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"You don't have to come. You should stay at home and rest, it would be good for the babies, " Theodore told me as I slipped his jacket over his shoulders.

"I want to come, " I said as Theodore turned to me, "I won't let you do this alone." I gave him a look that clearly said that no matter what happened, I wouldn't back down.

"Fine, but don't try to intervene, I have a feeling it's going to get messy, but you better stay put, okay?" Theodore commanded, his voice firm.

I nodded reluctantly just to appease him, but silently made a promise to myself that I'll intervene with guns blazing the moment I sensed something bad was about to go down. I would not let Ian hurt Theodore.

"Yes, I won't intervene, " I lied, but the smile of relief I saw on Theodore's face was worth the false words I uttered a few seconds ago.

"Alright, let's go have breakfast, then we'll leave, " Theodore said, taking my hand he led me out of our bedroom and to the kitchen for breakfast. There was a breakfast table set in the kitchen for six people. Theodore pulled out two chairs; he made me sit in one of the chairs before he himself sat down.

"Aren't you the least bit worried about this?" I asked Theodore astounded. I was in awe of this man who was sitting right next to me. Did nothing fazed him? Did nothing rattled him? Did nothing shook his perfectly made armor of steel?

"Why would I be worried?" Theodore asked confusion evident on his face.

"Are you kidding?! There is a deranged man who's out to ruin your life and you're asking me what it is that you should be worried about?" My husband clearly had no idea what the word dangerous meant. Otherwise, he would be sweating right through his Armani suit jacket with fear of potential reputation damage.

"Sweetheart, I know what I'm doing. Trust me, Ian would be nothing after today. So no, I'm not worried, and you shouldn't be either, it's not good for the babies, " Theodore admonished kissing my cheek.

"But what if he does something bad, Theodore?" I murmured softly; my eyes widened in fear and I wrapped an arm around my tummy, protecting my unborn children from the demon's clutches, "what if he does something to harm the babies?"

"Hey now, don't think like that, " Theodore ordered gently, cupping my face with his big, warm hands, "I told you to trust me, right?" I nodded, feeling slightly better, "then trust me when I say I've got everything under control; I won't let Ian near you or the babies, okay? I'll kill him even if he so much as looks at you, " Theodore said with conviction.

"I love you, " I muttered, my voice soft.

"I love you more, " Theodore murmured just as Julie showed up with our breakfast. She carefully put the plates filled with panckaes, waffles, eggs, bread and bacon in front of Theodore and I. Before leaving, she placed a couple of glasses on the table next to the plates along with a jug filled with mango juice.

"Is there anything else you need, Mr. Benson?" Julie asked softly.

Theodore shook his head with a small smile. "No, thank you, Julie, you may leave." Julie nodded and promptly and left, leaving Theodore and I to eat our breakfast.

I was in no mood of having breakfast. Simply because my stomach felt like there was a pile of rocks filling it. Anxiety about Ian and what he was going to do killed my appetite, and that was enough of a reason for me to want to kill him with my bare hands.

But there was another thing that I was anxious about. Amanda was suppose to come over and was bringing God only knew what with her. I just hoped she arrived sooner, otherwise Theodore and I would leave and I wouldn't know what she was going to bring.

Last night, after Theodore's story time, I excused myself for a few minutes and left the bedroom to call Amanda. I told her everything and she told me that she would come visit me and would bring me something that would help me against Ian. So that was another reason why my stomach was twisting itself.

"Here, eat up, then we'll leave, " Theodore said before slicing his pancakes with a knife. I looked down at my plate and I nearly threw up with the amount of food I saw piled in it. Three pancakes, two waffles, one egg, and three strips of bacon, it was all too much.

"Theo, I can't eat this, I'm not hungry, " I whined, gently pushing the plate away from me.

Theodore stopped eating and gave me a sideways glance. He swallowed whatever he was eating and put down his fork and knife before picking up mine and begun slicing the waffle on my plate. He stabbed the waffle with the fork and raised it to my lips. The protest died on my lips the moment I saw Theodore's hardened eyes. So instead of protesting, whin

op it, if you just wanted me to do your work for you, you could've just told me, " I teased which earned me a bite from Theodore.

"Go and sort out my schedule, what am I paying you for?" Theodore teased back making me roll my eyes.

"You haven't paid me, yet, " I pointed which earned me another bite, this time right below my ear.

"Well that's good, with your performance, I would be bankrupt soon." He shook his head in mock terror.

"Continue talking like that and you're sleeping alone tonight, " I threatened.

"Never." Theodore kissed my cheek and gently pushed me off his lap. I straightened my blouse and skirt then strolled out of his office and into my cabin.

Turning on the computer I opened the appointment notebook as the computer booted. Putting the notebook back in the drawer I typed in the password and the computer screen lit up with lots of icons of various softwares. Not wanting to waste my time and energy doing nothing except worrying about Ian and allowing my brain to come up with all sorts of crazy, scary scenarios, I begun sorting through Theodore's schedule; letting myself get absorbed in the mundane task of being an assistant.

I didn't know how long I kept working. Sorting out more than seventy appointments that had piled over in our absence. But, the sudden sound of struggling, and shouting of explicit words had me breaking out of my work bubble. I stood up and peered out of the glass door of my cabin to see a furious Ian fighting against the security guard that stood guard on this floor.

My eyes widened and I clutched my ears as the sound of gunshot resonated in the corridor. Ian had shot the guard who fell on the marble floor clutching his leg, his face contorted in pain. Without giving the guard a backward glance, Ian stormed over to Theodore's office and threw the door open, his face a mask of red hot fury. Ian entered Theodore's office and slammed the door shut, making me jump in fright.

Terror gripped me, coiling around my heart until my mind could do nothing but focus on Ian, the gun in his hand, and my husband who was in his office with that disgusting creature...unarmed.

Without thinking, I opened my bag and pulled out the knife. I looked at the gleaming blade with satisfaction, and a sadistic smile curved my lips when I imagined Ian lying in a pool of his own blood, the silver blade imbedded deep in his black heart, now bathed in his blood. I kissed the blade softly and walked out of my cabin with a purpose.

It's show time.


Author's Note.

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