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It had been two weeks since we arrived in Bali and I was in heaven. Not only the place was perfect, but Theodore and I tried our best to be civil with each other—in the verbal sense.

However, Theodore's constant touching and kissing was proving to be very costly. The butterflies in my stomach were constantly fluttering, my heart pounding continuously at a fast pace in a state of pure bliss. It took everything in me not to let him win, and to give in, but that man was trying his best to beat me in my own game. Not only did he shower me with luxury items, he showered me with his love and kisses as well.

Right now, we were both walking on the beach, basking in the warm, golden rays of the Indonesian sun, the wind gently caressing our skin. Sand coated my feet while Theodore had a secure grip on my hand. It was perfect to say the least.

"How long are we here for, Theodore?" I asked making conversation.

"Why, tired of Bali already?" Theodore asked with a smile.

"No, I was just wondering."

"We're here for two more weeks, then we'll fly back to New York." Theodore told me.

"Oh." I felt sad that we would be leaving soon. But I knew sooner or later we would have to go back to reality, as this bubble of tranquility and happiness wouldn't last forever.

"You have put on sunblock, right?" Theodore questioned, while leading me near the water.

"Yes, why?" I enquired.

"Just don't want your skin to burn." He told me. The water felt cold and refreshing, washing of the grains of sands.

"My skin wouldn't burn, it would just get tanned." I told him with a chuckle.

"Yeah, but I don't want your skin to change color either. I like your fair skin, so smooth and perfect." His words should've pleased me, but all they did was transport me back to the time Ian had said those exact same words to me, sending a chill up my spine.

"A little tan won't hurt. I was even planning on wearing my swimsuit and lying under the sun for a few hours. I wanted to take advantage of the golden star." I replied. The water was up to our ankles now.

"I don't want you to get a tan, you're perfect the way you are. Don't think about getting a tan." Theodore stated his opinion.

"It's my body, Theodore, I can do whatever I want with it." I replied annoyed at his sudden demand.

Theodore turned me so I was facing him. "I know it's your body, Hailey, but now you're my responsibility, this beautiful body is my responsibility, and I like it the way it is, so please don't change anything about it, sweetheart." Theodore spoke to me gently, penetrating through the stubborn walls of my mind, making me want to fulfill every single one of his wishes.

"What if I do?" I challenged, wanting to see exactly how far this demand of his went.

"Then, I'll do everything to change your body back to what it was before." Theodore replied smoothly.

I raised my eyebrow. "What if I get a tattoo? That's pretty permanent." I continued testing him.

"There are ways to remove tattoos, darling, make no mistakes." Theodore replied tightening his grip on my wrists.

"You're not going to change anything about yourself, Hailey, am I understood?" Theodore asked. I didn't answer him, just turned my head to gaze at the view surrounding us.

The beach was littered with couples, wearing swimsuits. Some were casually taking a stroll, like Theodore and I, while others were busy kissing and cuddling. There were men in white shirts and colorful shorts walking around with trays holding fruity drinks. A few men were present with cameras, taking pictures of couples in various poses.

Theodore squeezed my hands making me turn and giving him my full attention. "Tell me you won't change anything about yourself." Theodore demanded.

"Okay okay, I won't, don't get your boxers in a twist." I replied.

"Thank you." Theodore pulled me in his arms and kissed my forehead softly. I didn't know why, but the words of gratitude from Theodore's lips left me with a feeling of contentment. And being in his arms made me feel protected and cherished.

A sudden cough broke us out of our embrace. We turned to see a man holding one of those old fashioned camera where the picture came out instantly, smiling softly. I was kind of surprised that those cameras still existed. He was kinda short, with dark brown eyes that glittered with happiness, and dark spiky hair, and thin lips. He was wearing a yellow shirt with purple shorts with a pair of purple flip flops.

"You look beautiful together, " he commented with an Indonesian accent, "would you like me to take a picture of you two?" He asked sweetly.

Theodore tugged me softly, wrapping his arm around my waist. "Yes please." Theodore told the man who raised his camera and snapped a few pictures of us.

"Now kiss." He told us, not bothering to remove the camera from his eyes.

Theodore seemed only too happy to o

bles. It was kind of quiet now, since it was late. There were only a few tables that were occupied with couples having the last meal of their day. When I found no signs of Theodore or the mystery visitor I decided to check the hotel's bar.

Thankfully, the bar was not far from the dining hall. I entered the bar area and immediately found Theodore. He was sitting on one of the bar seats in front of the counter. My heart sank when I spotted someone sitting on the seat next to him. Both of them had their heads ducked pretty close to each other. The visitor was wearing a black trench coat, which I found to be weird since it was pretty warm here. A black hat covered the visitor's head making it impossible for me to tell whether it was a male of female.

Staying in one spot was proving to be difficult as every cell in my body was urging me creep up behind them and listen to what they were talking about. But I stayed put. I knew I would get in major trouble if I was discovered.

Theodore said something to the visitor in a low voice—impossible for me to hear from a distance, and the next thing I knew, the visitor raised a hand and took off the hat. Long, red tresses fell free as the owner ran a pale, feminine hand through them. My heart cracked in disbelief at seeing Theodore talking to a woman. So she was the one who Theodore left in the middle of the night for. She was the one who was so important that Theodore couldn't wait to meet. She was the one for whom Theodore told me not to wait for him. She was the one who Theodore wanted to spend time with instead of me.

I couldn't make out her features as her back was to me. All I knew was she was pale with red hair. I only saw an earing dangling from her earlobe when the light caught it at a certain angle, making it sparkle.

Betrayal tore through me like a poisonous arrow, burning my soul. I couldn't believe my eyes as they witnessed the cold, harsh reality. My husband was right there sitting next to a red headed woman talking about God knows what. And I couldn't even go up amd there and slap her. Well I could, I just chose not to.

Theodore said something causing the red head to throw her head back laugh, while I have the worst temptation to claw her eyes out. Yes, I would be most satisfied when my nails would sink in that pale skin and draw out streams of blood. Wow, Theodore was really changing me. Before this, I wouldn't have even thought about hurting a fly, and now here I was imaginging all sorts of scenarios that would result in the light leaving the red head's eyes.

They both continued talking, but I had enough. I would demand to know about this woman and Theodore would tell me. I was not going to rest until he did. With that thought, I turned on my heels and walked out of the bar and up to our suite.


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