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I slammed my apartment door shut as hard as I could, making the window panes rattle. Amanda was lounging on the couch busy eating a sandwich, but her hands froze mid air at seeing me seething in rage and bursting through the door as if I was ready to destroy the world.

"What the hell happened to you?" Amanda asked.

"That bloody man will be the reason I would actually go to jail, because he is making it nearly impossible for me to not kill me him!" I nearly shouted, causing Mandi to jump slightly.

"Woah, woah, tiger, calm down and tell me what exactly are you babbling about." Mandi tried to reason with me, but I was too far gone to listen to reason—of any sorts. But I did as she said and took a deep breath and clutched my hair with my hands in obvious frustration.

"Theodore is driving me crazy." I finally told her after flopping on the couch next to her.

"Yeah I figured that, but first tell me what are you doing back here in America so soon?"

"Theodore found me in Canada and dragged me back." I stated bitterly.

"Wow, he really is powerful." Mandi commented.

"Powerful and infuriating!" I exclaimed, my anger not simmerimg down.

"Okay okay, calm down. And now tell me what exactly happened, no wait, first tell me what happened to your wrists." Mandi demanded, making me look down at my bandaged wrists in fury.

I told her what happened after Theodore found me in Canada and dragged me to Ingrid's apartment. I didn't stop talking and Mandi didn't stop listening. It was like for the first time I had Mandi's undivided attention, and if the sparkle in her eyes was anything to go by then I was sure that Amanda was enjoying everything I was telling her, which did not bode well for me, especially if I wanted her to be on my side against Theodore.

Once I finished my rant on Theodore, Mandi squealed and clapped her hands like a six year old, making me wonder whether she was actually a 22 year old woman.

"Wow, he tied you up and put you to sleep! Oh my God, I wish I had boyfriend just like Theodore." Mandi said dreamily, making me roll my eyes at her obvious twisted version of romance.

"That was not romantic, Mandi. I'm really pissed at him. And to top it all of, he forced me to have breakfast with him, then told me to be ready at 3:00 pm as he would be coming to pick me up." I told her angrily, huffing audibly.

"Ooh, a date. I wonder where he'll take you." Mandi uttered with a sigh then leaned back against the couch and began to probably wonder all sorts of places Theodore would take me for this so-called date in her opinion.

I on the other hand did not want to go anywhere with Theodore let alone on a date. However, call it sixth sense, but I had a feeling that Theodore was not planning to take me out on a date.

"What will you wear?" Mandi questioned, breaking me out of my thoughts.

I shrugged. "I don't know. Probably throw on some jeans and a shirt." I replied nonchalantly.

"Are you kidding! You are going to wear a dress. Probably that ice-blue one which makes you look like Elsa from Frozen." Mandi stated making me roll my eyes.

"Uh Mandi, Elsa is blonde, while I'm a burnette, and forget that! I'm not dressing up. If Theodore has any problem then he can go to hell for all I care." I stated adamantly.

"You are so stubborn, Lee. When will you throw away this attitude of yours and accept Theodore, the guy is perfect for you." Mandi argued, getting on my nerves.

"You know what, I don't wanna argue with you, I'm going in my room." I said and jogged towards my room, I really missed it even if I was gone for two days.

I threw myself on the bed and sighed in bliss. Aaahhh, home sweet home. I planned on unpacking but was soon fast asleep.


I woke to fingers brushing my hair from my face, only to find Theodore sitting next to me on my bed with a gentle smile on his face. Ugh, this man was ubiquitous. He was everywhere, I was never free of him.

"Wake up sleeping beauty, you and I have to go, it's already 3:30 pm and I told you to be ready at 3:00 pm." Theodore admonished softly.

I groaned out loud. "Go without me, or take Amanda with you, she clrearly likes you." I replied, but nontheless, got up and threw open the doors to my closet.

"There is only one woman who I want to like me, and she is standing right in front of me, looking disheveled yet beautiful." Theodore said softly and came to hug from behind.

I blushed at his words, but tried my best to appear unaffected. "Let go of me, I need to change." I told him hurriedly, before I did something I regretted, like turning around and burying my face under his neck.

Theodore chuckled and placed a tender kiss below my ear. "One day you'll know exactly what a mistake it is to say those words

look not so dreary. There was even a fountain right in the center. Damn rich people!

The inside was the perfect combination of new and old. With latest technology and thick wooden doors and marble floors, I was deeply impressed by the architectures who designed this estate.

I didn't want to leave but exhaustion had taken over my body and my legs were protesting, so I didn't argue when Theodore took my hand and led me outside the lovely estate and into his car.

"So which one was your favorite?" Theodore asked, driving back to the city.

"I don't know, they all were so lovely. But I am conflicted between the Victorian, the Georgian, the Italian, and the Gothic one." I told him, yawning despite not wanting to.

"That's okay, you can tell me your decision in a couple of days."

"Why me? You buy the one you like, why so keen on taking my opinion?"

Theodore didn't say anything, just kept driving, and the smooth motion of the car was lulling me to sleep. I just about succumbed to sleep when Theodore parked his car. My eyes flew open only to see that Theodore had brought me to an apartment complex.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"My place." That's all Theodore said before sliding out of the car and coming over to open my door.

"But why, I want to go home. I'm tired Theodore." I whined like a little kid.

"I know, but we have to make a little stop here, as the prince of the business world is here." Theodore told and strode over to the elevator.

"If he's the prince then who's the king?" I asked, suppressing another yawn.

"Me." Theodore smirked and winked.

I rolled at my eyes at his blunt and cocky statement, but stayed silent. I was not in the mood to argue with him at this point.

The elevator doors slid open and Theodore and I walked out. Actually he walked out, while I had to drag my feet in order to keep up with his long stride.

Theodore opened the door to his apartment, and I was fully awake at seeing the inside of his apartment. The words apartment seemed small for how big the place actually was.

The floors were made of granite, I think, and were shined to perfection. Other than that the place had the color scheme of a typical bachelor's pad, all blacks, with gray and white accents here and there.

"You sit down, or eat something. I'll be back in twenty minutes, okay?" Theodore turned and walked in what looked to be his study, leaving me to explore his house.

I really wanted to explore his apartment, but my feet were screaming for rest, which had me lying on the dark couch and moaning in relief. God, I was really tired.

No sooner my head hit the cushion I was fast asleep, the darkness welcoming me like a warm cloak on a winter night.


Author's Note

Hi my lovely readers.

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