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Headmaster Pickett's words sounded like a dream. This could not be real. Maybe in an alternate universe a girl dying on the first day of the new academic year might be possible but not here, not at Burswick. No, no, this could not be true. The headmaster was lying, he had to be.

But he continued to speak, while the Administrator stood beside him, his head slightly bowed while the headmaster addressed the students. He kept on saying how we all needed to stay calm and united, that the police would do everything to solve this murder, and that no stone would be left unturned and that Janice Walter would have justice. How could a dead girl have justice? I mean, what was she going to do with it?

There was absolute silence as students listened to Mr. Pickett's words. I could tell every single one of us was shocked to hear about what happened to Janice. Nothing like this had ever happened in the all the time I had been here. And now, all of a sudden there was a murder, a young girl was dead, and nobody knew who killed her or why.

"Classes will begin forty eight hours from now. Miss Walter's parents have been informed and they're on their way here. In the meantime, all students must be in their dorms as soon as classes end. Any student found loitering in the school grounds will face serious consequences. This is a sensitive matter, and we must all unite and stay strong. If you have any questions, you may ask, " Headmaster Pickett stated.

Just as a student raised his hand, a sudden cry of anguish erupted from the other corner of the cafetaria. All heads turned in the direction to see a girl with black hair wailing while her friends tried to console her. I didn't know who the girl was, but I guessed she was Janice's friend.

The headmaster sighed before turning his attention to the boy who raised his hand. "Yes, Mr. Brown, your question."

"Headmaster, I wanted to ask, how was she killed? I mean, what happened to her?" The boy asked. He had blonde hair and brown eyes with freckles dotting his face.

"For now it looks like that Ms. Walter was stabbed repeatedly. The killer tried to bury her body but only half succeeded. The guard saw her foot protruding out of the mud and reported immediately, " Headmaster Pickett answered.

"Can we see her?" Another boy asked. I threw a glare at the unknown boy. How could he be so insensitive at a time like this? A girl had died and he wanted to satisfy his sick curiosity by looking at the dead body.

"No, you cannot. That is disrespectful to the dead. If Ms. Walter's parents agree for the body to be shown, only then you will be allowed to see, but for now, the answer is no, " headmaster replied.

For the next sixty seconds, silence reigned thick and heavy as everybody digested the latest news. As for me, my mind begun thinking about the killer. Who could it be? Was it a student or an adult? Why did he kill Janice? Was the killer among us or was he long gone?

While those questions were running through my mind, my eyes sought Dash's. I didn't know why I chose to look at him, it was like my eyes had a mind of their own and all they wanted to see was Dash.

I was surprised when I found Dash looking at me. Had he been looking at me all this time? Once my eyes locked with his, it was impossible to look away. There was something in those blue eys; something I had never seen before; something that had my blood chilling. But I could not decipher the look in his eyes. And then there was his messed up appearence. Why was he dressed like that? What had he been doing that caused his shirt to be stained so badly? And why didn't the headmaster reprimand him on his appearence?

However, my train of thoughts came to a screeching halt when I got a glimpse of Dash's arm. He had rolled up his shirt's sleeves which was the reason why I could see the horror painted on his golden skin. And no matter how hard I tried to tell myself that it was not what I thought it was, I couldn't. It was right there. The evidence of this new guy being the devil was painted on his skin in the form of red streaks.

No, no, this could not be possible. Dash could not do this. He was a bad boy, yes, but he could not be a k—ki—

I couldn't finish the word in my mind, I didn't have the courage to. But then I saw the remains of the same crimson hue that were on his arms on his hands. It looked like blood. It had to be blood. After seeing the blood on his hands, I wondered. I wondered if he was the killer. And even if he was, how could I prove it?

No, I shouldn't jump to conclusions. There had to be an explanation for all this. A logical, rational explanation. I should ask Dash directly instead of making assumptions about him. But how could I? Would he even answer me? As it was, we hated each other, and Dash had no reason to answer me, especially when he thought I owed him an apology. And even if was the killer, would he kill me if I dared to confront him?

It didn't take me long to come to a decision. I was not going to talk to Dash, I would talk to Tracey and together we were going to find out who did this. Dash was my number one suspect, but I had to be careful and collect sufficient evidence against him. It was the only way I would know the truth. As soon as we got back to our dorms, I woukd talk to Tracey about what I'd seen.

"Why are you staring at me, shorty?" Dash's question shattered my thoughts, bringing me back to the here and now.

"Just looking at how angry you make me, " I hissed back.

"Well let's see how you feel after you apologize to me. By the way, the clock is ticking and you better have your apology ready by tomorrow, " he whispered.

"I cannot believe you. A girl just died and you're worried about your apology, how cold can you get?" I glared at him, making sure to keep my voice down so as not to draw attention of the headmaster.

"Oh you have no idea how cold I can get; but you will find out if I don't receive my apology, " he stated.

"What are you two arguing about?" Kaitlyn, one of the girls in Gemma's posse asked us.

"This guy is a very bad person. He has no sympathy or empathy for anyone, " I answered Kaitlyn, who furrowed her perfectly plucked eyebrows in confusion.

"He is not that bad I assure you, " she replied.

"Excuse me?!" I hissed at her. Beside me I heard Dash chuckling, while I battled between the urge to smash my plate on his head or shake some sense in Kaitlyn.

"Yeah, he is pretty nice once you talk to him—in a civilized manner that is, " Kaitlyn responded. What was wrong with these girls? Why couldn't they see how bad Dash was? How could they swoon over his looks when he had the personality of a demon? Maybe he really was a demon.

"I do talk in a civilized manner, and he is an animal." I shot Dash another glare to which he responded by grinning at me.

"No, he isn't. Just be nice to him and he will be nice to you in return. Dash helped me with my Geography work, " Kaitlyn said.

"Just because he helped you doesn't mean he is a good person, " I argued.

"Oh really? What is your definition of a good person?" She questioned.

I didn't have a response for that. Because my definition was the same as hers. A good person helped you when you were in trouble and was kind to you. But Dash was not good. I mean, I suspected him of murder, and the way he suddenly got angry and looked like the son of the very Devil himself made me suspicious of him.

"Guys, who do you think killed Janice?" Tracey asked, her eyes moving from one person to another until they rested on Dash, who rolled his eyes as if he couldn't care less that a girl had been stabbed to death.

"Who was Janice anyway? I never heard of her, " Dash said.

"That's because you just got here, of course you don't know her, " I replied.

"Oh? Then you know who she was?" I hated it whenever Dash fixed me with his intense stare; it did funny things to my heart and made me wish that he would always look at me like that, which was weird considering the fact that I hated him.

As it was, I didn't know who Janice was either. I never heard of her and had absolutely no idea what she looked like. But she had friends, one of them was bawling her eyes out right now. For me, though, she was nothing but a stranger, a dead stranger to be exact.

"No, but she was human and had family and friends. She was someone, we should be there for her friends, " I responded.

"Maybe we can hold a memorial for her, " Gemma suggested.

"Yeah, I agree, a memorial will be good, " Tracey agreed.

"Alright studnets, it is time for all of you to head back to your dormitories; and if you have or find any information regarding Janice Walter's murder, you are advised to come to us immediately. The sooner we find out who the culprit is, the sooner he or she will be put behind bars and justice will be served. With that, I bid you all good night, " Headmaster Pickett announced before striding out of the cafeteria with the Administrator, leaving hundreds of heads staring after them.

Once they were gone, the cafeteria erupted in a cacophony of murmers as students discussed about what happened. From what I could hear, there were quite a few people who knew Janice. And like me everybody else was wondering who killed her. I suspected Dash, but I couldn't voice out my suspicions as of yet; I had to wait.

"Shall we go, Tracey?" I asked my best friend.

"I don't know, Bri, I'm kind of scared to walk in the dark after what happened, " Tracey replied.

I rolled my eyes. "Headmaster Pickett just told us how he had called in for more security, so there is nothing to worry about. We should head back to our dorms before we get in trouble for lurking around in the dark."

"But still. What if the killer is still out there, hiding in the bushes or something? What if he jumps out and kills us? I don't want to take that risk, " Tracey replied.

"The killer is gone, so you have nothing to worry about, Tracey; no one will harm you, " Dash stated.

We both turned to look at him. "What do you mean the killer is gone? Did you see him leave? Do you know who it is?" I questioned.

"How would I know who the killer is?" Dash looked aghast.

"You just said the killer is gone, so you must have some idea who it is, " Tracey stated.

"Is it you, Dash? Did you kill Janice?" It was Gemma who asked the question. And I could've hugged her for voicing out the question that'd been running through my mind.

"What is wrong with you? Why would I kill someone? And I didn't even know Janice!" Dash threw his hands in the air.

"Then where were you? Why did you came in so late? And why are your clothes so messed up?" Tracey enquired.

"Guys! Is this a school or the Spanish Inquisition? I did not kill Janice, " he exclaimed.

"Prove it, " Sheila, another one of Gemma's friends said. "What happened to your clothes?"

"Fuck this shit, I don't have time for this." He stood up, anger clouding his features like a mask. "Tracey, do you want me to escort you to your dorm?"

"Sit down, no need to get your boxers in a twist. We're just confused and wondering who killed Janice, " Tracey replied.

"I don't have the need or the time for your accusations. I'm tired and am going to bed." I thought he was going to storm out of the cafeteria, but he stopped and turned to stare at me. "As for you, I expect my apology tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. sharp, since we have no classes. If you don't apologize then you can get ready for your ten semesters, and I promise you this, shorty, what I'm going to do to you will be a whole lot worse than what happened to Janice." With that, Dash threw me a frosty glare before striding out of the cafeteria.

"Is it just me or did he just give Brielle a death threat?" Kaitlyn asked.

"No, he most defintiely gave her a death threat. Jeez, Bri, what did you do to piss the guy off so much?" Tracey asked me.

"I didn't do anything that he didn't deserve. And screw his apology, he is not getting one from me. I am not going to cower down. I will not take his shit, " I stated.

"Okay, tiger, we get it. But he just told you his ten semesters are going to be awful. Are you sure you want to call his bluff?" Gemma asked me.

"He can't do anything to me while we are in school. There are rules here. Dash can't break those rules. So I have nothing to worry about, " I replied. I didn't know who I was trying to convince, me or my friends. In truth, I was scared of what Dash would do to me, but I was just hoping he was throwing out empty threats.

"That's my girl. I feel so safe with you, Bri. I think we should head back now. You are going to protect me, right?" Tracey said.

"Of course." I rolled my eyes. "Let's go. See you tomorrow, Gemma." I stood up along with Tracey and together we left the cafeteria.

"Who do you think killed Janice?" Tracey asked as we walked towards our dorm.

"I don't know, but I'm not going to lie to you, I have Dash on my list of suspects." I told her.

"He does seem awfully shady. We should investigate this, " she stated.

"We are students, Trace, not detectives, " I pointed out.

"Exactly, no one will expect us which means we can investigate without any interference from the adults."

It was not a bad idea, and I was awfully curious to find out who killed Janice. If Tracey and I solved this murder, then I would send a killer to jail and my academic year would go smoothly once again. And who knows, my father would be proud of me.

"Alright, " I said after a moment of contemplation. "But we have to keep this a secret."

"Don't worry, my lips are sealed."

"Yeah. We have to be subtle, too."

"Don't worry, Bri. Let's just worry about solving this murder!"


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