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"Darling, you look fine, nothing like the beach ball you're calling yourself, " Theodore responded to my constant whining.

"I look huge, " I whined, staring daggers at my bulging tummy.

"Uh no, you'll look bigger in about three months, " Theodore muttered, making me narrow my eyes as I directed my wrath towards my husband.

"What did you say?!" I asked in a deadly calm, and the way Theodore gulped, looking everywhere but me, I knew he knew that his word had pissed me off.

"You look beautiful, " he corrected himself before coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"What did you say about me getting bigger in three months?" I didn't let the feeling of his hand caressing mine effect me. I had to stay strong.

"I said, you'll get bigger in three months, bigger and more beautiful, " he whispered lovingly, stroking my bulging tummy with his finger.

"I'll go back to normal after having the babies, right?" I questioned, looking at my body worriedly.

"No, you might not go back to your skinny self or you might, I don't know, but what I do know that if you do go back to being skinny then it's going to take some time, and I also know that no matter how you look, I'll love you, forever, " he murmured before kissing my cheek from behind, smoothing out the frown on my forehead, making me smile.

"I love you, too, " I murmured, smiling at seeing our reflection in the mirror. Right now, Theodore and I looked like the perfect couple. With smiles on our faces and a couple of babies on the way, there was nothing more I wanted.

"Officer Steven called, " Theodore informed me after a few seconds.

"Oh? What did he say?" I enquired, frowning. Officer Steven was the one who came to arrest Cindy and he was the one who took our statements both times; once when Ian caused problems and now when Cindy attempted to murder me.

When Officer Steven asked Theodore and I about Ian, both of us told him that it was self defense, the CCTV footage, which the camera in Theodore's office recorded, was additional proof of what Ian tried to do. As for Cindy, well Theodore didn't hurt her enough to warrant any solid evidence like that of a CCTV footage.

"He said that both Ian and Cindy have been sentenced to 40 years of prison, and that they'll both be getting serious psychological help, " Theodore answered.

"40 years? Isn't that a little too much?" I didn't know what prison laws were, but forty years seemed a little too much.

"They were sentencing them to less but I pulled some strings to give them a greater sentence, " he confessed sheepishly.

"Why would you do that?" my husband was one vicious man.

Theodore breathed out a heavy sigh. "Because I want them to suffer like I suffered, and because they tried to hurt my wife and my unborn children, and that's something I can't and won't forgive. Now that I think about it, forty years seem really less, " he muttered.

"I think you were an executioner in your past life, " I commented.

"I'll take that as a compliment, because I brought justice, " he replied smugly making me roll my eyes.

"Aren't you a narcissist, " I responded drily.

"Hey, one needs to have some amount of confidence in themselves, " he defended.

"Yeah, but you seem to have a lot of it, " I argued with a smile.

"Well that's something you love about me, " he stated making me roll my eyes.

"No, " I lied. Truth was I loved everything about Theodore. The good, the bad and the ugly. Arrogant or not, rich or not, confident or not, I would love him unconditionally—always.

"Liar." Theodore bit my earlobe gently making me gasp.

"When are we leaving for the restaurant?" I queried, opening my jewelry box and rummaged around, looking for the pair of earrings that would best compliment my dress.

"As soon as you're ready, we don't need to hurry, mom and dad aren't blowing my phone with calls and messages at the moment, " Theodore replied, before taking out a pair of small emerald earrings. "Wear these, " he suggested. I nodded and took the earrings from his open palm one by one. I was glad when the earrings complimented my emerald necklace.

Theodore's parents had invited us to a family dinner in this posh restaurant which had a name more complicated than my husband. All of Theodor

Mrs. Benson stated with a smile, then glanced at Theodore, a knowing expression on her face.

What did she know that I didn't?

"Relax bro, you got nothing to worry about, at least now, " Harry piped in, making my confusion mount.

"Theodore, what's going on?" I questioned, my eyebrows furrowed.

Taking a deep breath, Theodore stood up, gaining everyone's attention. He muttered something softly before turning to me. Gently taking a hold of my wrist, Theodore pulled me up until I stood facing him.

"Theodore, are you okay?" I asked again, worry beginning to gnaw at my insides.

Without saying a word, Theodore slowly lowered himself until he sat on one knee. I gasped, my hand flying to my mouth as tears pricked my eyes. Was he really going to do what I thought he was going to do?

"Hailey, I am not a good man. I always hurt others and was utterly selfish. Becuase of that, my life was surrounded with darkness. With nothing. Until you came along." I lost the ability to speak as Theodore's words had my heart blooming.

"You were the flower that grew in a place I thought wasn't capable of life. Your fierce personality and your unique sense of humor had lots of flowers blooming in my life. I felt as if I had conquered the whole world when I forced you to marry me, and now, now I want to conquer the world again. So Hailey Jane Benson, will you marry me?"

I was too shocked to say anything, so I simply nodded as tears fell from my eyes. A huge grin broke out onto Theodore's face as he slipped the diamond ring onto my left ring finger. The ring had a huge cushion cut diamond, while the platinum band had tiny diamonds encrusted in it. It was breathtaking.

Theodore stood up and planted a kiss on my lips as hoots and hollers erupted throughout the restaurant. I looked around to see my family hugging and cheering while the Bensons were hooting and hollering. This was the moment where I felt that Theodore had truly given me everything.

"Are you happy that your family is here with us?" Theodore questioned as we took our seats at the table.

I nodded enthusiastically. "Very happy, I can't believe you did all this."

"You said you wanted your family at your wedding, so now you have your wish, " he told me, making me feel like the luckiest woman alive.

"I love you, you know that, right?" I whispered with a smile.

"I love you more, " he responded.

"Forever?" I asked.



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