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   Chapter 3 NO.3

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I checked my watch before slipping inside the elevator and pressing the button for the top floor. My heart was hammering against my ribcage and my palms were clammy, the perfect condition of anxiety.

Even though I desperately wanted to run and never come back here I knew I couldn't do that. I had to give this resignation letter to Theodore. Thankfully I still had one and a half hour before I was actually required to be present, so that meant that Theodore wouldn't be present inside the building for another hour. I had plenty of time to go and place the sealed envelope that contained my resignation letter inside on Theodore's desk and slip out of the building without anyone noticing, except the security guard of course.

With that thought in mind, my heart calmed down a bit. From hammering it went to throbbing against my ribcage. I clasped my hands together and prayed to the higher power to make this mission go smoothly.

As soon as the elevator pinged, signalling my arrival on the designated floor, I walked out and strode towards Theodore's office. I turned the knob and pushed the door open to find an empty office—perfect.

I quickly slipped inside and walked over to his desk. I rummaged in my bag and pulled out the envelope and neatly placed it on the smooth glass top of the desk. Satisfied, I was just about head out when the door to the en suite bathroom, in Theodroe's office, opened and Theodore walked out wearing a white dress shirt and black pants. Wow, he's hot, my subconcious chimed in, no snap out of it Hailey, he is dangerous. Dangerous equals bad, missy!

He looked up and our eyes met. Oops, busted.

"Hailey, I understand that I told you to come early, but I didn't know you would come this early, I must say, Henry was right about you being an efficient assistant, however, I have no need to of you right now, so please leave my office." He stated bluntly and strode over to the wooden cabinet situated in one corner of the office.

"Oh yes, ofcourse sir, I'll just go then, have a nice day." I said in relief and began walking out of his office when he stopped me by calling my name.

"What is that you left on my desk?" He enquired, curiosity shimmering in his gray eyes.

"Uh, it—it's a letter that arrived, a—an—and I came here to give to you, Mr. Benson." I stuttered. Damn it, Hailey!

He arched an eyebrow in response which had my body temperature dropping two degrees. He came over to where I was standing and picked up the envelope lying innocently on the desk. My heart rate increased, and I bit my lip, something I did whenever I was afraid or nervous.

"Oh really? Who is the letter exactly from, Ms. Pritchett?" He asked in a demanding tone. I knew I had to get out here, and fast.

"You know Mr. Benson, I would love to tell you, however, Mr. Randal, the executive, called me in his office, so if you don't mind, I'm going to go and see what he wants." I said and turned to head out of his office when his hand clamped around my arm, effectively stopping me from leaving. Ti

ngles spread over my arm from his touch, but I didn't show it.

"Actually, I do mind. I asked you a question Ms. Pritchett, and I expect an answer, " Theodore said in a deadly voice. I looked up and found his eyes a hard, steel gray.

I swallowed hard and answered him, " I already told you, I don't know who the letter is from, so please let me go so I can go and talk to the executive."

Theodore stared at me long and hard, but I didn't back down, and maintained eye contact with him; then he abruptly released me which caused me to stumble slightly over my own feet, however, I was able to regain my balance by grabbing hold of one of the visiting chairs, and prevented myself from falling on my ass.

"Get out of my office, and don't show me your face until I call you." He ordered. Dont't worry boss, I won't show you my face ever again, I thought.

I was only to happy to oblige. I turned on my heels and dashed out of his office. Instead of taking the elevator I opted to use the stairs, the elevator was too slow in my opinion.

After 15 minutes, I exited the staircase, gasping for breath. But I didn't stop. I ran. Ran as fast as my legs could go. Away. Away from him, out of the company building when I was stopped by Fred, the security guard manning the entrance. Shit!

"Ms. Pritchett, I'm afraid I can't let you leave. I got orders from Mr. Benson to send you to his office, as he requires your presence." Fred told me calmly. Meanwhile, I was going into a full on panic mode. No no no, he can't do this. I wouldn't go up there to meet him. No ways, I'm done.

"Yeah, I would go up to meet him, however, I kind of have an emergency and I really got to go." I told him in response, and was about to side step him but he stopped me.

"I'm sorry Ms. Pritchett, but I can't do that. My orders were clear, to have you send up to Mr. Benson's office, no matter what." Fred stated.

All of sudden anger sparked inside me. "Well Fred, tell Mr. Benson to take his orders and shove them up his ass. I'm going to go and no one, and I mean, no one is going to stop me from leaving. Not you, not Mr. Benson, not anyone! So get the hell out of my way, or trust me I wouldn't hesitate to get you fired by accusing you of sexual harrassment." I seethed.

"Well Ms. Pritchett, you can tell Mr. Benson all this yourself." Fred said while looking over my shoulder.

I turned around in confusion, fear and panic exploded inside me when I saw Theodore himself striding over to me, with a deadly gleam in his eyes.

Oh shit!


Author's Note

Hi guys, Here's another chapter. Sorry for the late update guys, I didn't intend to prolong the update for long.

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