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   Chapter 10 NO.10

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After I don't know how long, but more than half of the day, we landed in America. To say I wanted to come back under different circumstances would be an understatement. I really wished there was some way I could get rid of Theodore—apart from killing him—but after witnessing Theodore's power and influence I knew it was next to impossible.

We made our way out of the airport into a black Mercedes. I couldn't help but notice that this car was black, too, as well as the Range Rover I was forced to ride in earlier. Did he have an obsession with the color black? Maybe he wanted me to get a glimpse of his soul—black.

"What's your favorite color?" I blurted out suddenly, then slapped my hand over my mouth in order to stop anything else spewing out.

"Black." Theodore stated with a slight frown. Confusion evident in his dark eyes.

I burst out laughing at hearing his answer, causing his frown to deepen. How predictable was this man. Okay, maybe not so predictable, I thought when my mind travelled back to what transpired a few hours ago.

"Why are you laughing?" Theodore inquired, his voice husky for some odd reason, causing a shiver to run down my spine.

"Oh nothing, it's just your cars are black, so I figured it was your favorite color, and then to have you tell me your favorite color was black just had me laughing cause I guessed your favorite color." I told him, but thought that I laughed at such a stupid thing.

Theodore scrutinized me for a few seconds, making me squirm under his penetrating gaze. I wondered what exactly was he hoping to find by looking deep into my eyes.

He averted his eyes and shook his head, then turned to look out the window without saying anything. Weird.


After 20 minutes, the car stopped in front of Benson Enterprises. I groaned internally at seeing the lofty, glass building. After such an eventful trip from America to Canada then back to America, I was exhausted. I wanted nothing more than to go to my apartment and take a nice, long bubble bath, and to devour a tub of mint-chocolate chip ice cream. But I guess I wasn't getting my wish tonight.

The driver opened my door and I slipped out of the car, and saw Theodore walking purposefully inside the building. My stomach twisted in knots at seeing him act i

dressing table as well as the side tables. There was another wooden door, which I assumed was the bathroom, and even a closet.

The door closed with a soft thud. I turned to look around and saw Theodore locking the door, which caused my heart rate to spike. He walked over to the closet and took something out, then turned back and strode over to stand in front of me until only a few inches separated us.

"Wha—what's going on Theodore, what are you doing?" I asked, fear and confusion lacing my voice.

"Making sure to let you know that the time for running away from me is over, Hailey." Theodore replied, causing my fear to double.

"Wha—wh—what do you mean?"

His only response was to raise his hand and what I saw made the blood in my veins freeze.

A pair of handcuffs.


Author's Note.

Hi guys, Here is another chapter for you guys.

Sorry for the long wait, the semester finally ended, and today I got time so I thought why not write a chapter for you lovely readers.

I hope you like the chapter. And I just want to say how happy I am to see that this story has reached 1k reads, I am ecstatic. I want to thank you all for reading and supporting this story, thank you all so much.

Please do make sure to vote and comment on the story, as I love it when I see my notifications telling me that people have voted or commented on my story.

Other than that, I just hope you guys enjoy the chapter.

Thank you for reading.

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