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It was here. The dreaded day was here. I did not want to go. Heck, I even told Dash I didn't want to go, but he wouldn't budge. He wanted me to meet his father and he was not going to rest until I met him. Because of this, he hadn't left my side these past few days. Even when I went to the bathroom, he waited outside for me. It was safe to say that I wanted to kill him for shadowing me around.

"What are you going to wear?" Tracey asked me as I stared at my closet, eyeing my jeans and shirts.

"Can I just die?" I responded as I gazed at my closet with little to no hope. There was no way I was impressing Dash's father in jeans and shirt. I was doomed and it would all be Dash's fault.

"Oh come on, it's so romantic. He is taking you to meet his folks, I think it's a pretty big deal. Guys don't usually do this unless they are seriously interested in you, " Tracey said, coming to stand beside me.

"This is not normal, Trace. What he's doing is not normal—it's too extreme. He is going way too fast for my liking. And the worst part is, he doesn't care that I'm freaking out, " I ranted.

"Relax. Dash is serious about you, that's why he is taking such a big step in your relationship. You should be excited, " she stated.

I rolled my eyes. "Don't tell me how I should feel. I'm freaking out because I'm going to meet my boyfriend's dad and you are telling me not to worry. What kind of a friend are you?!"

"Hey! I'm just trying to cheer you up, " she grumbled.

"Well you're doing a terrible job of it, " I snapped, trying to ignore my pounding heart.

"Wow, you're a bitch when you're nervous, " she complained.

"I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I have nothing to wear. Dash is going to be here in half an hour and I'm pretty sure he already has a guard stationed outside our door in case I try to run away. So I'm trapped and I have nothing to wear. His father is going to hate me." I nearly shouted.

"His father is not going to hate you, Bri. You are an amazing girl. I'm sure he will like you; mainly because you've managed to sink your claws in his son." My best friend grinned at me, as if we were conspiring against Dash.

"Won't that be a reason for hating me? He might think I'm controlling his son." Oh God, why couldn't the ground just open up and swallow me whole like in that movie Drag Me To Hell?

"Of course not, silly!" Tracey swatted my arm. "Think about it, you are the reason why Dash is behaving himself."

"Behaving himself? He still goes around making everybody's life miserable. Two days ago he made Amy cry because apparently her cheerleading skills didn't cheer him up. I mean, who does that?!" I had a crazy boyfriend and there was no way I could change him.

Tracey rolled her eyes. Why couldn't she understand that I was nervous? It was not everyday your boyfriend took you to meet his parents. And Dash acted as if it was a normal occurance for him to spring such crazy plans on me.

"That's different. Dash is different around you. He has told everyone in the football team to keep their eyes off of you, or else he would punch them until they were permanently blind." She told me.

"My boyfriend is a barbarian. Thanks, that is all I needed! I feel so much better now." I bit out sarcastically.

"Bri, you just don't understand my point. Dash taking you to meet his parents is a good thing. It means he is not playing around, " she repeated. I understood what she was trying to say but right now I had bigger things to worry about. It was not Tracey that was going to meet her boyfriend's father. No, it was me. I had to stand in front of Dash's father and try to make him like me.

"Forget it, Tracey. I'm not having this argument with you. I need an outfit to wear and I don't have it. Can you please help me with that?" I requested, throwing my wardrobe a look filled with disgust.

"Why don't you borrow one of my outfits. You can return it when you come back, " she offered. Tracey did have more clothes than I did.

"Alright. I guess I can borrow an outfit from you. But give me a good one because I don't want to

you were bringing someone special with you. I'm pleased to meet you, Ms. Bri, " Grant replied. Dash needed to stop this, I was blushing.

"Thank you. Nice to meet you, too, " I said, my voice soft.

"Let's go, Grant, before my father starts blasting my phone." With those words, Dash slipped inside the car with me following after him. Grant closed the door once we were inside then slid inside the driver's side.

"We are going to the airport? Where exactly do you live?" I enquired, begging my heart to relax.

"Yes, my father's private jet is waiting there to take us home." He told me.

My mind grabbed the two words and hung on to them. Private jet. His father owned a private jet. Boy, this was not what I was expecting. Dash's father was ten times richer than mine, maybe more.

I swallowed hard as Grant started the car and drove us out of Burswick. With every mile that we covered my heart twisted a little more. The reason I was so afraid of Dash's father not approving of me was because my own father never approved of me; I was never good enough for him. If my own father didn't like me, would anyone else's?

"Chocolate chip?" Dash called me.

"Yeah? Sorry, did you say something?" I looked in his blue eyes to see them sparkling.

"We are here, " he said. And he was right. When I looked out of the window I could see an airplane taking off with a smaller jet standing.

"Oh, right." I got out of the car as soon as Grant open the door. Dash got out after me and quickly wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

"Let's go." He begun leading me towards the jet that was standing alone on the tarmac.

"I can't believe you have a private jet, and your own chauffeur, " I remarked as we entered the jet. It wasn't a big jet, but just big enough to be comfortable.

"It's my father's not mine. Sit down, " Dash commanded, pushing me down on the seat and buckling me up. "There, now you can't go anywhere." With a grin Dash sat down on the seat across from me and buckling himself in.

A pretty flight attendant came over with a smile on her face. "Welcome, Mr. Melwin, would you or your companion like something to eat or drink?" She asked.

"No, thanks. Tell the pilot to take off. My father would be getting antsy, " Dash said.

"Of course. Right away, sir." With another smile, she sauntered off to convey Dash's message.

It looked as if Dash and I were from two different worlds. And I was about to see his world.

I just knew I was going to screw this up.


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