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"I don't have any other siblings. I'm an only child. According to which, you might probably think that I'm spoiled and pampered, " Dash begun, his blue eyes resting on me as we sat on the blanket in the heart of the woods.

I nodded, imagining Dash living like a prince in a giant castle. "Yes. I'm sure you have a hundred servants at your disposal, ready to do your bidding."

"I'm sorry to burst your bubble but that's not the case. My father pampered me, I'm not going to lie, but my mother..." He trailed off, leaving me wondering about the woman who gave birth to him.

"What about your Mom?" I pressed.

"Well...let's just say, she won't ever win the Mother of the Year award, " replied Dash, cryptically.

"Would you please be clear? What did your mother do to you? Was she not nice?" I asked, suddenly wanting to know everything about this trouble maker.

"She was not nice or warm or comforting. Since the day I was born, she had been telling me how much she hated me, " he said.

"What? Are you sure? I'm sure your mother loves you, " I replied.

"Shortcake, I think I know my Mom, and I know when she tells me how much she hates me." Was it just me or was that sadness I saw swimming in those vivid blue eyes?

"What happened?" I had the strongest urge to hold his hand.

"She ignored me for most of my childhood. She preferred her friends and parties over me. And even now nothing has changed. She never calls or emails to ask how I'm doing. It's only my dad who takes time out of his busy schedule to talk or see me, " Dash answered.

"When was the last time you talked to your Mom? I enquired.

"I honestly don't remember, chocolate chip, " he stated, his eyes not leaving me.

"What do you mean? Do you not spend Christmas with your Mom?" This was weird. Maybe Dash was exaggerating.

"No, not really. She is busy spending her Christmas break with her friends and family, not me. My father hates that she doesn't spend Christmas with us, but he loves her too much to say anything to her." He told me.

"No offence, but does your Mom not love your dad?" I couldn't even imagine how lonely it must be to spend Christmas all alone, without your Mom. I stopped celebrating Christmas and my birthday after my Mom died.

"That is a question I do not have the answer for. I mean, she is nice and loving to my dad whenever they are together, but she is hardly ever present, so I don't know." Dash pursed his lips, glancing around the woods before coming to rest back on me.

I was speechless for a minute, trying to process everything Dash told me uptil now. I never knew he had a mother who didn't love him. I thought he came from a rich family with doting parents who never said no to him. Dash never acted like a neglected child, or did he? Could it be that all his crazy behavior, disrupting the silence and decorum of classrooms was a way to get attention?

Stop it, Bri, you're being stupid.

"But this doesn't explain why you are so possessive, " I finally said. The more Dash told me about himself, the better I would know him.

"Well, since I couldn't rely on my Mom to stay and love me, I begun relying on other things to keep me company. Whatever my father got me, I held on to it with all my might. I couldn't stop my Mom from leaving me, but I could stop my video games and my dog from leaving me, " he said.

"You have a dog?" Instead of asking sensible questions, I asked if he has a dog. Tracey needed to slap some sense into me.

Dash nodded, a genuine smile brightening up his face. "Yes, I do. His name is Mars."

"You named your dog after a planet?" That was a strange name for a dog. If I had a dog I would name it Hydra or something, after the Greek mythology monster.

"He's red, so it fit. Plus I love the planet, " he defended causing me to laugh out loud.

"Of course; continue your story, " I urged.

Dash rolled his eyes. "Yeah, so,

haven't forgotten. And once that is done, I will make sure you follow the rules—"

"Rules are for pussies!" Dash exclaimed.

I gasped. "That's a bad word, you're not suppose to swear while you are in school!"

"Says the girl who swears like a sailor when something bad happens, " Dash shot back.

"That is not true! I do not swear like a sailor. I swear like a lady, " I defended.

Dash rolled his eyes. The action tugged at my heartstrings and I knew I was a goner. If I found his eye rolling adorable, then there was no hope for me; I was crushing on Dash and was well on my way to the road which would lead to insanity.

"A lady doesn't swear at all. So you are not a lady, " Dash stated.

"You don't know the definition of a lady; I doubt you ever read a dictionary, " I snapped, folding my arms in front of my chest.

"I don't need a dictionary to know who is considered a lady, which by the way you are not, " he said.

I rolled my eyes. He was stubborn and he was not going to give in. But it was getting late and I needed to go and read the bunch of diaries I stole with the help of my best friend. Hopefully they would help us find the real killer. I needed to go now and process everything Dash told me, only then would I be able to understand and be able to handle him better.

"Right, of course you don't. So this is why you are so possessive? Because you are afraid of people leaving you?" I had to make sure I had all my facts in order.

"Yes, which is why you are my permanent girlfriend now. And I won't let you go, " he stated, standing up.

"But what if I don't want to be your girlfriend?" I asked, following him and standing up as well.

"You just agreed to be my girlfriend so now you are stuck with me." Dash picked up the blanket and begun folding it.

"What if I cheat on you?" I needed to know if there was a way out, I wasn't actually planning to cheat on him.

"Then I will ruin that guy but you will still be my girlfriend, " he answered. Great, there was no way out. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

"I'm not sure how I feel about that, " I stated as we begun walking back to the campus. I hope we didn't get caught.

Dash wrapped an arm around my shoulders and tugged me closer to him. "You should be happy, chocolate chip, because after I kill Damien I will take you out on another date."

Oh boy!


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