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   Chapter 16 NO.16

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"How are we going to find the button? And what will you tell Dash if or when he asks for it?" Tracey whispered as we sat in Math class trying to solve problems that had no right to be in my life right now. I normally enjoyed Math or any other subject for that matter, but today, I just couldn't deal with anymore problems, especially those that required me to find the answer. I already had a killer to find and now my teacher expected me to find the value of x. The world needed to learn to solve its own problems.

You are the one who took on this job of finding the killer; nobody asked you to.

Alright, my annoying inner voice had a point. But in my defence, I was curious and wanted a peaceful academic year. And as long as this killer was on the loose, there would be no peaceful academic year for me.

"Well?" Tracey asked when I did not reply. It had been two days since our button search in our dorm room, and so far I had no idea what I would tell Dash if he asked me about the button or where the stupid thing went.

"I don't know, " I whispered, irritated at myself and this stupid problem in front of me. I did not care about x or y, I just wanted to find the button, give it to Dash and find the killer as soon as possible.

"You've been avoiding Dash since two days. If you keep this up, he is going to get suspicious if he isn't already, " she stated, causing me to roll my eyes. Yes, I had been avoiding Dash since the last two days. I just couldn't face him knowing that I had lost our only clue. He would kill me, I was sure it.

"Yeah, well I have no choice. If he finds out I lost the button he will tell his personal chef to prepare me on a silver platter so he could eat me, " I hissed, making sure to keep my voice low so as not to draw the attention of the teacher.

"That is not going to happen. If you stop looking so guilty, Dash will never find out, " my best friend replied, scribbling the answer on her worksheet.

"He will find out. He is very smart, " I argued, cursing the numbers and letters scattered over my worksheet. Right now, I wanted to tear the piece of paper into a hundred pieces and chuck it into a trashcan.

"Oh please." Tracey scoffed. "You give him too much credit. He is not as smart as you think."

"You don't know him like I do, " I countered, then mentally slapped myself. I didn't know Dash from Adam. I'd only just met him.

"That is not true!" I was pretty sure the teacher was deaf if she did not just hear Tracey. "He is not even in class and he is a rich, spoiled guy."

"Being rich doesn't mean you're stupid, " I reasoned.

Just then the classroom door opened and in walked Dash who strode inside as if he owned the place, and expected people to bow down to him as if he were some kind of a god.

His eyes immediately found mine and I bit my lip before looking away. Maybe he would think I was shy. No, that was stupid. The probability of Dash thinking I was shy was equivalent to that of the sun rising from the west.

"Mr. Melwin, " the teacher began. "Please try to be on time. This school does not accept tardiness." She scolded.

Dash rolled his eyes. He actually rolled his eyes. Why couldn't he respect the teachers for once? It wouldn't kill him. Why did he have to show the whole world just how rich and spoilt he was?

You lost the button. I think you have more important things to worry about than Dash's attitude with the teachers.

My inner voice needed a slap in the face. As soon as this class would end, I would make a run for it. I would go to Damien because he was currently lying in the school's infirmary thanks to my boyfriend and Ben. It was awful, what they did to him. And I was going to take my revenge on Dash for hurting my friend like that. However, Damien was getting better. The nurse told me that Damien would make a full recovery within a few days.

I could feel Dash's eyes on

stick to them like glue. They call them jealous and insecure, " I argued. My boyfriend had weird demands.

"I am not a normal guy." He shrugged.

I rolled my eyes. "I think we established that fact a long time ago. There is nothing about you that falls in the spectrum of normal."

"Which is a good thing for you. Every girl wants a boyfriend who is different and unique, " Dash threw at me.

"Uh, I hate to cut in between you two love birds, but, Bri, you have to finish your work—"

"What is going on here?!" The teacher exclaimed. Great, now she noticed us. Fantastic. It was only when I'm not paying attention did she notice that we are talking to each other.

"Uh nothing really, Mrs—"

"Ms. Goldman, why are you disturbing the class?" She asked, her eyebrow arched.

"I'm not. Dash here was bothering me." I told her, not sure why she wasn't accusing my boyfriend of disturbing the class.

"You have been talking constantly since class started, and don't think I didn't notice because I did, " she said, her voice sharp.

"I'm sorry. I will not do it again, " I apologized, cursing my boyfriend for getting me in trouble. Now I really wouldn't talk to Dash; he was a bad influence. I should go back to avoiding him like I had originally planned.

"You can apologize to me on Saturday when you come for detention, " she stated, causing my eyes to widen and jaw to drop. Detention? How could she give me detention? I never gotten detention in my life.

Curse you, Dash. I will destroy you for this.

"What? Why?" I could not comprehend this. Why was she doing this to me?

"Because I will not tolerate disturbance in my class."

"But Mrs—" I started to plead with her when the classroom door opened and marched in two police officers. The expression on their chubby faces was grim yet purposeful. In just three seconds all eyes were focused on the officers clad in uniform.

"Sierra Hutchins?" The officer on the left called out, his beady eyes scanning the room.

Slowly, a girl from the second last row stood up, confusion painted on her chubby face. She was cute with freckled cheeks and brown eyes.

"Are you Sierra Hutchins?" The officer who called out her name asked.

"Yes?" Sierra wasn't the only one who was confused, it was the entire classroom.

"Sierra Hutchins, you are under arrest for the murder of Janice Walter."


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