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   Chapter 6 NO.6

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Girlfriend. The dark asshole made me his girlfriend?! When Dash told me about the ten semesters, I thought he would torture me and cause me immense pain; never in my wildest imaginations did I expect him to announce me as his girlfriend.

Oh he was going to pay.

"Alright, so start talking, what do you boys know?" Tracey ordered. We were all sitting in the cafeteria with plates filled with breakfast items. When Dash introduced us to his friend, Ben suggested we get something to eat because he was starving. Even though we hardly ate anything last night and Ben was the one who said he was starving, none of us touched the food, and the still full plates were the evidence. So Tracey and I quickly washed our faces and brushed our hair and met Ben and Dash in the cafeteria. I threw a glare at Dash who gave me a cheeky wink in response.

"Well, not much. But whoever killed Janice I want him or her to suffer, " Ben stated, his face turning pink, hinting at his rising fury.

"Still, there has to be something that you know. Is there anyone you suspect?" Tracey enquired.

"I suspect everyone. Janice was so happy the day before. We snuck out after curfew for our date, and she was...just so happy. We laughed, we ate, there was nothing strange about her behavior. I don't know what happened." Ben lowered his head, his hands clenching in tight fists, his knuckles turning white. Losing a loved one was never easy, and I wanted to do whatever it took to help him.

"Hey, it'll be all right. We will find out who killed Janice, " Tracey said to Ben, placing a hand over his.

Dash who had been silent all this time finally spoke, "We should start we Janice's close friends. Do you know who her best friend was?"

"Yeah, that's Lauren; the one who started crying in the cafeteria when Headmaster broke the news, " Ben answered.

"Alright, we'll start with her. We can observe her, see if she is acting strange, " I said.

"Yes, and I can keep an eye on anyone else who Janice was acquainted with, " Tracey agreed.

"I can take a look at the spot where the killer tried to bury Janice. Maybe he was sloppy and left a clue for us. You can come with me, Ben, " Dash stated. Ben nodded and finally raised his head. His eyes were watery, which caused my heart to crack. I couldn't imagine losing my best friend; so I could only imgine what Ben must be going through. The way he was trying so hard to keep calm, I could tell he liked Janice a lot.

Tracey stood up. "I will go and get a list of people Janice was acquainted with from Lauren. Ben will you help me?"

Ben nodded and stood up. "Yeah, I'll come with you. We will meet you guys back here in a couple of hours." With that he walked away with Tracey, leaving me with the devil. Once I was sure that Ben and Tracey were gone, I fixed Dash with my most menacing glare.

"What is the matter with you?! Why would you tell Ben that I am your gi—girl—girlfriend?!" It was a miracle that I was able to get the word out.

"Because you are, " he replied with a casual shrug as if tell me that it was a new day.

"No, I am not. You hate me and I loathe your existence, so why did you lie to your friend?"

"You refused to apologize to me, so now you have to pay the consequences. Welcome to semester one, shorty. Now you will know what it's like to be my girlfriend." Dash grinned at me, an evil grin that made me curse my life.

"I'd rather gargle acid, " I hissed.

"Oh come on, you know I can be a very good boyfriend."

"I am not even going to apologize for not believing your words." I deadpanned.

"Trust me, shorty, you will enjoy being my girlfriend, " he stated.

"Oh yeah? Please tell me all the wonderful things we'll do as a couple." I made sure to coat my words with a thick layer of sarcasm.

"I'll be happy to, shortcake. You, as my girlfriend will mean that no guy will mess with you; and you will be with me all the time. You will sit wherever I sit. If you have to go to the library or any other such place I will accompany you. And most of all, we will have so much fun breaking all these stupid rules together. We'l

s instead of dragging me around like a sack of rocks I wouldn't have annoyed you so much, " I pointed out.

"Why don't I believe you?" I could tell he was amused, the handsome jerk!

"Maybe because I love the fact that I can annoy you to the point of giving you a headache." I gave him a cheeky smile.

"Oh well keep going, the more you irritate me, the worst your punishments will be. So please, aggravate me all you want. It will bring me great joy to see you crying and begging for mercy, " he stated, before walking over to a thick oak tree. I loved the fact that these woods were dominated by oak trees, they were my favorite.

"Now where are you going. We should go back, you already showed me where Janice was buried, lets go now, " I ordered, but as usual Dash refused to listen to me.

"Not yet, we have to search for clues, " he responded.

"What clues? What can we find in this dirt?" I cringed at my words. I sounded like a prissy snob.

"For someone so smart, you are pretty dumb, shortcake. Tell me, are you acting this way because you want my attention or do you just possess a low IQ?" Dash asked, looking genuinely curious.

"I am not dumb. And I'd rather break all the school rules than beg for your attention. You are so full of yourself, I'm surprised you can fit your head in these woods, " I retorted.

Dash rolled his eyes. Why did he do that? "Well, short genius, we are here to look for clues. The killer did not do a very good job of burying Janice's body, which means he or she must've left some clues behind, because it looks like he or she was in a hurry. So that is why we are here. Now get to work."

With a huff, I begun looking around. I didn't even know what to look for as I'd never investigated a murder before. But I tried my best to look for anything strange, anything that did not belong there.

I continued searching and searching, losing track of time as well as Dash. But there was nothing out of the ordinary, just the regular twigs and pebbles and dried leaves, nothing that screamed murder.

Until my eyes fell on a speck of white in the mud.

Bending down, I picked it up and was surprised to see a button. "Dash, come here. I think I found something!"

Dash arrived a few seconds later. "Show me." Wordlessly I handed over the button to him, my heart thumping with excitement. This was a clue, it had to be.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked when I grew tired of the silence.

"Well, detective, it looks like we have found our first clue."


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