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"God, I've waited so long for this, " Theodore murmured and groaned when he thrust inside me making me moan.

"Yeah well I told you if you won't let the doctors take care of you then we won't be having sex until you're all better, " I replied as I moaned at the delicious feeling of having Theodore filling me.

"You denied me for two months, even though I was perfectly fine after a month, " he said thrusting into me hard and fast.

"The wound wasn't fully healed, it was just scabbed over, " I argued, clutching on to his back as he drove me to the edge of orgasm.

"I am a strong man, not a four year old that you denied me an extra month for a bloody scab, princess, " he retorted.

I was about to reply but Theodore's final thrust sent me over the edge, making me lose my voice while making me see stars as I rode wave after wave of pleasure until my body fell limp. Theodore followed with his orgasm right after me, his body stiffening as he grunted, filling me with his seed.

"You better not deny me ever again, darling, " Theodore muttered, rolling to his side pulling me with him until my face met his chest.

Theodore began peppering kisses all over me as I slowly came back to Earth, my body spent. In return, I tangled my fingers in his hair while enjoying the soft feeling of his lips on me.

My mind went all the way back to when I first met Theodore. He was so mean and had been downright terrifying sometimes. I never imagined my life with Theodore being more than just his personal assistant. But somehow, fate had brought us together, eliminating my fear and hatred and replacing it with love. And now, Theodore and I had gotten rid of Ian, who was out to ruin our lives, which had brought us even closer together. I knew now, that I wouldn't hesitate to kill if someone was out to cause harm to the ones I love. And I knew that Theodore would do the same.

"How are my babies doing?" Theodore asked kissing my tummy, which had grown considerably in the past two months.

"They are sleeping, I think, " I answered with a smile on my face.

"Have you decided on the names, yet?" he questioned, placing a hand on my tummy in a protective manner.

"No not yet, do you have any idea?" I asked him.

"I always liked the name Callum maybe with can name our boy Callum, I'm not sure what to name my daughter, because I can't seem to find the perfect name for her, " Theodore replied, absently stroking my swollen belly.

"We can name the boy Theo, after you, and Judy for our daughter after your mom, " I suggested.

Theodore grimaced. "Yeah, no we're not doing that same name crap, I hate it. Our children deserve their own unique name and identity, so we're going to keep looking for names until we find the right ones, " Theodore stated making me roll my eyes.

Theodore and I visited the OB/GYN two weeks ago, eager to listen to the babies' heartbeats and even find out the sex of the babies. To say Theodore was nervous that day would be an understatement. He wouldn't let his grip on my hand loosen, I was afraid I would end up with frozen fingers. When the OB/GYN told us that the babies' heartbeats were strong and that they looked healthy, she asked if we wanted to know the sex of the babies to which Theodore and I nodded. After a minute the doctor gave us the big news that Theodore and I were having a boy and a girl. After that Theodore wouldn't stop grinning and when the news reached the Bensons, they threw a mini celebratory party.

"We need to pick out a color for their room, " Theodore said, his gaze not leaving my belly.

"I like the color gray, " I told him.

"Gray is not a children's color. Maybe tomorrow we can go and find the perfect color and to look for furniture as well, we could buy clothes as well, " he said with a smile on his face.

"Okay, but I don't think we need to buy clothes, your parents have already bought enough clothes to fit a walk-in closet for the babies, I don't think we need to buy toys or clothes, " I replied with a smile.

"Yeah you're right, " Theodore muttered, sulking slightly. "I'm not happy with my family doing all this. They are taking away my joy of being a father by buying stuff for my children. I'm supposed to buy clothes and toys for my children not anybody else. And I can't even say no to them."

"It's okay, we can buy other things for the children. And when our babies will grow up they will always come to you if they want something." I tried to make him feel better even though I was chuckling inside.

Theodore nodded with a small smile. "I'm never going to deny my kids anything, I'll buy them whatever they want...e

the wild look in her eyes told me that she was too far gone to listen to any reason. Just like her husband, Cindy was so filled with hatred and the need for revenge she had cut all ties with her sanity.

"Killing you will give me everything. By killing you Theodore will be mine and I would've avenged my husband."

The sound of a gun shot pierced the air, making me scream and close my eyes. I expected to feel pain, but I felt nothing. Was that what getting shot felt like? You felt nothing? I thought one would feel excruciating pain, but I felt nothing.

Strong arms banded around me while my head collided with a solid chest. I opened my eyes to find myself in Theodore's embrace. His scent travelled up my nose making me feel safe. His heart was beating fast and he was breathing heavily.

"Darling, are you okay, say something? Are you hurt? Did she do anything to you?" Theodore ran his eyes over me, concern shining in his gray eyes. He ran his hands over my body making sure I wasn't hurt.

"I'm fine, Theo, she didn't do anything, you came just in time, " I reassured him.

"God, I swear I'm going kill the bitch, " he growled, kissing me swiftly on the lips.

"Wait, you didn't kill her?" I asked, I thought he would've shot her dead.

"No, I just hit her on the head with the butt of my gun to knock her out. The sound of the gun shot you heard was of her gun which thank the Lord missed you by mere inches. I'm glad she had a terrible aim, otherwise God knows what would've happened; I can't even think about it, " Theodore told me, stroking my belly with one hand while keeping his other hand on my waist.

"So what happens now?" I questioned, looking at an unconscious Cindy sprawled on the floor.

"I've called the cops, they would be here any minute." Theodore looked at Cindy. "My father told me never to hit a woman."

"Then why did you?" I queried with a small smile.

"She's not a woman, she's a bitch, so his rules don't apply, " he stated with a smirk on his face.

"I thought she was going to kill me, but I was more worried about the babies, " I muttered, tears blurred my vision as the impact of what just happend hit me.

"Hey, no one is going to kill you, you know why, because you can't get away from me, ever, " Theodore murmured softly, pulling me to him. When he ran his fingers through my hair I instantly calmed down.

"If you hadn't come—" I trailed off, as tears fell from my eyes.

"Sshh, it's over, you're safe, we're safe, " Theodore cooed softly, kissing my temple.

"I love you, " I said, my voice breaking, as I clutched on to Theodore tightly.

"I love you, too, flower, always."


Author's Note.

Hi guys, Here you go, another chapter for you all, hope you all like it.

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Also, I've decided what I will name Theo's and Hailey's daughter but am not sure what to name the boy, so feel free to suggest boy names, it would be greatly appreciated.

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