. I think that is why my father is a workaholic as well." I squeezed his hand in support. "So, since we are on a private island does that means the ocean is around here somewhere?"

Dash laughed. "Yes, the ocean is just a couple of miles from here. I'll take you there tomorrow. We'll spend the day on the beach."

"Alright, that's perfect. But I'm still nervous about meeting your family, " I muttered.

"Don't be. Come. Let's take you inside. My father is eager to meet you." Before I could protest, Dash dragged me inside the mansion. It was strange how the door opened on its own as I saw no one standing there to open it.

The house was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside. The marbled floor gleamed as if somebody had worked tirelessly to make it sparkle. Paintings lined the wall along with fixtures, making it look as if I'd entered a museum. A few potted plants litters the corners, adding chracter to the foyer.

As soon as we neared what I assumed was the living room, I could hear murmurs and they got louder and louder until they transformed into full fledged voices of people. The living room had a magnificent chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling, along with a few smaller chandeliers hanging in the corners.

When we stepped inside the living room, everybody fell silent and all eyes were upon us. I swallowed hard before tightening my hold on Dash's hand, wishing I could just vanish into thin air instead of being scrutinized by at least thirty people. Dash said he was taking me to see his father, but it looked like his whole family was here.

"Why are there so many people here?" I whispered to Dash, trying to be as subtle as possible.

"Because I lied to you, " Dash responded, his eyes on the people currently staring at us as if we were a couple of aliens who landed from Mars.

"About only meeting your Dad?" I knew the answer already, I just wanted to confirm.

"Yes. This is the annual family gathering. Every year, a

ng me. It is a pleasure meeting you." I bade Mr. Melwin farewell before allowing Dash to drag me out of his study. "Your father is so cool."

"He is my father, chocolate chip, he is supposed to be cool. I just wish I could say the same about my mother." Sadness shadowed his blue eyes, twisting my heart in pain.

"Hey, at least you have one parent who is cool. My father is grumpy all the time. I swear he can put the worst of monsters to shame, " I ranted.

Dash burst out laughing. "You're funny, chocolate chip. Come on, let me show you your room. Please tell me you hate the color pink."

"How did you know I hate pink? By the way, I do hate pink, " I replied.

He shrugged. "A lucky guess. I just never saw anything pink in your possession so I came to the conclusion that you probably don't like the color."

"In my possession? How do you know about my possessions and the fact that I don't own anything pink?" Alarm bells begun ringing my mind. Did Dash sneak in to my dorm room and go through my things? Was he the one who stole that button?

Emotions flickered in his eyes and clouded his features. But it was only for a few seconds. It was gone as quickly as it had come. But I saw it and I knew there was something he was hiding from me, something big.

"I mean to say, your bag, books and stationary. And all the times I took you out on a date, you never wore anything pink, " Dash said. However, his explanation contradicted the earlier flash of emotions, which indicated annoyance, fury and possibly dread.

"I see. Well, you are very observant." I told him. I would not call him out on his actions, but would observe him. It was clear Dash was hiding something from me. Now I had to find out what it was.

"I have to be in order to keep my girlfriend happy." He smiled before opening the door to a bedroom. "Welcome to your room."

My room was designed to be every girl's dream. Pastel colors dominated the room, with blue and green walls and pastel colored sheets. There were a couple of arm chairs placed near the window with a table in the center. And a huge, plasma screen was placed across the bed.

"Wow, this is so pretty, " I praised.

"Thank you. Glad you liked it." Just as Dash finished speaking, an unfamiliar feminine voice echoed outside of my room.

"The flight was so long. It's good to be home, " she said.

"Oh shit!" Dash swore, slamming the bedroom door shut and turning the lock.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"My mother is here."


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