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Ten semesters? What the hell were ten semesters? What did Dash mean? And even though the words sounded innocuous enough, I could tell there was a sinister meaning to them. Dash made them sound like a threat. And I wanted to know what he meant. But first, I had to find out for myself.

I tried to find out the meaning of ten semesters. I looked through books in the library, and even performed an internet search, but nothing. Nobody knew what ten semesters really were, and that's when I knew I was in trouble. Because if books didn't have the answer, then nobody did.

"Bri, what are you doing? You've been sitting in the same spot for ours, in the same position might I add, " Tracey asked.

"Do you know what ten semesters mean?" I asked her.

"Ten semesters? I don't know what you're talking about. Did somebody say this to you?" She enquired. We were sitting in our dorm room since classes have ended for the day. And I was trying really hard to forget what Dash said, but my mind kept coming back to his words; which was why I was trying to decipher the meaning of his words instead of reading the next chapters in my textbooks.

I sighed. "Dash said that if I don't apologize to him in twenty four hours then I will face the ten semesters. I have no idea what he meant, but I want to know."

Tracey's eyes widened. "Wow, you pissed him off that much."

"It's your fault for making him sit with me. And he wasn't letting me concentrate on the lecture, I had to teach him a lesson, " I argued.

"Bri, how about next time you try to fight someone your own size, " Tracey suggested, causing me to scowl.

"Excuse me! I may be short but that doesn't mean I should just sit and let him do whatever he wants; if Dash will cause trouble, then he should face the consequences as well, " I said.

"Yeah, and he is what 5'10, 5'11 maybe, and he is still a teenager, he will only grow taller and become all muscular. And you, you will remain tiny. No offence, Bri, but Dash can crush you like a bug. Be careful, " my best friend stated.

"I like how much faith you have in me, " I bit out, saturating my words with sarcasm.

"I'm just looking out for you. You are a bookworm, it's best if you don't get on Dash's bad side, " she replied.

"Bookworm?! I am so not!" Just because I had my head buried in a book all the time did not make me a bookworm, or maybe I was just crazy.

Tracey rolled her eyes. "Fine book caterpiller then, happy? Just apologize to Dash tomorrow, and I will try my best to keep him away from you. If I knew how dangerous he was, I wouldn't have let him sit with you."

"It doesn't take a genius to spot trouble, Tracey, " I stated.

"Yeah, well, I was blinded by his good looks, " Tracey defended.

"Looks aren't everything. A guy needs to have brains as well, " I replied.

"Oh I think Dash has brains, lots of it. Otherwise he wouldn't have come up with this ten semesters." Tracey sighed audibly.

I groaned. "Do you have any idea what it means? I don't want to apologize to him, he doesn't deserve it. I mean, he touched my knee and would've gone further if I hadn't stopped him."

"Your framed him for possession of drugs—I'm surprised the Headmaster didn't expel him—so he is bound to be angry, " Tracey responded.

Falling back on my bed, I closed my eyes and willed my brain to give me the answer to Dash's words. I could not believe I didn't know what he meant. I always knew what people meant. But this guys, this dangerous, hot boy had me stumped. It was the start of my new academic year and I was already clueless. If Dash kept this up, I was going to have a serious acne problem.

"I hate him. And once I know what this ten semsters mean, I will avoid him at all cost. Dash is not good for my skin, " I mumbled, feeling too lazy to sit up.

"Yeah, how is that pimple of yours? Is it gone yet?" Tracey questioned.

"No, the stupid thing is still there. I think I should just pop it, " I answered.

"Uh no, that will leave a mark, and you already have marks left by previous pimples, I won't let you add another to the collection, " she stated.

"But it's hedious, " I complained. "And I hate putting on concealer. This pimple is like the embarrassing child of the family, whom you never want to show-off."

"Yeah, and if you will try to get rid of it, then the mark its going to leave will be worse." She pointed out. I hated it when Tracey was right. Life was not fair.

"Are your parents going to call today?" I queried.

"Probably, " she answered.

My father was not going to call, he hardly ever did. So I was not expecting him to call, because he had already told me that I better make him proud by getting straight As and joining a couple of clubs. I didn't know how I would be able to manage the extra curricular activities with my academics.

Giving up on studying, because there was no way I could concentrate with Dash's ten semesters looming over my head, I decided to go have dinner. The bell signalling dinner would soon ring and since it was the first day of the new year, the food was going to be extra special, so it was best to be the first in line.

"We should go and eat." I told Tracey who was busy decorating the cover of her notebook. Tracey had a habit of making her things look pretty.

"Yeah, I'm starving. Let's go." Putting her notebook on the nightstand, Tracey ran her fingers through her hair before standing up and leaving the dorm room with me following after her.


Placing my plate filled with chicken and pizza, I sat down with my back to the cafeteria, with my table located in the farthest corner. This was the perfect spot if one wanted to avoid a particular somebody, and in my case it was Dash.

"Why are we sitting here? This is the table for the outcasts, " Tracey asked, placing her tray and sitting across from me so that we were facing each other.

"You know very well why I choose to sit here. It's peaceful and Dash will not bother me, " I replied before taking a bite of my pizza; the cheesy goodness exploding in my mouth had me nearly moaning.

"I think you're worrying too much. Maybe Dash has already forgotten about you. I mean, no offence, but there are other girls and he just seems like the type to toy with girls and move on, " she said.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe I'm just taking this Dash thing a little too seriously, " I responded.

"Oh look, here he comes." I threw Tracey a scathing look when she said this. She winced and mouthed a sorry before shoving a couple of french fries in her mouth.

I lowered my head so as not be noticed by the one guy who had already ruined my academic year, and prayed with all my heart that he wouldn't notice me.

"Brielle! Tracey! How are you? Why are you guys sitting in the corner? We were waiting for you at our table, " Gemma said, her group of girl

s standing behind her, making her look like a queen.

"Oh sorry, Gemma. But Bri is trying to avoid Dash by sitting here, and we kind of forgot that you invited us to have dinner with you, " Tracey answered her.

"Oops, I already invited him over to sit with us, " Gemma stated before pulling out a chair and sitting down. Her posse followed suit and in just a few seconds, our table had only one remaining seat.

"Why would you do that? The boy is trouble through and through, " I said.

"Oh you're right about that, Bri. He is in my Geography class, and he scratched his name on the desk, which had the teacher kicking him out of class. It's only the first day and I'm pretty sure he already got detention." Gemma told me.

"And you still want to hang out with him?" I didn't understand why she wanted to be with someone who was a bad influence.

Gemma shrugged. "Well yeah, the boy is yummy. He can be my date to the Winter Formal."

"Winter isn't even here yet and you're already planning for the Winter Formal, " Tracey piped in.

"Why of course. I need to go with the hottest guy in school. I mean, a stunning queen needs an equally stunning king. Which is why I will take Dash to the Winter Formal. Oh look, here he comes." As soon as Gemma finished speaking, Dash placed his plate right next to mine and sat down on the only empty chair, which was next to me.

Great! Just perfect!

"Man, I hate this school, " Dash announced.

I threw him a withering look, not caring about the fact that he looked like he had climbed a mountain. Burswick Academy was one of the best schools, and he said he hated it. Why was he here if he hated it so much?

"Then leave, nobody wants you here anyway." I gritted out.

"Oh believe me, shorty, I didn't want to come here. But my parents had other ideas. And forget about that, how is that apology coming along?" Dash brought his face close to me, close enough that I could smell his cologne. My mouth watered, but I blamed it on the delicious food surrounding me.

"What apology?" Gemma asked.

"Shorty here has to apologize to me by tomorrow, or else, " Dash answered her.

"Or else what?' Tracey questioned.

"She will face the ten semesters, " he stated.

"What the hell is that anyway?" I asked him. Dash looked so strange sitting at a table full of girls.

"Ten semesters is my way of ruining a person's life, " Dash answered.

"Elaborate, " Tracey said.

"Well, ten semesters means ten punishments. You know how in college the semesters are hectic and you wish you could die? Well, similarly my punishments are going to make you wish for death, " Dash replied.

"Why give it the name ten semesters, why can't you just call it ten punishments?" I queried.

"Why don't they call you Pesky?" Dash threw at me.

"Why don't you jump off a cliff and let us live in peace?" I shot back.

"Alright, both of you, cut it out. Dash, so what you're saying is, if Bri doesn't apologize to you, then you will punish her?" Tracey queried.

"That is correct, " Dash answered.

"I didn't even do anything. In fact, you should be the one apologizing to me. You sexually harrassed me." I told him.

"I was entertaining you. Live a little, shorty, " he responded.

"My name is Brielle, and I am not short. 5'2 is not short, " I argued.

"Shorty, I can squash you like a bug, " he stated.

"No, you can't. And you're not that taller than me. You're not even a full six feet yet, " I said.

"I am still growing, what's your excuse?" He arched an eyebrow.

"I hate you so much, " I growled.

"Hate or no hate, you owe me an apology, or you can kiss the peace of your life goodbye, " Dash stated.

"You're not getting an apology from me. You deserved what you got. Anybody who tries to disrupt my academic life will fall in my bad books. So yeah, you can forget about an apology, " I replied.

"Are you sure, shorty? You'll be making the greatest mistake of your life, " he said.

"I think I can live with a few mistakes. But I am not going to apologize when I didn't even do anything wrong, " I responded.

Dash narrowed his blue eyes ever so slightly, enough to make me realize that I was treading on thin ice. He was getting angry, and his fury had my heart jogging. I didn't know why I was scared, but seeing Dash angry, made me fear for my life. And I had to question my decision: was apologizing to him the right thing or not?

"Can we talk about something else, like the Winter Formal perhaps?" Gemma cut in, breaking the tension simmering between Dash and I.

"Winter Formal already, it's only Fall, " Dash said.

"Well you know us girls, we have to buy dresses and jewelry. We have to start planning ahead of time, " she replied.

"Of course you do. Shorty, who are you going to the dance with?" Dash nudged me with his elbow, causing me to scowl at him. Why couldn't he just ignore me like I was ignoring him.

"Bri doesn't like to go to dances. But I love to dance, " Gemma stated.

"Dash, what's wrong with your uniform? Where are you coming from?" Tracey enquired. It was then that I noticed how disheveled his uniform looked, much more so than in the morning. There were stains on his shirt, like he spent time in the woods, lying on the muddy ground.

"Fuck the uniform. So tell me, shorty, are you going to the Winter Formal?" Dash queried.

"Why do you care if I go or not? And I hate dances, so no, I am not going." I shoved the remaining pizza in my mouth, chewing furiously. I wanted to beat Dash to a pulp, but I chose to take my anger out on food.

The door of the cafeteria opened and a hush fell throughout the room when Headmaster Pickett entered. He walked forward, flanked by the Administer, Mr. Bonwood. Hundreds of eyes followed their movements, with anticipation thick enough to be cut with my a knife.

Headmaster Pickett stopped when he reached the end of the cafeteria. His gray eyes were weary, as if he was here with some bad news. He was normally a very cheerful person, but today his shoulders were hunched with grief. Just by looking at him I knew whatever he had to say was not good.

"Ladies and gentleman, boy and girls. Today was the first day of our new Academic year, and normally I would welcome you all and wish you all the best for this year, but unfortunately, that is not the case this time. I'm afraid, there is some bad news for you all, " Headmaster Pickett paused, letting his words sink in. He sighed before speaking, "It is with greatest of regrets that I have to tell you all, that, Janice Walter's body was found in the entrance ground of Burswick Academy...

"She is dead."


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