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The door opened in less than a minute. There stood Amanda, wide eyed with her a mouth dropped open. My heart was racing, my eyes trying to decipher whether the reaction was positive or negative.

"Hi, Amanda." I said softly.

Amanda seemed to have gotten herself undercontrol. "Well, isn't it the lovely couple who just got married without inviting family or even friends." Amanda replied chirpily, sarcasm dripping from every word.

I winced as guilt washed over me. "Won't you let us come in?" I asked, wanting to go inside as soon as possible so I could talk to her.

"Me? Stop you from coming in?" Amanda's eyes widened in mock disbelief. She raised a hand over heart, "I wouldn't dare." She said causing me to roll my eyes at her dramatic behavior.

"Thank you, Amanda." Theodore spoke causing both our eyes to snap towards him.

"Please, come in boss man and my lovely best friend." Amanda opened the door wide, allowing us to enter. I shot Theodore a glare before shuffling inside my former apartment.

"Forgive me for not preparing for your arrival. I would've gotten a red carpet for you newly weds to walk on, but I didn't know you were coming." Amanda continued sarcastically, making me imagine all sorts of ways I could torture Theodore. Amanda was mad which made me even more determined to win back her friendship and trust. I wouldn't survive without Amanda in my life.

"Amanda, who are you talking to?" April came out of my room. Once she saw me her face broke out in a smile and she rushed over to me, then wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug.

"Hailey, how are you cousin?" She asked excitedly. I glanced at Amanda to see her rolling her eyes.

"I'm fine, April, how are you?" I asked in return, breaking the hug.

"Oh I'm great, and you're married! How exciting!" She screeched. April then turned her head and looked at Theodore who just smiled at her warmly.

"And you must be the groom, hi I'm April, Hailey's cousin." April held out her hand wearing a beautiful smile.

Theodore took her hand and placed a kiss on top of it, making April giggle and me roll my eyes at his obvious attempts to make April accept him.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, April. I must say, Hailey, never told me she had such a beautiful cousin." In my opinion, Theodore was laying it on a little thick, much to my amusement.

I gazed at April to see her blushing softly. I smiled when I looked her, wondering how she hadn't changed, even the slighest, in all the time we hadn't met.

April was a petite, curvy girl who had innocence radiating out of her like a beacon. With fair skin—that ran in the family—that rivaled Snow White's, with big, leaf green eyes, and lips that were a natural red, made her look like a real Snow White. Whenever I looked at April, I wanted nothing than to protect her from the world. I didn't want her innocence to tarnish, and unfortunately this world would do nothing but tear her innocence to shreds. And that was something I couldn't bear.

"Thank you." April gazed at Theodore with adoration making me roll my eyes. Even I didn't adore Theodore when I first met him. Because he didn't use his charm on you then, my subconscious replied making me agree with it.

"Call me Theodore." April smiled at Theodore which he reciprocated. Just then, Ingrid sauntered in the living room looking as perfect as always.

"It's about time you two decided to show your married self." Ingrid remarked, wrapping her arms around me. I returned the hug and soon broke apart.

Amanda just stood in a corner while April and Ingrid conversed with Theodore. I strode over to where she was standing, took her hand and strode over to her bedroom. It was about time I talked to my best friend.

"I don't wanna talk to you." Ingrid said flatly.

I ignored her, rolling my eyes I sat next to her on the bed. "Amanda, at least let me explain." I begged her to stop talking and listen.

"Explain what? How you went and got hitched and didn't bother even telling me, let alone inviting me." She complained.

"Amanda, just stop talking and listen. Once you know what happened, you'll know that I was helpless." I defended myself.

Amanda just rolled her and crossed her arms across her chest. "Fine, talk, let's hear exactly how you were helpless." She muttered.

I took a deep breath to calm my racing heart. I didn't know why I was suddenly so nervous, but I was sure it had everything to do with the imtense way Amanda was staring at me.

"I was forced to marry Theodore." I blurted out. What was up with me and blurting things out? I had to get my filter repaired.

"Forced? How?" Now Amanda looked intrigued which was enough for me tell her everything. And I did. I told her everything how Theodore came and threatened me about ruining her future and sending her to a mental institution under false claims. I told her how on the same day we got married in a small church with only a handful of people. I even told her how only Theodore's brother, Harry, was there during the wedding; and how we took of for Bali right after we left the chur

had s3x before. Yeah, but your sanity jumped off the cliff the moment Theodore put his hands on you to massage your sore muscles! Whatever the reason, I was nervous, but I wasn't going to back out. I made a promise to Theodore and he went a whole month without breaking his promise. If he could do it then I could bloody well do it as well.

The snapping of fingers brought me out of my s3x laden thoughts. I looked to see Theodore gazing at me with amusement.

"Where were you lost, sweetheart?" He inquired.

"Nothing, just thinking about stuff." It was not exactly a lie.

"Well I hope you were thinking about all the things I would do to you once we get back." Theodore whispered in my ear, causing my heart to accelerate.

"You wish, Theodore, you can't do much." I mocked with bravado.

Theodore raised his eyebrow, challenging me. "Oh, well then sweetheart, I can gurantee by the end of this night you'll be eating your words." He responded.

"We'll see, Mr. Benson." I said.

"Oh we will, Mrs. Benson." Theodore replied then stood up from the bed and bent low enough that his lips were brushing the back of my ear. "Let's go and eat, then I'll take you home. I'm sure that when morning comes your throat will feel dry and scratchy, due to all the screaming you'll be doing." Theodore promised and strode out of Amanda's room, leaving me a flustered, hormonal mess.

One thing was for sure, Theodore always fulfilled his promises. I ran a shaky hand over my neck, fearing for my throat's well being. Where did I find this man who was the definition of the word wicked? How did I end up married to this sexy man who could make any woman weak in the knees? And most importantly, what had this man planned for me tonight?

Holy muffins.


Author's Note.

Hi you all, Here is another chapter for you guys. Hope you like it.

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Well you guys asked for the description of Fearing The Mafia, so here it is:

I twisted my wrists in order to loosen the bonds to no avail. I was trapped. Trapped by him.


Maril Blake wanted nothing more in life than to enjoy every second of it. She was perfectly content with working as a salesgirl in a clothing store. She was a woman full of life and smiled constantly.

But one evening of witnessing a murder changes her happy, peaceful life and plunges her straight into the grueling world of the Mafia and in the arms of Severin Aresco

Severin Aresco is a cruel, heartless man who kills people as hobby. He is known in the dark world as the Scorpio, as he kills without remorse. He has men bowing down to his every whim, and one would be considered stupid if they try to cross Severin Aresco.

When Severin meets the stubborn and fierce Maril, he does everything to break her and bend her to his will. But he isn't successful.

Will Severin use extreme methods to make Maril submit?

Maril wants nothing more than to escape the cruel, Mafia boss, Severin Aresco. But she has to face reality. She has to face the fact that Severin won't ever let her go.


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