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Epilogue years later

"Mama, Mimi took my toy!" Matthew complained, his big gray eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"Misa, give Matthew his toy back, " I bellowed, while stirring the spoon in the cookie dough batter.

Misa waddled over to where Matthew was standing clutching the helm of my dress with his tiny hand, her dark haired pigtails bouncing slightly. She frowned while clutching a Ben10 action figure close to her chest.

"He took my dolly first, " she scowled, an adorable scowl that only a two year old could manage.

I sighed and gave Matt a pointed look, who lowered his gaze. "Matt, did you take her doll?" I asked my son, wanting him to tell me the truth.

"Yes, " he responded softly, his gaze not wavering from the floor, looking guilty.

"Why?" I enquired in my best motherly tone.

"Because, Fowarms need to save a girl, " he answered, justifying his actions.

I bit my lip to stop the smile threatening to break free. I couldn't let Matt know that his actions made me laugh, I would just end up reinforcing the behavior.

"Say sorry to Misa, Matt, and you Misa, give Matt his toy back, " I ordered gently.

"Sowwy, Mimi, " he mumbled softly, while Misa reluctantly gave him his action figure back.

"Now both of you, go to your room and play, Mama needs to work, " I instructed them.

"Mama, will we get cookeezz?" Misa questioned.

"Yes, but only if you be good, no cookies for naughty kids, " I replied, stirring the cookie dough batter.

"Can I wick the spoon?" Matt asked hopefully.

"No, me, " Misa stated.

"You both can lick the spoon, but first go see if your daddy is awake, " I told both of them, who screamed an "okay" before running off to our bedroom where Theodore was most likely sleeping.

Shaking my head, I began scooping the dough with a spoon on the baking tray, trying to stay a foot away from the counter. If Theodore saw my belly pressed against the counter he would throw a fit.

My phone rang after a while. Checking the caller ID I smiled when I saw Mandi's name flashing.

"Hey, what's up?" I started the conversation after accepting the call.

"Trent is driving me crazy!" she shrieked from the other line.

"What did he do now?" I enquired rolling my eyes. Since the family dinner two years ago, Trent and Amanda have been at each other's throats. Constantly arguing and fighting. I told Amanda that Trent liked her, but she said I'd lost my mind.

"He doesn't let me sleep. Always calls me, and it drives me crazy, I couldn't sleep last night, " she complained. I could tell she didn't sleep because she was cranky right now.

"Turn your ringer off, switch the phone on silent, " I suggested, sliding the baking tray in the oven and closing the oven door shut.

"I did, the asshole started calling my house number, " she responded angrily.

"How did he even get your number in the first place?" I questioned.

"He's a Benson, Lee, how do you think he got it?!" I rolled my eyes at her response. She was right, Bensons had a lot of power and influence. I wondered what Trent wanted that he was badgering Amanda so much.

I stiffened when a pair of thick arms wrapped around my waist from behind. Theodore's signature cologne wafted up my nostrils making my mouth water. He kissed my cheek then nuzzled my neck, making my bite my lips to stifle a moan.

"Good morning, darling, " he mumbled.

"Did you sleep well?" I asked softly, not wanting Mandi to hear.

"I slept next to you, I had the best sleep, " he responded sweetly, kissing my neck softly.

"Hello, Lee, are you listening?!" Mandi's voice penetrated the thick fog of lust.

"Yeah, I'm here, sorry I was baking cookies for the kids, "

, but it also made my heart swell with happiness. These two were just like Theodore, loving and caring for their family members no matter what.

"Mama, come and pwaay with me, " Matt demanded.

Immediately, I stood up and went down to where Theodore, Matt and Misa were playing with legos. Matt gave me a few pieces of legos and instructed me to put the blue over the red one and then the yellow. Misa then brought her stuffed animals and told us that we were having a tea party.

While Misa forced her stuffed rabbit to eat a piece of cake, Theodore wrapped his arm around my shoulders and squeezed softly.

"This is perfect, you have no idea how happy I am now. There was a time when I thought I would never be happy, but you, sweetheart, you changed that, you gave me one happiness after the other, and I wish I could tell you exactly how much I love you, but unfortunately words are not enough to convey my feelings, " he whispered softly.

Turning to face him, I kissed him softly. "You have made me the happiest woman alive, amd trust me when I say, I'm glad that despite everything, you didn't give up and held on to me, I love you so much, Theodore, " I replied.

"I'll always hold on to you, darling." Theodore kissed my cheek.

"And I'll always love you, " I stated.

"Always." was his reply.

The End


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