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   Chapter 8 NO.8

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I mentally sighed in relief when I took my seat in the classroom. Finally, the classes had begun, hopefully the term would go smoothly now and there would be no more murders; I thought optimistically.

Are you sure? You have a boyfriend to please.

My subconscious was very well acquainted with the art of bursting my bubble, and once again it had succeeded in doing just that.

Dash was the single most annoying guy I have ever met. And the worst part was that he was hell bent on ruining my life and making me suffer. Yesterday he did not leave my side for even a second. It was a wonder he let me go to the bathroom alone.

"Hello, chocolate chip, how are you?" Dash greeted, pulling out the empty chair besides me and plopping down on it.

"Chocolate chip? What kind of a ridiculous nickname is that?!" I threw my hands up in frustration.

"It's not ridiculous; it suits you just fine. You taste just as delicious as chocolate chips, " Dash remarked, slouching down, adopting a casual pose as if he were sitting in his room and not in class.

"That sounds so wrong." I shook my head. Oh God, how was I going to endure his presence. And why did he have to smell so nice?

"No, it doesn't."

"Yes, it does. First you call me shortcake and now chocolate chip; what's next, sugar cube?" Hopefully Dash would realize how stupid his nicknames were. Why couldn't he just call me by my given name? I mean, I was alright with him calling me Bri if not Brielle, but no, he had to embarrass me.

"Sugar cube, that's a nice name. I'll call you that, " he stated, before ruffling my hair as if I was his favorite puppy.

"Oh my God, stop it!" I glared at my tormentor who was my so-called boyfriend. "It took me an hour to fix my hair and you ruined it!" Where was Satan when you needed him? I mean, was he not concerned that his son was missing? He was sitting right beside me.

"Your dad is the Devil, right? I mean, there is no way you can be an offspring of a human; that is just not possible, " I snarled at him.

Dash laughed out loud, making him look even more sexy than he already did. I wondered what that mouth would feel like on mine. I cursed myself for thinking like that. No, this was not true. I hated Dash. He was annoying and spoiled and acted like a narcissistic jerk most of the times. No, I did not want him to kiss me.

"If you want to meet my parents all you have to do is ask, shortcake; I'm sure they will be happy to meet my girlfriend, " Dash said this out loud, as if announcing to the whole world. It was only when my eyes collided with Damian's did I realize what Dash intended to do all along.

Son of the Devil!

"I am not your girlfriend, " I hissed at him, making sure to keep my voice low for some strange reason.

The smirk on Dash's face died and his blue eyes hardened to resemble shards. Before I knew it, he gripped my chin with his fingers before crashing his lips to mine.

This could not be real. I was dreaming, I had to be. But no, it was real and Dash's lips were so soft against mine.

But the kiss was not a gentle, warm kiss that swept you off your feet and made you think you were floating on a cloud. No, this kiss was rough, brutal, as if Dash was trying to prove who's boss here.

When I heard hooting and guys wolf whistling, that's when reality washed over me and I pushed him away with all my might. I was breathing hard as I glared at him, but was only rewarded by a victorious smile. Dash really was the son of the Devil.

"What. The. Hell. Was that?" I gritted out, torn between wanting to scratch his handsome face off and pulling him back for another mind numbing kiss.

"That was semester two, sugar cube, " Dash answered, ignoring the guys who were slapping him on the shoulder for a job well done. Seriously, how was kissing a job well done?

"What do you mean?" Why did he have to choose me as his victim? What did I ever do?

"This is what happens whe

ext to me.

"That's all right, I'm glad you are here now. So tell me, how's your day been so far?" Damian asked. He was so different from Dash; exactly the kind of guy I wanted to date. Maybe I should ask Damian out on a date.

"It's been fine. We only had two classes uptil now. But I'm glad classes have started, it'll distract the students, " I answered.

"I know. And have you noticed how teachers are not even mentioning Janice. I thought they would say that she will be missed, but there is nothing. It's like Janice didn't die, " Damian observed.

"Exactly. It's weird. Some of the students have left Burswick because of this, and the faculty is pretending as if everything is fine, " I agreed.

"I just wish I knew who killed Janice." Damian closed his eyes as if the mention of Janice brought him great pain.

"Yeah, it's sad. And what scares me the most the is how the killer is still out there. What if he or she kills another student?" Voicing out my fears made them more real, and I begun looking around for Tracey. Where was she? She was supposed to be here by now, the class was about to start. And I needed my best friend to feel safe.

"It's alrigt, you don't have to worry. Are you free after this, maybe we can go to the library and try to figure out who killed Janice. We can ask around and see if people know something, " Damian suggested.

"That is a terrific idea. I'll go with you. And I will tell you something once we are there." It was about time I told someone about the button that I found in the woods. I could no longer keep it a secret.

"Great, I look forward to hearing what you have to tell me. And, no offence, but will that boyfriend of yours join us?" Wow, I was not the only one who hated Dash, it looked like Damian didn't like Dash either.

"I don't think so, and he is not my boyfriend, " I replied.

"Are you sure? Because he is taking you out on dates and he did kiss you in class." Damian looked like he didn't believe me, and I didn't blame him.

"Dash is not my boyfriend, but he is a jerk, " I corrected my statement.

Both Damian and I burst out laughing. This was nice; talking and laughing with Damian was nice. It was while we were laughing that I glanced at the door and when I saw Dash's face, it was safe to say that I peed in my skirts.

Because the way he was looking at me meant trouble.

I was in big, big trouble.


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