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   Chapter 20 NO.20

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The next month passed by in a blur. Life at Burswick started to get back to its normal flow, but the thought of Janice never really left us. Sure, people tried to act normally by worrying about exams and the Winter Formal, but the thought of Janice loomed over our heads like a dark cloud.

It had been a month and there had been no change in Janice's case. The police arrested that Sierra girl, but after that we heard nothing about it. Some might believe that the criminal had been caught and the case was closed, but other people, people like me knew that it wasn't over.

Sierra was not the killer. I didn't know how I knew, but my heart told me that the police arrested the wrong person. However, if Sierra was not the killer, why was she still in the police's custody? It had been a month, if she was innocent she should've been free by now.

Was I missing something here or was Sierra really the killer?

I had read Janice's journal, and it wasn't really helpful. The thing that surprised me was that there were pages torn from the journal. More than thirty pages were torn, at least if not more. Which meant that there was something Janice or someone didn't want me or anyone to know. And it made me all the more curious to find out what happened between Lauren and Janice. But in order to do that, I needed to find those thirty pages and I didn't know where they were.

"I don't know what I'm going to wear at the Winter Formal, " Tracey said, slamming her hands on the table hard enough to cause the plates to rattle, effectively stealing our attention.

"That is still two months away, Tracey, " I replied, swirling pasta around my fork.

"That is not a very helpful thing to say, Bri. I have nothing to wear. I don't have a date. I. Have. Nothing." She looked like she was either going to burst out crying or going to throw a furious fit.

"Relax. We have plenty of time. We'll go to the mall again on the weekend. Relax, Trace, sit down and eat something." I told her.

Pulling out a chair, Tracey sat down with a huff, besides Ben. I wished Ben would ask Tracey out for the Winter Formal. She was already crushing on him so hard, it would hurt her if he asked out someone else.

"What are you wearing to the dance?" Dash asked me. Throughout the past month, Dash had been the best boyfriend. Not only did he spend time with me, but he brought me gifts and made me laugh. Sure he was annoying during half of those times, but he still made me happy. And he knew how to court a girl.

Dash had taken me out to so many incredible places, it made me wonder just how rich he was, because those places were not inexpensive in any sense of the word. He took me out to expensive restaurants, amusement parks and movie premieres. And every single one of those dates was fantastic.

"I have an old dress lying around in the back of my closet somewhere, I'll just wear that, " I answered.

"Absolutely not!" He stated, causing me to frown in confusion.

"Why not?" Now he had a problem with my dress, why did he have to be so bossy?

"Because you are my girlfriend and I want you to wear the best dress. I want you to win the crown, " he said.

I rolled my eyes. "I do not want to win the crown. Gemma wants the crown and I don't want to take it from her. Besides, my dress is fine. I wore it like...two times, max."

"That dress is old and I don't want my girl to wear an old dress. You have to look like a princess. I will call my tailor and he will make a dress for you, " Dash replied.

My eyes widened. This rich, spoiled brat! He really needed to control himself. Why couldn't he understand I did not want a new dress? Why did he have to be so difficult?

"No! You are not calling your tailor. I already told you I have a dress, " I stated. If he called his tailor over I would throw a fit.

"Stop being so ungrateful,

, kissing my neck. Why did he have to make it so difficult for me to hate him?

"But they are my hugs, I have the right to give them out to whoever I want whenever I want, " I whined, loving the feel of his strong arms around me. Dash's hugs were so warm and his body was so comfortable one could actually sleep on him.

You are shameless!

"No! All your hugs became mine the moment you agreed to be my girlfriend, " he stated.

"You forced me to be your girlfriend, " I reminded him, causing him to roll his eyes.

"Fine. I stole all your hugs. Now they are mine. Once I steal something, it becomes mine forever, " Dash replied.

I sighed. "You are impossible. What am I going to do with you?"

"Never leave me, that's what you are going to do. By the way, I'm taking you out on Sunday." He told me.

"Taking me out where? You do know that exams are in two weeks, right? I cannot go anywhere. We can go after exams, " I stated, already worrying about my exams. There was so much going on right now; I had a boyfriend and there was a murder to solve, I could not give undivided attention to my studies. If I scored anything less than an A, my dad would kill me. I was sure he just needed a reason.

"It's just one day and it's really important. I can't change the day, so we don't really have a choice, " he replied.

"What is so important? You can take me out on a date some other time." I really wanted to give time to my textbooks because exams were looming over our heads and I still had a lot of studying to do.

"It's not a date...well not like a regular date. It's something else, " he said.

Now I was confused and curious. "Dash, what is it? Tell me." I had no idea what Tracey and Ben were doing behind me.

"It's a surprise, chocolate chip." He kissed my cheek.

"No. Tell me right now. You said it's important and you have no choice, so I want to know what it is, " I demanded.

Dash sighed. "Alright, I'll tell you. But promise me you will not freak out. You are coming with me, you don't have a choice in that. But please, don't freak out."

Now I was eager and curious. "Dash, just tell me already."

"First promise me."

I sighed. "Fine. I promise I won't freak out. Now tell me."

"Good." Dash took a deep breath. "Well, here goes nothing...Bri, I'm taking you to meet my dad."

Oh shoot!


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