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"Alrght, let's not be too quick to place blame on people." I told Ben, who looked ready to tear the whole school down. His face was turning red and he was breathing heavily. I was starting to get worried for all those who would have to face his wrath. I never thought Ben could be so scary.

"Why not?" He fixed his eyes on me making me swallow hard in fear. I never wanted to be on Ben's bad side.

"Hey, stop glaring at my girl. She is helping you, " Dash admonished. Right then, I wanted to hug him for standing up for me, despite the fact that he annoyed me to the core.

"Lauren killed Janice. I have to confront her and hand her over to the police, " Ben growled, like an actual growl. I didn't know humans growled.

"And how can you be so sure? Does the diary state that Lauren killed Janice?" Dash enquired.

"No! But Janice wrote about how Lauren was not the person she thought she was, " Ben answered.

"That doesn't mean anything, " Tracey cut in.

"Of course it does. They were having problems. Lauren is the killer, I'm sure of it, " he stated.

"You can't go around slapping labels on everyone. That is not right. We have to investigate this further. This diary was written last year. If Lauren was the killer why would she wait an entire year to kill Janice?" Dash pointed out.

What was Dash's relationship with Lauren? Why was he so quick to defend her? I would confront Lauren about this. She would have to tell me what was going on between her and my boyfriend. But first I needed to calm this crazy Ben down.

"Maybe she was looking for the right opportunity to kill, " Ben said.

"Ben, calm down. It's a diary, and diaries are subjective. Maybe what Janice wrote is not true. Maybe she wrote lies about Lauren because she might be angry with her or something, " I said.

"Nobody lies about something like this, " Ben argued. Alright, I had to admit; being in love was looking to be scary right now.

"Of course they can. People lie about everything. You need to calm down, Ben. We will find out who killed Janice. And we will keep a close eye on Lauren. But we cannot accuse her of murder based on some diaries which might be biased, " Tracey said, taking Ben's hands in hers. It took everything in me not to let my jaw drop. Was it just me or was there something going on between my best friend and Ben?

Don't jump to conclusions! Maybe she is just comforting him.

My subconscious was right. I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions, it was not logical. But I could not help it. Tracey was holding Ben's hands—comforting him in times of need. And that meant something. It had to mean something. I would ask her as soon as these two left the room.

"This is taking too long, Tracey." It looked like all the anger just evaporated as soon as Tracey touched him. Something was definitely going on. I wanted Dash and Ben to leave so I could interrogate my best friend.

"I know, but we will figure it out. I promise you. And the police is investigating as well. They are taking statements from every student, whether they knew Janice or not. So relax. If you'll get worked up then we will not be able to catch the killer. You have to stay strong, for Janice, " Tracey replied. Alright, she had better tell me everything when I question her because I could tell she liked Ben.

Ben nodded, releasing a deep, audible breath. "You're right. I don't know what just happened to me. I lost my mind after I read Janice's diary."

"It's alright, she was your girlfriend. We understand that." Tracey smiled. I had half a mind to kick Dash and Ben out of the room so I could get the truth from her, but I refrained; mostly because I doubted my boyfriend would appreciate being thrown out of his girlfriend's his girlfriend.

"Dash, I think we should go now. We have a lot of planning to do. I want to keep an eye on Lauren, " Ben said, looking at Dash who was sprawled on my bed as if he owned it.

"I can keep an eye on Lauren for you, " Dash offered. My eyes narrowed in suspicion.

enough to store little trinkets which I cherished among all others, and I kept the box under my bed because there wasn't any other hiding place since Tracey and I shared the small closet.

I pried open the lid and rummaged around for the button. I frowned when I didn't immediately find it. That's weird, it was right on top, I thought to myself before turning the box over, scattering the contents out on my bed.

"What's wrong?" Tracey asked, sitting on my bed.

"I can't find the button, " I said, all thoughts of keeping my secret box a secret forgotten as I looked for the button. This could not be possible. Nothing ever went missing if I put it in my secret box. Where did the button go?

"Are you sure you put it here?" Tracey enquired, looking with me.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure I put it here. This is the safest place I have. It has to be here, " I responded, but no matter what I said, I was unable to find the button. A sinking feeling settled in the pit of my stomach when I was unable to find the button after twenty minutes. Dash was going to kill me if he knew I lost the button.

"Bri, the button is not here. What are we going to do now?" Tracey asked, worry saturating her words.

I sighed, unable to comprehend the loss of such an important clue. It didn't matter that the button was not a good clue, the point was that it was a clue and I lost it. We only had one clue and it was no longer with me.

"Dash is going to kill me, " I stated. There was no other scenario I could come up with.

"Who can possibly take the button? It has to be here somewhere." Tracey, not one to give up so easily stood up and jogged over to our closet. "I'll look in the closet. Don't you worry, Bri, we'll find the button."

"No, we won't, Tracey. It's gone, " I muttered.

"Who could have taken it? Did you tell anyone about it?" My best friend asked, her head buried inside the closet.

"No, no one knew except Dash, " I answered. Even if I had told anyone about the button, they wouldn't know to look in my secret box.

Tracey didn't reply after that, just continued to search the closet as I sat on the bed wondering what to tell Dash. He was going to kill me. He would blame me and Ben would be so disappointed, he would hate me.

After thirt minutes, Tracey flopped down on my bed. "Alright, I checked the entire closet and no button."

"I know. I told you it won't be there, " I mumbled.

It was official. The button was gone.


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