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I stood just outside the door, clutching the door knob tightly as I placed my ear next to the crack of the door, listening to everything that was being said inside, the knife tightly clutched in my other hand. I couldn't see what was going on inside, even though I desperately wanted to, but I knew that staying behind the door would be better, not only for me but for Theodore as well.

"Well, that didn't take too long, " Theodore's voice sounded smug and confident. I knew my husband had no clue that the demented insect standing in his office had a gun on him. That was why he sounded so smug.

"You've made a huge mistake, Theodore, " Ian's words were dripping with venom, "A mistake that's going to cost you everything that is important to you, " he threatened. Instinctively, my grip on the knife tightened. If Ian dared pull a gun on my husband I wouldn't hesitate to stab him, prison be damned!

"The only mistake I made was being nice to you all through high school and college, and that's a mistake I'm glad I won't be making again, " Theodore retorted.

"You ruined my life, you a$$hole, you r?ped my wife and you say you were nice to me. Because of you, Cindy and I became the gossip of the whole college, " Ian said, fury palpable in his tone.

"It's not r?pe if she asked for it. I'm sure you couldn't mistake the moans and screams of pleasure coming from Cindy as I fücked her brains out, " Theodore taunted. I wanted to barge inside and slap some sense in Theodore. He was purposely baiting Ian—a killer on the loose.

"Shut up!" I jumped when Ian's voice exploded, "Not only did you ruin my life, you had the fücking balls to dissolve my company! Wrong move, Benson, wrong move, " Ian seethed.

Trying my best to stay behind the door and listen quietly and not to watch what was going on inside but failing miserably, I pushed the door just a couple of inches so I could see what was going on.

Ian stood in front of Theodore's desk, his face crimson with anger, his eyes blazing with unkempt fury; his lips were curled up in a snarl. While Theodore sat behind his desk with a smug smile on his face. His arms were folded across his chest, exuding an aura of confidence and power.

"Oh, so you finally got to the point, I'm glad, you were wasting my time, not to mention you were starting to bore me, " Theodore mocked making me want to bang my head against the wall.

He has a gun, Theo, don't act so smug, please, I don't want to be a widow at this age; I haven't even started cursing about the fact that I'm pregnant with your babies yet. I wished I had telepathy so I could communicate my crucial thoughts to Theodore, but no, I just had to be born human!

"You need to shut the bloody hell up before I bust a hole in you, " Ian threatened.

"Even if you do bust a hole in me, I'm still going to have one less than you, " Theodore responded. I swear, if Theodore got shot because of his arrogance, I would refuse to sleep with him for the rest of our married lives.

My heart jumped to my throat and I bit my lip to stop the scream that was about to erupt out of me when Ian pulled out the gun from the inside of his suit jacket and pointed it straight at Theodore.

"You better give me my company back before I count to ten, otherwise you can say goodbye to your precious Hailey and your beloved twins. I'm going to have fun with this. First I'm going to push your precious wife down the stairs or I might kick her stomach repeatedly until both your babies die, I'm not sure yet, but then I'm going to fück your wh?re with all my friends and then sell her off to the black market, so the choice is yours."

Throughout all this, Ian sounded like a deranged psychopath. I begged Theodore mentally not to take the bait, that Ian was bluffing. I just hoped that Theodore would be smart enough to figure that out.

"Ian, you can't even fück your wife and you talk about fücking mine." Theodore burst out laughing after saying this, making me wonder whether throughout Ian's speech he only understood the part where Ian threatened to fück me?

The cocking of the gun had my heart nearly bursting out of my ribcage. The scream that I was trying to prevent from escaping was threatening to break free. I closed my eyes amd prayed for Theodore's safety, while bringing the knife up to my chest.

"Give me my company back, Theodore, or I'm having the video released, " Ian ordered Theodore, who appeared just as calm and collected as he did when I left his office.

"Your company


"No no, Theodore open your eyes, please stay with me, you can't leave me." I slapped Theodore's cheek lightly as terror seeped into my veins.

"I'm tired, flower, I want to sleep, " Theodore murmured, not opening his eyes.

"No please, Theodore, please stay with me, the police is on its way, just open your eyes please, " I begged, tears running down my face.

"I love you, Hailey, " Theodore mumbled softly.

"No, don't you dare say goodbye, wake up!" I cried but Theodore didn't listen, his eyes remained closed.

Before I could let the dark cloud of grief and terror surround me, the door burst open and a team of officers flooded in. I breathed a small sigh of relief as the paramedics arrived and immediately loaded Theodore on a gurney. I refused to stand back while my husband was being tended to, so I raced after the paramedics, completely ignoring the officers who were shouting my name and jumped in the ambulance just as they loaded the gurney on it.

"Ma'am please, you have to leave, we need to tend to him, " the paramedic lady told me, her voice professional, the ugly, dark stain on Theodore's shirt not fazing her in the least.

"No, I'm his wife, I won't leave him, " I asserted.

"Ma'am please, you can follow us to the hospital but I'm afraid you're gonna have to leave, " the lady persisted but what she didn't know was that I wasn't going to leave my husband in any case; they would have to kill me first.

"Listen you, I'm only going to say this once, this is my husband and I'm not leaving him alone while his life hangs by a thread, so quit wasting your time amd energy telling me to leave because I'm not going to do so and use that time and energy to fix my husband otherwise, believe me I will end you, " I seethed, losing all sense of rationality.

The woman just stared at me for a few seconds like I had just escaped from an asylum. I didn't blame her though. I was sure I looked like an escaped lunatic, not to metion I was feeling like one too. Seeing the pale face of my husband as he laid silently on the gurney had my sanity evaporating.

Then with a sigh she nodded and told the male paramedic to close the doors of the ambulance. After a few seconds, the driver started the ambulance and drove us to the hospital.

Throughout the journey I kept repeating only one phrase as my eyes were glued to my husband's sleeping form.

Oh God, please let Theodore live.


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