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I eyed the three diaries lying on my bed, wondering which one to read first. Tracey sat across from me, mirroring my position as we contemplated the secrets the journals held.

"Which one do you want to read?" Tracey asked me.

"I want to read Janice's diary, " I answered, picking up the small journal, leaving Lauren's with Tracey. "You can decide between the real and the fake diary."

Leaving my best friend with Lauren's diaries, I opened Janice's diary. I ignored the Do Not Enter sign and flipped to the very first entry.

Dear Kitty—

Who the heck named their diary Kitty? I thought diaries didn't have names. But apparently, Janice liked to name her things, even if the names were weird.

Dear Kitty, It's the start of another year at Burswick and to say I'm nervous would be an understatement. So much has changed in the last couple of years. I have a boyfriend now, Ben; we started dating at the end of last year, like I told you, and our relationship has only gotten stronger with time. I can't wait to see him. He texted me right before they took my cell phone and said that he'll be waiting for me in the cafeteria. And I can't wait to see him.

I bought a present for Ben, I hope he likes it. I showed the present to Lauren and she wrinkled her nose at the cologne, but said that she likes it. I'm confused. I don't know whether Lauren genuinely likes the cologne I got for Ben or not. Kitty, I don't know what my best friend is thinking. I should be able to understand what she is feeling. And these days I feel so helpless...

This entry looked recent. There was no date written, but my best guess was that Janice started this diary at the beginning of this school year. However, my theory turned to dust when I realized that this school year started just now, and Janice died a day later. Which meant this journal was written last year. And Janice's relationship with Lauren was beginning to distort if it hadn't shattered already.

"Tracey?" I called out my best friend. I glanced at her to see her flipping through the real journal.

"Yeah?" Tracey glanced up.

"I think something was going on between Janice and Lauren, since last year. And so far I don't think Janice was cheating on Ben." I told her.

"So that means Lauren is a suspect?"

"The prime suspect in my opinion. It's like they were fighting or something. And it's only the first entry. I wonder what else I would find, " I replied, flipping to the second entry.

"Well keep reading. Maybe the dead has left clues for us to find, " Tracey responded.

"Did you find anything?" I questioned, eager to read more about Janice. Now that I started reading her journal, I wasn't feeling so guilty about stealing it.

"Just that Lauren is a very twisted person, " Tracey said, causing me to frown in confusion.

The piqued my interest. "How is she twisted?"

"She likes gruesome things. She talked about how she does not like the cats that roam on campus and if they dared to bother her she won't hesitate to kill them, " Tracey replied. Her words took me by surprise. Why would anyone want to harm an animal? My nanny once told me that in order to judge a person's character, one only needed to see how they treated animals. And right now, Lauren was not appearing to be a good person.

"Why would she do that?" I couldn't fathom the thought of hurting an animal.

"Because she is twisted. She also likes slasher movies and videogames. I must say, Lauren is a very violent person, " Tracey commented.

"Trace, do you think Lauren killed Janice?" If this was true, then solving cases was easier than I thought.

"I wouldn't be surprised if she did. Her diary is one gruesome book. Lauren has a lot of dark and dirty secrets; and if she enjoys watching such things, what's stopping her from actually carrying out such heinous acts?"

Tracey was right. Lauren was becoming a prominent suspect, and things weren't looking so good for her right now because of the secrets contained in her journal. But the question still re

hrough the remaining six semesters."

"Oh, what are you intending to do in those remaining semesters?" Okay, she was clearly not my best friend. Instead of dissuading Dash, she was encouraging him!

"Um hello, can we discuss why Dash and Ben are here when they are suppose to be back in their dorm rooms, " I cut in.

"I told you, I'm here to see my girlfriend, " Dash replied.

"Yeah, I don't believe you, " I stated, rolling my eyes. If he thought his sweet words would make me swoon he had another thing coming.

"No, he is right, " Ben said. The guy was so silent, he barely ever said anything. "Dash is here to see you, but I'm here to inquire about Janice. Did the journals tell you anything?"

"Actually yes!" Latching on to the change of topic, I ignored my boyfriend and begun telling Ben what we found. "Apparently, Janice and Lauren were having some problems since the beginning of the previous school year, and she talked about how she bought a cologne for you."

Ben blushed, the pink in his cheeks making him look adorable. "I remember that cologne. I still have it. I wear it on special occasions. But now I think I should wear it everyday, because that way I will have Janice with me."

My heart cracked at hearing his words. Ben clearly had strong feelings for Janice. Seeing his sad face strengthened my resolve. No matter what happened, I would find the killer; hopefully it would bring him peace.

"And I read just how twisted Lauren is. That girl is vicious!" Tracey added, clearly not happy with Lauren.

Ben eyed Tracey. "What do you mean? What happened?"

"Read her diary, you will know. The girl has 'killer' written all over her. I mean, who enjoys watching dead bodies? Our dear friend Lauren, of course, " Tracey said.

"Show me. Right now, " Ben stated, eyeing the journals sitting on the bed. Tracey picked up the real diary and handed it to Ben who didn't waste a second in flipping it open and going through the content.

Tracey and I watched Ben as he ran his eyes over the pages, soaking the words that Lauren penned down; while Dash begun playing with my hair. The transformation of his expressions was instantaneous. His face went from sad to enraged in five seconds flat. And before we could explain, Ben slammed the diary on the bed and stood up. The calm and cool boy I knew was no longer present, in his place was a raging bull.

"Lauren killed Janice, " he said, making our decisions for us.


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